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  1. Should I go paperless (as in purchase an iPad) for law school? I'm not sure how it works like if profs use powerpoint or online textbooks and if it is a good idea; love to hear some advice
  2. Do you know if there's a site/fb group that people post to sell these?
  3. I would love to hear a response to this as well!
  4. Your school's law school advisor/further education specialist can provide resources as well as direct you to staff that help students edit/brainstorm their personal statement (it's free too)
  5. Regardless, this post wasn't supposed to be about him and whether law is right for him or if I'm lying randomly for pure pleasure; this post is about learning about real estate law at uOttawa for myself so I'd like keep the topic back to that and gain some advice and insight from people! Thank you!
  6. Excuse me? What would I gain from lying about my friend debating between a school? Why wouldn't I ask the question myself like I have in the past? If you look at my posts, I haven't got into Ryerson so it makes zero sense for me to ask about Ryerson v. Ottawa especially since my acceptance for Ottawa becomes firm today LOL... What motive would I have? Just because we share a similar passion in real estate law does not mean that I made up a "friend" for the sole purpose of asking a question that I'm more than comfortable asking myself if I had to. He has suffers from anxiety and I know how rough these forums can get with people assuming things (like what you just did), with that being said, I offered to posted on his behalf and ask around for him as I don't know much about corporate and real estate law with both schools lmao.
  7. I'd like to go into real estate law, I am currently planning to go to uOttawa; is there anyone who went to uOttawa who pursued real estate law? I'd love to connect and hear about your experience
  8. Posting for a friend, he's deciding between Ryerson and Ottawa - he was accepted to Ryerson back in February but recently got into Ottawa. He would like to pursue real estate law as well as is interested in corporate law! He doesn't care for the location but hopes to work in the GTA. I'd love to hear your thoughts and forward it over to him!
  9. You can provisionally accept and it will turn firm on July 2nd automatically; if you hear back from Ottawa before then, you can switch
  10. Anyone else still waiting that currently has an offer about to go firm in about 2 days?
  11. in the waitlist letter, it says you will be notified by phone call and/or email
  12. The fact that this is even a thing blows my mind....people are getting all angry over someone expressing their feelings on a site like do y'all really have nothing better to do.... y'all really just put someone down randomly because you don't like their posts?!?!....... REGARDLESS of whether you think the posts seem "entitled" or full of "constant bitching", a person has FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, clearly it is not the EASIEST thing to CONTROL during these times. People handle and express it DIFFERENTLY. GOD FORBID you mentally abuse someone online during a HARD time (like being in a cycle so late and not hearing back) that they CAN'T MENTALLY HANDLE it..... holy! have some fricken love and empathy. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. How hard is that?
  13. That's not very nice of you to say to someone regardless of your opinion....you can simply state that it isn't fair for husns to state he/she "deserves" a spot, but you shouldn't use swear words and attack someone over this...
  14. Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not release any information on current rankings. The final round of offers, decisions, and waitlist will be released this week or early next week at the latest. You will receive an email communicating the outcome of your application. ^ from this email, I assumed maybe 3-4 acceptances since it's final round; maybe more..maybe less
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