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  1. Thank you. I don’t mean to downplay anyone’s academic ability. At one school’s ASD, a faculty member, in her opening address, said that most of us were there because we (1) want to make a lot of money, (2) didn’t know what to do with our humanities degrees or (3) couldn’t get into medical school. I didn’t like this, as none of these applied to me, and such an attitude towards the study of law felt discouraging as a prospective student. The message from U of T was much more inspiring and encouraging. Unlike the other school, U of T demonstrated an interest in the study of law as a worthwhile entity in and of itself, rather than treat law school as a fallback, or a means to a high salary (though I acknowledge that for many, that may be exactly what U of T is). I felt good about potentially studying at an institution that seemed to really value its subject matter. Since I wasn’t and won’t be able to visit UBC, I am curious as to what attitude or approach to the study of law the school holds or would’ve presented.
  2. UofT has such a great reputation and did a really great job at selling their program. It’s a tough comparison since UBC had no equivalent offering. I also attended Osgoode’s welcome day and the choice between Osgoode and UofT was clear to me. UofT was top drawer. The dean came to welcome the admitted students. The sample lecture was engaging and dynamic. The whole day was well planned -leaving no questions unanswered. Although it was reading week for the school - dozens of students were in attendance to answer our queries. The luncheon was organized such that each table of 8 had a current student, an alumnus, and a professor. I’m sure I would enjoy spending 3 yrs in this environment. It would have been nice to be able to compare UBC’s welcome day. I like you, am trying to decide - and we’re running out of time! My 2 concerns w UBC are 1- is the program as academically rigorous and recognized as UofT? and 2- are the students and faculty as engaged and committed as UofT? I guess we both need more input from those who have attended either school.
  3. I attended UofT's Welcome Day, where I gained the impression (that could be completely wrong) that the current student body is generally young, ethnically diverse, somewhat reserved, and serious. Given that UBC's Welcome Day is now canceled and the school closed due to Covid-19, many of us won't get the opportunity to visit the school and meet current students before making a decision. What are the student bodies of each school like? Any insight from current or former students is appreciated.
  4. Trying to decide between different schools. Noticed that Ontario schools, and UVic have various events planned for admitted students across the province and the country- ie UVic has events planned in Ontario, Alberta and the mainland of BC. UT is reaching out in Quebec, BC, Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto. Queens, Osgoode, and Toronto have welcome days hosted at their respective schools. I have yet to receive notice that UBC offers such organized opportunities for its incoming class. Has anyone heard differently?
  5. received the call this morning cgpa 3.64 lsat 170 I hope that good news reaches you soon
  6. Accepted today- cgpa 3.64 lsat 170 Hope you all get some good news if you haven’t already!
  7. accepted via UOzone, cgpa 3.64 lsat 170 good luck to all!
  8. accepted via student center last week! cgpa 3.64 ; L2 /B3 {3.7} lsat 170
  9. received by email today! cgpa- 3.64 lsat 170 Windsor is my home town.
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