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  1. Currently in my final year of undergrad, hence the “x”
  2. Accepted to the Dual Program! cGPA: 3.4x LSAT: 159 L2: 3.8x Great ECs and lots of university involvement in my undergrad.
  3. Thanks for your reply!!! Apparently both consider summer courses in B2/L2, however I am unsure if they would consider my Year 4 Winter semester grades if I am applying in my Year 4 fall semester or if I should wait until I fully graduate then apply..
  4. Oh ya most definitely. Both of us got YORKD 😂. Based on my stats do you think I should apply this upcoming year (without final 4th year winter grades) or next year with all final grades?
  5. Thank you for sending that. I’m also at York :). I’d assume Pass/Fail wont have an impact on GPA at Western? It would just count as a “credit”?
  6. I've been hearing so much on this forum that if I dont have a FULL load (10 courses) in each of my L2/B2, I will have a difficult time... The reason I took 2/3 summer courses each year is because I plan to devote more time during the year to stay home with an ill family member. I could've easily taken an extra 2/3 courses during the year instead of the summer, and at the time I didn't know that it would be viewed as a setback.
  7. Anyone with similar stats recommend where I should apply to? I've got a dead on B average in 1st and 2nd year. In third year my grades are Summer: A, A+ . Fall: A, A, A, PASS , Winter: A, A, A , A Fourth year projected grades Summer: Pass, A+, A Fall: A, A, A, A Winter: A, A, A, I have yet to take the LSAT but my diagnostic is in and around 154. Would really appreciate if you could recommend and L2 schools that will not care that I took 3/4 courses a semester and perhaps even take in to account summer courses.
  8. Thank you! Are you aware of any other L2 schools that take in to account summer courses?
  9. I will apply to Windsor, uAlberta, Lakehead, TRU, Western and Ryerson
  10. Hi everyone! I really need some help/guidance here. Does anyone know of any L2/B2 focused schools that include summer courses in the L2/B2 calculation. In my 3rd year I have taken 8 courses plus 2 summer courses. In my 4th year I plan to take 3 summer courses and 7 fall/winter courses. I will most likely receive an A in all of these courses, but I just want to make sure I can actually apply these grades because my 1st/2nd year GPA is only around a B.
  11. Hello! Yes, thinking of applying next cycle but want to get a head start on everything. Wanted to know if I would be competitive with these stats without re-write and if so where..
  12. Hi everyone! I am in need of your help. I currently have the following stats; L2 = 3.7/4 (L2 is same as my B2 grades) LSAT = 158 around 3.3 CGPA (Ontario student attending top ranked business school) If anyone could make recommendations as to where I should apply in Canada it would be greatly appreciated. My options are open and I am willing to attend any law school within Canada. Please let me know where my highest chances would be based on your expertise/knowledge. Thank you for your time!
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