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  1. Hi guys, 1L here! I was just wondering if anyone had tips for networking? I'm pretty introverted and the idea of cold-emailing professionals is terrifying to me.
  2. 1L at U of T. I have half my classes in person and half online. I've been finding it really hard to pay attention for a full 1.5 hour lecture on zoom. All my classes are synchronous and they're not recorded so I can't go back and rewatch if I've accidentally zoned out (which happens more than I'd like). I've gotten into a groove with readings though so those are MUCH more manageable than they felt at the beginning of the semester. Obviously also missing in-person club meetings and whatnot
  3. I had a similar dilemma last year. Scored a 165 LSAT and had a 3.89 B3. I didn't end up retaking the LSAT because it was only a point lower than average and I didn't feel like the stress of writing again was worth it. I got in first round. I justified not rewriting because I would have been happy to go to UBC and my grades were a guaranteed in for there. If you're in a similar situation, I wouldn't rewrite.
  4. I'm exhausted. My butt is getting kicked between all the readings and the sign-ups for extra-curriculars. And I'm struggling with online lectures and feel like an idiot for not understanding things. It's definitely a different situation from undergrad.
  5. Anyone have any recommendations for comfortable but professional shoes? I don't really want to spend more than $100 and I'm not great with heels.
  6. Thanks everyone! I will reach out to a local rep today.
  7. I asked them if I could do it here and they responded "we'll set something up when you're in Toronto". I wanted to hear if other people were able to do it remotely before I pressed the issue!
  8. Hi everyone, I've been approved for a PSLOC through Scotiabank in Toronto. I'm currently living out of province and the rep in working with has told me that I need to go in in person to finalize the LOC. I was wondering if anyone had any luck with requesting to do it at a local branch or online? I won't be in Toronto until August and wanted to start collecting those sweet sweet credit card points.
  9. 1. Are there lots of resources available for applying to jobs? Like cover letter help, finding opportunities, etc? 2. Would you say most of your cohort are big personalities? If so, do they tend to overpower class discussions? Thanks so much for doing this! It's so nice to get insight into the "real" 1L instead of the faculty-curated face.
  10. It took me 6 years from starting my undergrad to finishing. Took 3 courses some semesters, summer courses, and a full year off. Didn't seem to impact my applications. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for your reply! I'm one of the fortunate people who isn't worried about the cost. I was leaning towards Toronto because I've heard it's got a lot more going on in the actual city but have also heard that the school is more cut-throat, which I would hate. I've heard Vancouver is much more laid back and collegial and obviously has incredible nature at your fingertips. I think I'd enjoy both and don't think I'll be trapped in the city I study in either way. Who knows....I might end up closing my eyes and picking one.
  12. In as well! cGPA: 3.89 LSAT: 165 won't be accepting
  13. Got the call yesterday around 4! CGPA: 3.89 LSAT: 165 Pretty surprised! Deciding between here and UBC
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