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  1. Just received this email: Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not release any information on current rankings. The final round of offers, decisions, and waitlist will be released this week or early next week at the latest. You will receive an email communicating the outcome of your application.
  2. Same here, cGPA 3.6 and 155.5 averaged LSAT (154 September and 157 January)
  3. I emailed admissions a little over a week ago asking about the status of my application and got this response: At the moment, your file is 'Ready to Evaluate'. however we are doing our utmost to maintain normal operations in the face of COVID-19. Due to the rolling nature of the admission process, it is possible to hear back at any point during the spring. All applicants can expect to hear a decision on their file by June, but those who are placed on the waitlist may be admitted from it during the summer, depending on space in the class. I know this is a pretty generic response but given what admissions said, everyone should hear back by June, and I assumed they meant June 1st. But perhaps that's a wishful interpretation on my part. I take it that a wave of acceptances, rejections and waitlist offers should be coming out next week (latest the week after). Good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  4. Waitlisted April 30th LSAT: 157 (January 2020) 154 (September 2019) cGPA: 3.59 L2: 3.7 I'm still in my fourth year so does anyone have any idea how Western will review my final semester? Given that I wasn't deferred will this still be taken into consideration?
  5. Accepted back in March LSAT: 157 (January 2020), 154 (September 2019) CGPA: 3.59 L2: 3.7
  6. Hey guys, I emailed UOttawa a little over a week with a bit of a time sensitive question. Has anyone been able to get ahold of them since admissions started working from home?
  7. Accepted March 8th cGPA: 3.59 B2/L2: 3.7 range (I'm still in my final year so I'm not sure how this would be calculated with my semester 1 marks) LSAT: 154 (Sept 2019), 157 (Jan 2020) Good luck to those still waiting!!
  8. My LSAT also hasn't been received/ processed! I have a feeling that it has more to do with McGill updating Minerva rather than actually receiving it. For reference, my Windsor account only marked my application as complete last Friday meaning that McGill will most likely update our accounts soon 🤞
  9. With the January LSATs now released I was wondering when below median applicants generally start hearing back from Ontario law schools, for better or for worse? I keep seeing posts saying it's still early for acceptances hence why I'm wondering when the most common time to hear back is? I understand that it's still an unpredictable system but I'm trying to be a bit more realistic with when I should be expecting any news (rejection, waitlist or acceptance). For reference my stats are as follows: CGPA: 3.6 L2/B2/B3: 3.7 range LSAT: January 157 (September 154) I also applied to Osgoode, Ottawa, Windsor, Western, Queens and Ryerson
  10. I am under the impression that Ottawa assesses applications as long as an applicant has a valid LSAT score, not until they receive the January score if an earlier one exists. Unless this has changed within the past two years, I have a friend who got in with a 156 before her January score was even released.
  11. I went through the rejected thread and found that a lot of people in the 3.5-3.6 range still didn't make the cut 😅Especially that one where the person even had a 163 🙃
  12. I have a 3.6 CGPA and a 154 LSAT but I'm rewriting in January. For my EC's I worked on a bilateral trade deal between Canada and China, assisted in writing a bill that was passed in parliament, I currently work in a policy/legal position at National Defence, am president of a school club, am an active member of 2 more (writer for the school paper and an entrepreneurship club), I also volunteer for an organization that supports criminalized women both at the Ottawa courthouse and Ottawa detention centre.
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how holistic UOttawa really is? I've heard the occasional success story of individuals with 145 lsats and low cgpa's getting in but just how incredible do your EC's have to be to make up for this? I'm also wondering what makes a standout applicant in terms of CV/EC's? I get the classic comments about working for the PM or working as a UN Peacekeeper but from a more realistic stance, what would be considered as exceptional or put more simply, good enough to compensate for lower stats?
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