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  1. I was accepted in December and my acceptance was only conditional on graduating, so I guess it depends on the condition of your offer.
  2. This question has been asked quite a few times in this forum, I suggest you take a look at some old topics to get a better understanding. What I have understood is that passive bilingualism means the ability to read and understand French as you will need to be able to do readings in French. You'll never have to speak or write in your other official language for a class, but you will need to have a pretty good understanding of spoken and written French for admission and generally for McGill Law, hope this helps.
  3. I know people who have gotten in with last names at both ends of the alphabet already so I doubt it's because of name placement. GPA weighs pretty heavy if this forum is any indication, nobody has under a 3.7 GPA yet. McGill is quoted as being holistic and definitely weighs your abilities in French, elements to think about, but I remain shocked that you have yet to receive an offer, you'll probably receive one shortly.
  4. If you take a look around the forum I think you'll see that GPA out of 4 is the rule rather than the exception. So, yes out of 4, but my CGPA is rather deceiving as I had a bad first semester in first year.
  5. Pretty excited to say that I have been accepted into McGill Law, got the email just after noon and showed up on Minerva right after I received the message. CGPA= 3.76 No LSAT
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