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  1. The problem is not that I was worried I would score lower, but that I didn't feel it would be worth it to spend the time and money retaking if the scores would be averaged. An increase in 5 points would only have counted as +2.5 which wasn't enough for me to retake but if I knew the full +5 would count, I definitely would. It's also fair to be concerned about scoring lower on a second try anyway. The LSAT is difficult and unpredictable things happen.
  2. Thank you for sharing the email! I kind of figured this is what they would decide to do; however, it's frustrating they took so long to figure it out and seemingly still haven't even released this information publicly.
  3. I did my writing sample on the 6th. I I called LSAC yesterday on the advice of the LSAT subreddit and they weren't able to answer anything, however my sample was approved this morning. Not sure if my phone call sped up the process or if it was just a coincidence, but it might be worth a shot to call or email them. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. Okay, thank you so much for explaining! Where were you able to find this information?
  5. Does anyone know how GPA will be calculated for admission going forward? The admissions page used to have red text at the top saying to hold on until they figure things out but now it's gone and as far as I know, they still haven't announced their decision?? Are the credits earned from Winter 2020 counting towards the 60 credits (but obviously not accounted for in the GPA) or are they going to go back a semester to capture a true 60 credits? MacEwan still issued grades Winter 2020 so will they take those grades into the calculation or will they be nullified? Sorry if this question has already been asked or if this information is available somewhere but I wasn't able to find it anywhere! Thanks in advance.
  6. Do law schools (particularly UofA) care about which specific courses students take during their undergrad? Does it look suspect if I took a bunch of "easy" classes (intro courses, 100-level, "GPA booster" classes, etc) even if I had a high GPA? Also, do schools care about how many withdrawals are on my transcript? Or will I need to explain them in my personal statement? Thanks for the help!
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