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  1. I'm an opposite splitter 3.41cGPA (L2 3.93) 170 LSAT. Nothing yest aside from quene
  2. Accepted on student centre. L2: 3.94 LSAT: 170
  3. Got the email: B2: 3.92 LSAT: 170
  4. Accepted Jan 15 around 2pm by email 3.5 cGPA/ 3.93 B3/ 170 LSAT Strong softs. Best wishes to all!!
  5. Yes, I have checked with OLSAS and they said that everything in my application looked good and was sent to all schools successfully.
  6. I applied to 6 ontario schools. My guess is they look at applications in chunks per round or something, rather than filtering out with stats.
  7. I hope so friend. All the best with your endeavors in 2020!
  8. Nope, taking about this cycle.... I have not received anything yet. The closest was being put in Quene for Osgoode lol. I've received acknowledgement from every school, but no love yet. I got good softs too (uni club president, 100s of hours of hospital volunteering and tutoring, ect.), strong and edited PS, and a clean record 😕
  9. Hey guys, I was wondering what ya'll think my chances are for uoft Law. I wrote 4 LSATs on my road to 170 (150, 161, 170 and cancelled first score) Also, I know that uoft looks at B3, but do they really give zero consideration to a very bad year (I got 2.2ish in first year then spiked up dramatically 2nd year onwards)
  10. I had a really bad first year due to some personal/family issues, which I explained in the application. I have decent softs including club president, medical research, hospital volunteering, tutoring, administrative work, ect. Will I get love from Osgoode? :)
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