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  1. This is odd. I think its a 0L thing, maybe it needs time to become activated. @BGML are you 0L?
  2. Hey @Bart thanks for the reply! I went into the spaces directory and looked everywhere but could not find "Faculty of Law" anywhere. Do you if its closed atm or is there a trick to finding it?
  3. Hey team, Where do Queen's law students access course summaries. I have heard from several sources that it can be found at the LSS website, but I looked everywhere there and found nothing. Your help is much appreciated!
  4. No brainer, UVic. Ryerson grads are most likely going to have a rough time with employers down the road. UVic has a great reputation and strong alumni base.
  5. It seems most 1L classes are online. In-person is more prevalent for upper years.
  6. Yes, that's very true. However, at present time in society, the most social we can get is going to outdoor patios and small social circles outside. As of yet, libraries, sitting in at restraunts, and small events are still prohibited. Correct me if Im wrong, but I think the courts are even closed. Putting all this together, this fall will probably be very socially limited. Im thinking of doing online for a month, see whats going on at QL, and if things look good, I'll move out. Undergrads are all online, so finding a decent place should be easy.
  7. Im doing remote for the following reasons: 1) virus is bad, especially since wave 2 is expected for the fall.. 2) you save thousands in rent, food, travel. One term of staying home could save me 5-7k easily. Also, I didn't want to jump into signing a lease when wave 2 will likely come and lead to another lockdown. 3) 1L is mainly a studying year, your going to be home studying all day anyways, whether your in kingston or at home. The social,networking, and practical aspects of law school mainly come into play after 1L.
  8. Same here, I think thats normal, but still a little disconserting.
  9. Hi guys, I just want to double check, since OLSAS is taking a while to reply to my email. But the general rule is that provisional acceptances become firm AUTOMATICALLY on July 2nd, correct? Meaning that even if I don't make it firm on OLSAS myself, the acceptance will become firm on its own. Also is the July 2nd deadline at midnight on Thursday? I heard students have promoted from waitlists 3 hours before deadline.
  10. idk about yall, but at this point I'm sticking hope with my provisional acceptance.
  11. No guarantees with UofT, people with very high stats (3.9 and 170s) are rejected every year and people with lower stats get in.
  12. On the same boat as yall with provisionally accepting queens
  13. If your having trouble being invited, contact admissions. I have a different fb name than my legal name, so they didn't invite me for months until I contacted them.
  14. Hi all, I was accepted to Queen's Law and they have mentioned that 1L will include in-person and online components, but students have the option of moving to Kingston or doing remote learning. I'm leaning on remote learning for the following reasons: - I live in Toronto so not moving to Kingston will save me thousands in rent and food - there will only be around 1-2 hours of in person stuff going on per week - 1L is mostly a deep studying period anyways, not the time to really socialize and go out - Inevitable 2nd wave of COVID19 coming in September However, some reasons I'm thinking of going to Kingston: - Social factors (meeting the community) - Missing out on legal clubs and extracurriculars So far, it seems the former outweighs the latter for me. But, I'm concerned if I don't have much legal experience (ProBono work or Legal Aid from fall term) by year 2, this can affect my fortitude for OCI interviews in 2L. Do OCIs care much about extracurriculars or is it mostly 1L grades based? (If grades based then Im going remote)
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