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  1. Pfft. You think admissions will even glance at the rest of your file once they see an LSAT score starting with 1xx? You NEED to hit that 200 plus mark and so does your IQ. Get your shit together.
  2. I think their system was, to put it simply, doing a doodoo this year. They are very nice though!
  3. Yep, just email it to them and check that it's not a processing issue. They're very accommodating. The portal wouldn't let me upload my resumé when I applied so I had to email it. (I also had to redo this with my personal statement since, as they told me, the portal cut off the end of it.)
  4. I emailed. According to those who applied last year/cycle, it's normally only a four day wait to get your login material.
  5. It took TRU awhile to get back to me with my info. I didn't hear anything from them for 2 - 3 weeks and when I contacted them to ask if that was normal, they said my name wasn't on file. It took another few days after that for them to reach out with my login information. If you haven't gotten anything yet you should contact them.
  6. Hello stranger! You're only a hair below the median scores for Dal, and based on previous Accepted threads I think you'll get in, but not in the first round. It's also a wacky year so nobody can guarantee you a lock unless you're a 4.0/170+. (Source: we have nearly identical stats and this is what I anticipate will happen with me.)
  7. I'm from out west, but am looking to stay away from Vancouver to put space between myself and a problematic situation. My first choice is probably Dal just for the school, but I hear legal wages aren't as good in the Maritimes. Calgary is a close second. That being said, the Ontario schools I applied at also have some really interesting internship opportunities that tempt me. I'll have to wait and see where I get in before I can truly evaluate my options. I am looking forward to seeing all the acceptances start to come in on the forum so I can share the excitement!
  8. Thank you QW! I didn't know there was a pay difference, but yes, specializing in the CDSA interests me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but although provincial covers more, people have said your daily grind is often stuff like traffic violations, lol. Do you happen to know which provinces pay better for Provincial Crown off the top of your head? I haven't found anything on the forum about where to look for further info.
  9. No. There may be more high scores because of more applicants, so I guess a concern for some people in that regard, but that also means there's more low scores. It's a curved test, so a 170 remains the ~97th percentile. People who post their scores on this forum are a very small sample.
  10. I was just referring to the different types of cases that they seem to deal with. I haven't seen anyone say that one is objectively better than the other.
  11. I'd like to work as a Crown prosecutor, at the federal rather than provincial level based on what this forum suggests. Or I'd like to do labour/employment law. I'm definitely open to changing my mind or seeing where the future takes me, given how much I have to learn. But I like the idea of writing this down to compare to years down the line as a mod suggested. Maybe I'll wind up loving wills and estates, or maybe I'll sell my soul to the capitalist god and go corporate. Who knows. I'm going to have debts to pay, that's for sure. None of this has affected my school choices.
  12. I'm feeling pretty chill about applications to be honest. It's still very early in the cycle so there's no point in me checking anything, and I know several of the schools will be waiting on Fall marks anyway. (Although we're getting some severe winds today and my power is out, so I'm browsing the site on my phone like a plebeian.)
  13. I was already planning on applying this year anyway, but the pandemic did make me less likely to toy with the idea of taking a year off in between. The last time I looked at the LSAC data I assumed it was Canadian applicants to American schools because it says ABA in the title. But some compelling points have been made. Last year's applicant number corresponds with what LSAC says is the normal range of Canadians applying to Canadian schools. Also, the total school number being 17. If this really is our data... wow. That's a big drop. Ontario's deadline is closed and their in-province numbers are a fraction of normal. Maybe it'll just be a processing delay, given that some provinces have normal numbers, but if not, law schools will barely be filling their seats.
  14. I just got my info from UOttawa early this morning. There's a grey checkmark next to all my documents. I also submitted to OLSAS comfortably before the deadline so maybe that's why.
  15. I have nothing to add to the conversation that hasn't already been said, but this is wholesome.
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