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  1. Except for that one guy Bob Loblaw, JD, MD, M.Eng, DDS, PhD etc etc.
  2. At risk of sounding like a huge dick, there are some fundamental flaws with the argument against the tuition increase. For one, although its current tuition is a nice perk and I've mentioned how appreciative of that I am, some people want to attend UofA because they like the program. I assure you that if you wrote "I want to go here because it's cheap" on your personal statement, you would not be admitted. Two, as I mentioned in another comment, affordability is a huge problem, but that can't be made the burden of one single school. Action to address the cost of professional programs needs to hit the root of the problem nationwide. Three, they are facing a massive budget cut and, presumably, have few or no other options to make up for the deficit. The end result of not increasing tuition would probably be damaging to their law program. Perhaps there are better ways to distribute the increase, or perhaps the amount should be negotiated. I can't speak to those factors. But telling them to maintain tuition that, when considering inflation, costs less than it did a decade ago isn't going to work.
  3. Online portal. It was dated to yesterday.
  4. I didn't see another thread for this, so guess I'll start us off. Feeling fine as I knew it was a long shot anyway. LSAT: 160 cGPA: 83% OLSAS GPA: 3.66 Been in queue since mid December and filled out Part B.
  5. Your partner - a recent graduate of UofT Dentistry, which costs $48.5k a year for four years - is both able and willing to pay $37k - $65k a year for your JD tuition in Canada? Does he have a boyfriend that paid for his tuition too??
  6. The very unfortunate reality is that the rising costs of law school in general will push many lower-income individuals away from even considering it. And yet there will be no shortage of people lining up to take those spots in their place, so there will be no incentive to tackle the issue except a moral one. Now, I'm not saying that some people don't work hard to overcome this, or that someone deserves a spot less just because they have money. I'm also not saying UofA should stop the raise at the expense of their program quality. But the affordability problem is not going to get better over time. I'm incredibly grateful I was granted the opportunity for a relatively cheap but solid education. I'm also counting my blessings that I'm not going to law school ten years from now, or even five years from now.
  7. Yes, 2024 grads are those who start this year. If you decline your offer to reapply next year, you'd be subject to the tuition hike. Even if only some things are in person, I'd be very happy with that. You're right that the lack of international students might make a program like law more feasible for in-person.
  8. Considering the proposed tuition hike for UofA applicants for 2022 and onwards... I'd answer yes. It's pretty fair to dread another year of online learning though.
  9. I'll admit I started feeling some imposter syndrome already creeping in when I saw some of the really cool backgrounds of other applicants. Then I decided to nip that in the bud right away. The admissions committee decided that, based on what I provided them, I am ready for law school. You are too, and that's that.
  10. While I understand they need to make up for the funding slash somehow, the attempt to justify it with the costs and calibre line of reasoning is... a choice. I'm still going to be heavily considering my offer there if nothing comes of UofC for me, since I'd be grandfathered in. But one of the reasons I applied was its reasonable cost, my interest in the western market notwithstanding. I'm sure there will still be students lining up next year to fill its seats, but this is a change I don't doubt will remain part of the conversation for awhile.
  11. Bet y'all thought you'd seen the last of me! I got an email just a few minutes ago and I did a happy dance. LSAT: 160 L2: 82%
  12. It's a big fat no from me on this one chief. For undergrad, I commuted by car from the edge of the Fraser Valley. It took me 3-4 hours of driving every day. I wound up having to select courses on as few days of the week as possible to spare my time and the kilometres piling up on the vehicle. This limited what classes I could take. I also seldom participated in anything but going to class. I was either too exhausted or I couldn't justify the long trip out. Traffic ranged from bad to complete misery, and I couldn't always avoid rush hour. Parking was very expensive and hard to find. The one good thing the pandemic brought me was my final year online.
  13. In my opinion, your stats are pretty strong. Take my speculation with a grain of salt, but it seems like there's a trend toward applicants with good L2s but low cGPAs still waiting to hear back. (Not saying that some other people with a low cGPA haven't gotten in already.) Dal has rejected people with decent stats before but from what I've seen, none as high as yours. I have faith you'll get in - hopefully in the next offers they trickle out after the holiday!
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