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  1. There are different sections on the forums to categorize different conversations/threads. Under the name of the conversation topic you can see which section it was posted in. I'm confused by your question. The application cycle to begin law school in 2021 started at the end of 2020 and runs until this summer. Do you mean the next cycle/to apply to start law in 2022? That's almost a year from now so you'll be waiting patiently for quite awhile.
  2. Multiple people have been accepted to UOttawa for 2021 already. You're in the UofA forum. (You also seem to have posted in the 2018 accepted thread asking about this.)
  3. I think I've found the reason why the prairie schools are taking longer: none of them are real. (In all seriousness, yes it's probably a mix of pandemic jimjam and administrative changes.)
  4. I'm not sure if you've gotten far enough to narrow down potential law schools, but if you have, it would probably be worth it to contact them. LSAC likely won't have specifics on where your degree is acceptable. Best of luck.
  5. No qualification is necessary to take the LSAT, although it's assumed that test-takers have at least two years of undergrad. I'm surprised BCIT wouldn't be on there. What kind of degree do you have? You should probably get in contact with LSAC.
  6. Having one Pass, during what admissions offices will know was a pandemic, won't make a difference. If you had multiple scattered throughout your transcript, I could see there being a concern. One B in a presumably four-year academic record isn't a big deal either.
  7. I did think about shooting out a few emails later this week if I still don't hear anything. Good to know that they might be willing to make an accommodation. Thanks.
  8. I'm from outside Ontario. As far as I know, I have to send in new transcripts from my institution's end to OLSAS, and they'll just send it whether it's incomplete or not.
  9. I'm an applicant still in my fourth year. I might be jumping the gun a little on this, but one of my professors still hasn't finished grading work from last term, and they've missed their promised deadline three times now. I'm getting concerned they won't be finished by the end of the month. I was also warned by a different faculty member that occasionally, it happens that final marks aren't done until sometime in February. The transcript deadline for OLSAS is February 1st (I know some of the non-Ontario schools I applied to have later dates). I took five classes in the Fall. I have four of the grades. If it comes down to it, do I send in an incomplete transcript? Has anyone else ever had this situation?
  10. They did seem to have a delay for the end of 2020, but I think they'll have a fairly normal timeline for 2021 acceptances. I think most admissions offices are only coming back from holidays this week. Rest easy, little duck.
  11. I'm in fourth year. I took the LSAT July 2020. I wanted to leave some time in case I needed to retake. I also didn't want to jump the gun and do it too early in advance of applications, in case I changed my mind. You can find the dates of when LSAT registration times open on the LSAC website.
  12. Are you going back to a bookmarked page? When I did this with the login portal for convenience, it told me "authentication failed." If you Google myTRU and reclick the same page, it will log in normally.
  13. I have neither of those things. I do have a wonderful personality though.
  14. It's Christmas and I'm tipsy, but I'm hopping on the thread anyway. There are obviously some legitimate 170s. But I also think a few posters are lying about it because they want to know their chances if they theoretically score a 170, and/or think if they just pull up their bootstraps they can get a 170. Or they really need something to boast about I guess, and no one has any way to call them on the lie. Once/if I get into law school, my LSAT will be meaningless. So I'm going to tell everyone I got a 135 or something and watch them figure that out forever. Merry Chrysler y'all.
  15. Yes, and with any luck, the vaccine schedule will go smoothly. But your original phrasing didn't suggest your travel plans have anything to do with whether the virus is still a threat: erinl2 has already given you a link to some long-term health effects, but you have the internet just like the rest of us. I'm not going to write a thesis for something you can take a couple minutes of your time to look up. By the way, if we're exchanging anecdotes: I haven't had COVID-19, but I have had the flu which I caught a few years back. I'm a young, healthy person with no related health concerns, and I coughed for six months. "Slightly worse" wouldn't make me feel any better about the pandemic even if it were true.
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