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  1. For what it's worth, I don't think the word count matters as long as you answer the questions. Also... no. Just no.
  2. Lucky is a staple of the chances forums. If s/he goes, we riot.
  3. I didn't know UofA was doing that but I just checked and you're right, they're excluding Winter. I've applied at Dal too but haven't heard what they're doing about it yet either. "See you later 'gator" definitely makes more sense. I'll, uh, show myself out.
  4. @culitigator This is completely unrelated to the conversation, but you've been on this forum for months and I just now realized that your handle is cu-litigator and not, in fact, cut-litigator. I thought you were trying to be the world's buffest lawyer or something. Anyway... which other schools are doing GPA calculations like TRU? This is definitely frustrating, since the most common improvement of people's grades is in third and fourth year, so it's odd that schools would exclude so much of it (at least for those applying in fourth/fifth).
  5. What a bizarre decision by TRU. My GPA is relatively consistent, but, like... bruh. That's a year's worth of classes being excluded. And a year's worth of upper level courses that they're not using for evaluation, at least for anyone who isn't graduated yet. This means they're dipping into my first year to get 15. I mean, they're welcome to my grade from PSYC 101, but how is that useful in determining my performance in more challenging work?
  6. Hi! I started prepping for the LSAT (which I wrote in July) at about the same amount of time ahead as you are now, and I wouldn't recommend it. I was taking classes full-time in the spring, winter, and summer semesters so I knew I wouldn't have a couple of months to dedicate just to the LSAT, but over six months of prep was too long for me. I burnt out twice. At the beginning I used Khan Academy, but then switched to the PowerScore books and paper PTs. I've also heard lots of good things about 7Sage. The usual advice is to start with the older exams and work your way up to the newer ones close to the actual exam date. One PT a day leading up to the exam is probably going to be too difficult - I only did a couple a week in the two weeks before, and mostly did daily drills on the section I'm weakest at. (Also, just a heads up - usually the term used is singular LSAT, not LSATs, just like it's the MCAT and not the MCATs. They say the plural LSAT on TV a lot and I'm not sure why.)
  7. Doesn't look like it. https://www.uvic.ca/law/admissions/firstyearadmissions/regularcategory/index.php
  8. You have the opportunity to write a helluva personal statement. From one applicant to another I really do wish you the best of luck and congrats on turning your life around. If you want to come to BC (I'm assuming you don't live here based on your handle), definitely look at TRU. Like others have already suggested, also look into the Access categories at UBC and UVic. I think the latter of those has an environmental law clinic, although I don't know more about it other than that it exists.
  9. If you haven't put in any hours for them, I'd leave them off completely. If you do have some hours, I don't see a problem with putting an end date, as I imagine admissions are well aware a lot of people aren't going to have their regular ECs continuing through the pandemic.
  10. I finished the bulk of my application in the first week of September, and when I tried to log in today to check if one of my transcripts was sent properly, Launchpad won't let me through. I tried to reset my password and it tells me my email isn't associated with an existing account. Does anybody know who to contact about this? The IT form on their general website asks for a building number, and I don't know if there's tech support specific to the law faculty that I'm missing somewhere. (I can still log in to Bear Tracks, if that's relevant.) I love coming to this forum with my technical difficulties. Gotta have one every so often to keep things spicy I guess.
  11. If it helps, I took the day before my exam off, chose a noon-ish time slot so that I wasn't groggy but also not swimming in an anxious swamp all day, and scored within my PT range (the same as your range). I also saved the coffee for afterward. Additionally, I wasn't dead set on applying this year if I didn't do as well as I wanted on the LSAT, so I was less stressed when I actually sat down to take it.
  12. Bump because I'm also curious about this. My theory would be that more people are going to be taking the later LSAT sittings than normal, and while the number of overall exam takers might not be different than usual, I think there'll be more applicants to schools. At least anecdotally, I noticed people being very unsure about the Flex exam, although now that it's been delivered multiple times to mostly positive reception, I think there's less of a psychological barrier to a retake because many people can just do it at home. So someone with a 150 or something might be more likely to apply anyway and bank on a retake instead of waiting until next year to try it again. Obviously if more people score higher the exam just gets re-weighted, but I think this means it'll be harder for people the closer they are to the average.
  13. Cancelling would only affect your chances at Alberta schools (UofA averages scores and UCal "looks at" your previous scores), so I wouldn't bother. The next time you take the exam, you'll already be familiar with the process, so that'll be one barrier impacting your performance removed.
  14. Is the 155 your first official exam? I'd say your grades are solid, but depending on where it is you want to go for school, a 155 is pushing it. I could see you potentially getting offers from a couple of places if you apply broadly. Ryerson, Windsor, Robson Hall, maybe TRU? If you're scoring your goal still on PTs, I'd suggest a retake.
  15. Sorry, you need a 176 to get into UVic with a 4.0 GPA. Dammit, so close.
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