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  1. So do you think I should use older preptests to practice individual questions with and then use the more recent preptests to take full, timed practice tests on?
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with some advice on which preptests to do section drilling with. Today, I used Preptest 9 to drill a few LR sections and I found the questions to be extremely HARD and I was finding myself getting frustrated with each LR question. I am wondering if older preptests are generally harder than newer preptests, or are they the same? Would it be smart for me to use old preptests, like preptest 9, to practice with? If not, can anyone suggest me more recent preptests to practice with? Thanks!
  3. Hey! So I've recently been narrowing down on my choices for law school and I realize that Ryerson now has a law school. I was really excited as it is close to home and would be perfect if I get admitted. However, I'm a bit discouraged because I understand, from their website, that their approach is more business/technology based - whilst I took double majors in Political Science and Criminology (I know...typical). I mean, their approach is very appealing to me - I love the aspect of merging business and technology with law, but do I even bother applying to Ryerson then? I have no knowledge related to their approach Do you think those with undergraduate programs within the business field would have greater priority than me? Also, the interview aspect is throwing me off as well. Anyone whose done an interview for Ryerson Law, could you perhaps lend me some advice in terms of what to expect?
  4. Hi, I'm a bit stuck on how to approach writing a personal statement - would anyone who has already written and/or submitted their statements be able to help me out with some examples? For instance, did you talk about a specific life experience and revolved your whole statement around that experience or did you have several life experiences and tied them all together, etc. I am not sure what the rules and regulations are, but would anyone be able to share their statement with me somehow? Obviously, I would only be using it as a guideline.. Secondly, how important is the CV? Can someone suggest what might look good on a CV (I'm not one of those who had various jobs associated with law, rather than just one admin assistant job at a law office). Can someone suggest examples of volunteer experiences that they've done so I can look in to those and get some experience as well? Thanks!
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