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  1. Hey guys, I just used a tool named lawstudents.ca to calculate my L2 and it comes up to 3.68...do law schools round up lol? I know the average L2 is 3.7 but like I'm so close....yet so far. Really stressing out.
  2. Oh okay, thank you so much for responding!
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know what sort of documentation one should submit if trying to apply under the access category given facing major financial disadvantages all throughout post secondary schooling? For e.g. Western University leaves it on to the applicant to decide what documentation suits their access claim, but it's a bit confusing when it's regarding a financial burden. Thanks.
  4. Okay sounds good! I blog about all things beauty and skincare, sustainable living, etc. I thought it would be an interesting thing to add to the application under the artistic tab in personal activities. It's more of a stress reliever/something I do for fun to get my mind off things.. would that be okay?
  5. I have a question about the sketch, under "extracurriculars," it gives you the option for listing any personal activities (reading, blogging, etc) that you may want to outline. This seems appealing to me as I don't really have any experiences with joining clubs or teams during uni, but who exactly do we put as a verifier for those types of personal activities?!
  6. Hey guys, I'm a bit confused about the extracurricular tab on the OLSAS sketch.. I don't really have any ECs like joining clubs but can I still list personal activities that I like to do during my free time? For e.g. reading, watching documentaries, blogging, etc.? If so, who would I list as a verifier for these types of "personal" activities? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey guys, This may seem a bit silly to ask but when we are filling out the autobiographical sketch information, where exactly do we put the names of the verifiers that can verify each activity that we list..? I don't see any tab to put the name of the verifier, so do we just include their name and/or contact information under "Description"? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Same! would appreciate a reply. Do they want us to upload our high school trancripts? 😕
  9. Hi, University of Alberta requires applicants to notify them of their academic history, including both high schools and universities. On the launchpad, under "upload materials", it gives a list of the documents we are supposed to provide including transcripts from high schools. I was wondering if that is necessary, or do they only need to see a transcript from the university you attended? Thanks!
  10. Hello! Would anybody be willing to edit my personal statement(s), and CV/Resume (in terms of format etc.). Any type of help would be much appreciated. I would generally get some help from a university's resource center, but I graduated back in 2018 Thanks!
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time to thoroughly reply back ! To refer back to your question about RC, I am both struggling to finish all 4 passages AND I am getting trapped by trick answers. Partly my fault though, because I didn't think RC would be a section I'd need improvement on as it's something we all have done throughout our lives... But, unfortunately it is a section that aggravates me. I know a lot of prep courses teach you to think of the mainpoint/POV/themes when reading the passage, but I still end up focusing too much on each passage and STILL get the answer wrong. For BRing, I do review my answers (just once though) before checking the actual answer for each question. Once I figure out that it is the wrong answer, I quickly log on to the Manhattan Prep website and read through why the answer I've chosen is wrong - this, I think might be the wrong approach. I will definitely take your advice and review my answers more than once before I check the answer. I do, in fact, focus on each section equally. But I think I should devote more time to each section individually, like you mentioned. Thank you again. I just hope all these tears are worth it in the end lol !
  12. I drilled LR and AR sections the most because those two needed extreme studying on my part. I used the PowerScore Bibles for that and also watched some YouTube videos when it came to being stuck on certain logic games. When I review a certain LR question, I try my best to get it down to two answers, which the correct answer is always a part of. But I always select the wrong answer. Currently, I am looking at Manhattan Prep for help with LR. What I feel I might be doing wrong is that I automatically go on to the Manhattan Prep forum to try and figure out why I got the answer wrong, whereas I should be trying to figure it out to the best of my capabilities first... I am also running out of prep material. I cannot go over the material I have already reviewed because I always remember what the correct answers are out of memory.
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