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  1. There's also a comment from "UBC Hentai Club," which I was happy to be previously unaware of.
  2. It would be pretty ironic if this blew up and got more attention and the person or persons responsible for the spreadsheet ended up being the one(s) named and shamed.
  3. I am at Allard but sorry I really don't know anything more about this than you. I can speak to the attitude of 3Ls at least (or at least the type of them that would willingly associate with me); every single friend at school I've discussed this with was equal parts amused and shaking their heads at this. Like I said though, we are distanced from it both in terms of involvement and impact (professionally and socially). There are some Allard 2Ls on this forum that I'm sure will chime in here and give a better sense of what it's like on the front lines.
  4. I'm pretty happy to be a 3L with articles lined up and I feel bad for the lower years at Allard right now who had nothing to do with this. It will be very unfortunate if this attracts more attention and in the eyes of recruiters hiring from the UBC candidate pool would look like Russian roulette with shit-disturbers in the barrel...
  5. It "seems vindictive" because it is. The feigned self-righteous aspect of it is pretty rich when combined with the underhanded scuminess and opportunism (at least for the 2Ls involved; no idea what would be motivating the 1Ls). Poor CSO; they should have the privilege of helping start the careers of the future leaders of Canada, instead they are babysitting a bunch of infantile jackasses.
  6. I secured a 1L summer job at a criminal defence firm, after asking my 1L crim prof to provide a reference. I had only attended office hours after my midterm (which I had done well on) to get feedback, although I was an active participant in class discussion. At the time I was concerned it might be presumptuous to ask, but my prof readily agreed and seemed delighted to do so. Go for it!
  7. When it does happen it's most commonly the result of people signing up and taking on a bunch of work at the beginning of 1L, then losing their shit after school and volunteer pressures built up and stressed them out, and just dipping out without saying anything (embarrassment I guess?) to focus on school. Abandonment of files like this gets discovered during file audits and then execs and clinic heads have to scramble to repair the damage. As far as I'm aware (I was not an LSLAP exec or anything), there is no consequence whatsoever for clinicians that do this. I was also an advocate for there being far more consequence. If people are going to pull that before they even graduate law school they have no business being called, as far as I'm concerned. EDIT - I could be wrong about there being no consequence for this behaviour, nobody take this as legal advice, nobody take post as reassurance that they can get away with this sort of thing or should do it.
  8. Just to build on this; there are a number of paid summer positions with LSLAP. They use a point and lottery system based on volunteer contributions over the year in hiring. It's a great way to get a 1L legal job and get paid to help marginalized people (and my friends that did that during 1L summer actually made more money than I did working as a summer articling student for a small firm).
  9. Great advice for what one can do before classes start. /s
  10. As an aside, as a volunteer with LSLAP I was appalled to learn that law students did this. LSLAP sometimes is dismissed by snobs for dealing with "trivial" matters, but there are a wide variety of files there that are immensely important in the lives of those affected (e.g. evictions, wrongful dismissals, criminal charges, etc). As you say, it's totally understandable to tell someone you are overwhelmed and work with them on transferring files, etc. But for those that just leave their clients hanging, well, at least I sure as hell am going to remember their names forever and ensure I never refer any clients to them, even 20 years from now. And I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. (I just want to emphasize to those reading: yeah, don't be that guy.)
  11. Mhm, like a lot of people I'm grateful that the judge took the opportunity of dealing with another sovcit to write a comprehensive treatise on such people and their tactics to give us all reference material to point to instead of having to try to explain and rebut this insanity ourselves.
  12. Great choice; I forgot about that one but it's basically a National Lampoon vacation movie.
  13. This sounds fun. Two off the top of my head (both UK cases but taught in Canadian law schools): Fagan v Metropolitan Police Commissioner - An absurd and funny fact pattern and ensuing defence (a man accidentally ran over a police officer's foot but then deliberately refused to drive off it) that can be used to explain the concept of mens rea and actus reus in criminal law and the need for them to overlap. Lampleigh v Brathwait - Interesting 17th-century English fact pattern (guy murdered a man and had someone else secure a pardon from the king, then refused to pay him) that can be used to explain some contract law concepts.
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