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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where bursary applications open? And, when they get approved?
  2. I'll be staying in Ottawa for the fall semester as its just much cheaper for me to be there. It seems as though its pretty likely that Winter will also be online!
  3. Same here, very similar stats cGPA 3.7 (86%) 159 LSAT. Have just been admitted to Windsor this week!
  4. I've recently been accepted to Windsor, and am waiting to hear back from Queens/U of O. My question for all of you, is what the real cost of law school, tuition+living etc. I don't have any financial support from my parents, and I would be financing my education entirely on my own. I would assume I would qualify for some financial aid/bursaries/student loans. Also a note, I'm a BC resident but would attending law school in Ontario, so I guess my government loans would be through the BC government. Anyone know the average amount you can get for law school through government loans? Also, are these "loans" or bursaries that you don't have to pay back? Thanks!
  5. In! Literally can't believe it. cGPA: 3.7ish (86% average) LSAT: 159 Very social justice orientated application.
  6. Hi! I checked in with them in January and yes they do see your transcript as well as your universities grading scale and said that they would take that into consideration!
  7. Hi, anyone help me out, I thought I would get a slightly better LSAT score, but my first take was a 159. My cGPA is 84% and L2 is 86%. Ive applied to Osgoode, Bora Laskin, Queens, UBC, Western, Ottawa and Windsor with a preference for Osgoode or Queens. I worked full time during my undergrad degree, and have been working in government for the past 2 years. Didn’t apply as an access. thank you!!
  8. My university is not listed on the OLSAS GPA conversion chart and as such there is no set scale assigned to it. My school grades differently, and 84-86% is considered a 3.0 or a B value on our transcripts. As such, while my OLSAS gpa is showing as a 3.06, this would be more like a 3.7 if the numeric scale was used instead of the alpha scale. My school did include the percentage points on the transcript, and I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with this? I sent a message through SAM, and the reply I got was that OLSAS converts each grade separately (which I already know, and if percentage points where used I would be given around a 3.7). Am I totally screwed for 2020 admissions with this GPA conversion? Or will other schools assess the percentage points and do their own conversions? My LSAT score is 169.
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