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  1. Mine is saying the same thing as you. Similarly for the application status it's still saying "Information about your funding will be available mid to late June 2020," which is of course slightly annoying now that we're into July. I would imagine they're just backlogged right now.
  2. Accepted yesterday morning (like a lot of other people have reported, it was sent out oddly early at like 3:00AM). LSAT: 163 B2: ~3.6 or so Medium-ish Saskatchewan connection (I've never lived there, but practically all of the rest of my family has at some point or is currently). I haven't made up my mind entirely, but will likely be declining in favour of UNB.
  3. I'm in the same boat as you, super interested in small town practice, and planning on attending UNB and going on to practice in rural NS. One thing I did was look at the bio sections of the websites of various small firms in the area I'd like to live in. I noticed it was pretty much 50/50 between Dalhousie and UNB alumni, with occasional outliers from other schools. I would think that the bias towards the regional schools is more about graduates from there being more likely to be the ones who want to work in the region, rather than any actual hiring bias on the part of firms. But that's just my assumption - I'd be very interested to hear anyone else with a different perspective.
  4. Just received an email this morning that I was accepted! Official letter of offer coming tomorrow apparently. GPA: ~3.5 or so (with drops) LSAT: 163 Ontario resident, average LOR and ECs.
  5. For reference, OP is applying to civil law schools (including, I would assume from context, uOttawa's civil law stream), which don't require, or accept, LSAT scores.
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone, this was pretty much what I was expecting, and probably good to get a dose of reality. The hobby farm will have to wait until retirement I suppose...
  7. Hi all, I wanted to run an idea past this board and get some opinions, as I consider law school and my life/career path afterwards. I am fully aware that this is a bit of a pipe dream, so if it’s completely unrealistic please say so. Basically, my family/geographic ties are split between both coasts, and so I intend on living and making a career in either Nova Scotia or British Columbia after going through law school. It’s making that choice between the two that’s difficult however. Either way ideally I’d like to work in small practice, nothing glamourous, just working in wills/estates, family law, real estate, etc. in a small, probably rural, office and make an honest living. My question then is, would it be possible to pursue that type of job for only part of the year, in order to live in both places? I.e. work in that type of practice (either my own or one shared with one or more other lawyers) for like October to April in BC, then spend the summer in NS, perhaps continuing to work remotely, but ideally also pursuing my dream of having a hobby farm. Thoughts? Is finding a work arrangement where you’re only physically present for part of the year even remotely possible in the field of law? Or is this just completely infeasible?
  8. I'm in the exact same situation - I applied/paid on the 26th I think and I have the same message still. Must be something happening on their end, I wouldn't worry about it.
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