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  1. Hoping to get some insight into these three schools since getting accepted! Specifically, I am very focused on environmental law and am wondering whether this is a focus or strong point of each school. Although each one has a wide variety of environmental law courses, I know these might not reflect whether this is something a strong suit. I don't yet know where I want to practice but am interested in the school's connections to environmental law groups and whether sustainability is something that is reflected in program and among the students. For context, I am an Ontario resident but would love to see other parts of the country so staying here isn't a big factor. I am really intrigued by UVic's coop program, the MES combo at Osgoode, and the Marine and Environmental Law Institute at Dal. As someone with a science background and general love for the outdoors, setting and overall community appreciation for the environment is also a factor for where I'd like to spend the next 3 years! Other schools I am also considering are UBC and Ottawa, but I have seemed to find that the other three have a larger focus in environmental law.
  2. Accepted this morning! Super excited and hoping to visit Dal (maybe during their Welcome Days) in the spring before making a decision. cGPA: 3.99 LSAT: 164 (October) Submitted by application late October but it wasn't complete until my LSAT score was updated in late November. Ontario resident with connections to the Maritimes.
  3. Just got the email acceptance! cGPA: 3.99 according to OLSAS LSAT: 164 (October 2019) I submitted my application Oct 29 went into "the queue for review" on Dec 2.
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