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  1. I’m an incoming 1L and am super excited to be starting at Allard in just a couple of weeks (even if it is online in another province). One of the reasons why I accepted my offer to Allard was the many clinics offered and experiential opportunities. I’m starting to look into these more and was wondering what the process is like for getting accepted into a placement. Is it common for these to be completed in your second year? Are they difficult to get accepted into? Which ones are hardest to get into? I’m mostly interested in the RISE clinic and the Indigenous Legal Clinic and potentially the LSLAP, but feedback on any of them is welcome because I’m pretty open minded
  2. I did my undergrad at U of A and loved it. My sister is there and I have lots of love for Edmonton (unpopular opinion, I know!). I've been accepted and the plan is to attend this fall, but recent budget cuts are getting me a bit concerned. I looked at Beartracks and I can see some courses aren't being offered next year... I also read online that the Law Library is closing along with Business and Education due to budget cuts (unsure if this is accurate... please do correct me if I am wrong!). I actually paid my deposit for Allard as well for next year and am considering Vancouver at this point despite the much higher cost of living.At this point I'm unsure how this is feeling for U of A students. I did my undergrad from 2014-2018 during the tuition freeze and steady funding to the university from the provincial government and am a bit uneasy thinking about what these cuts will look like and the increased costs for tuition. I'm wondering is any current U of A law students have any thoughts on this?? Appreciate anything
  3. I’ve been accepted to a few schools and all but Allard have indicated a minimum entrance scholarship. When are Allard students generally notified if they received any funding?
  4. When are you notified of receiving scholarships/awards outside your basic entrance scholarship?
  5. Is the funding you get offered with your initial acceptance separate to the other funding you submit for in the summer? Do most people get more than what they are initially offered in their letters?
  6. You do it as a payment to Winter 2020 on Beartracks
  7. With the tuition freeze lifted, I want to know how hard we’re going to be hit 😅
  8. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into all 3 of these schools and now in the process of making a decision between them. I'm from the NWT so any school I go to will be outside of where I will likely end of practicing. I am wondering if anyone from these schools has any feedback. Here is my thinking so far... U of A: I did my undergrad here and finished in 2018 before completing my MA in Ontario. I am familiar and comfortable with Edmonton and my twin sister is currently living their and my partner's family is just outside the city so I'm thinking him getting a job there would be slightly easier since he's worked there before and has connections. Having spent 4 years there, Edmonton has become a second home to me. I am interested in health law and social justice/low-income clinics. SLS, the Alberta Human Rights Internship, and the Mental Health Law Course (which involves working in a mental health diversion court-- this is the only example I've seen of this in any of the schools I'm applying) are all super interesting to me. I am concerned about the new government in Alberta and definite tuition increase here. That said, having lived in Edmonton I know rent is super reasonable and cost of living low, which would likely help compensate. I have also been offered 10k entrance. As well, although I know Edmonton is more progressive than the rest of the province, I am worried about a lack of social justice/left leaning focus at this school (any feedback on this?), especially with the current political climate. UVic: What concerns me most about UVic is that there only seems to be 3 clinics and the only one that is of any interest to me would be the Law Centre which is given out by lottery? it concerns me that I could go there and not even get into the only clinic that's related to anything I want to practice. UVic's location and low tuition cost are a huge plus. Additionally, being a very left-leaning person with a MA in essentially a social justice program, I am intrigued by the faculty at UVic and the Indigenous and feminist focus. Living cost seems to fall somewhere between UBC and U of A but a job for my partner is a huge question mark here. UVic is a lot smaller than U of A and I can't imagine finding a teaching job there would be easy. I have been offered a min. 8k entrance. UBC: The most intriguing aspect of UBC to me is location and reputation. I am really unsure how much rank of school factors into career after law school, especially if I am looking to work primarily with social justice/ low income clinics/human rights and advocacy (any feedback?), but if it did it seems that UBC would likely win in this area. UBC also does have a couple clinics that seem really intriguing to me including RISE, Indigenous Legal Clinic, and International Human Rights. I also like that the school is known to have a progressive and social justcie orientation. My biggest reservation with UBC is the incredibly high cost of living (I can't imagine this is an easy place for teacher's to find a job either) and lack of Mental Health Law program. I have no entrance offer-- from what I read this is dispersed in the summer? I would appreciate any feedback :)
  9. Accepted! 🥳 Lsat 169; gpa 3.9 For Uvic they indicated the minimum entrance scholarship amount on the offer. I didn’t see this for the UBC offer, is this not put out until after? Or did some people here get an entrance scholarship offer form UBC?
  10. Why would you say that? Are you from U of A?
  11. I already finished my degree so I’m hoping so something in December. Do you have any idea of what the range for merit entrance scholarship amounts are?
  12. I’ve already heard back from UVic. Wondering if anyone knows when offers are coming out for U of A?
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