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  1. I totally agree with you. Yes, we have an observation of not having enough diversity in certain areas in the legal field. But there are several explanations to why that happened. Not having enough diversity should not be automatically equate to having systematic racism. Similarly, having diversity also doesn’t always mean that racism is not there. We should also be aware of the diverse subgroups under the umbrella “minority”. This issue is definitely more complicated than calculating a few percentages but I think it is good thing that people are more opened to talk about it nowadays.
  2. You are weird. Idk why you are attacking me on every single thread. This is a discussion, you can’t expect everything to go your way. You also didn’t talk about the actual problems......
  3. Thank you all for the information! you guys are so kind. Based on the replies, it seems to be very difficult to know whether a firm is racist or not just by looking at the race distribution (but there are firms that have a predominantly white workforce for sure, we just can't pinpoint the underlying reason) . Sometimes people have unconscious prejudice/discrimination that they don't even know themselves. I found this test on implicit bias by the ABA which you can use to test whether you have any unconscious bias : https://www.americanbar.org/groups/litigation/initiatives/task-force-implicit-bias/implicit-bias-test/ I think the Ontario law schools are getting more diverse. But I am not sure whether the firms, especially the non-big ones are putting an effort into having diversity. I also don't see a lot of diversity in the government and in the supreme court. Not sure whether it is because that the minorities just never went for these positions or the minorities are just not doing as well as the others or whether there is an actual issue with implicit or even explicit bias. Somehow I feel like medicine is more diverse than law, but perhaps it's because that our chief public health officer which is non-white, got a lot of exposure on the media for the past few months 🧐 It might be due to my ignorance in the field, but I couldn't name >5 minorities in law that are occupying top positions in Canada or are well know in general. Looking at the most influential 25 lawyers in 2019 makes me feel like the field is not diverse at all. Again, this is just what I think based on what I am seeing.
  4. I apologize for misleading the thread with another user. The thread is actually not about whether Canadian law schools are very well known among American colleagues (this depends on the firm and who one interacts) but thank you for sharing your experience. The question was actually "Is it possible and/or feasible to practice law in the US after getting a law degree in Canada?" <- focusing on north dakota. You did your law degree at Calgary and then did a lateral transfer right? That is really impressive. Would you recommend people to work in Ontario for a fews years prior to applying for jobs in the US? Lol yep, life is interesting, sometimes you get what you didn't ask for 😅
  5. Actually, if I were to give people advice (if you bothered to ask me what my advice is), I will tell them to go to UofT law if they are still an undergrad. Not even the other schools unless they want to risk having to do a LLM in the states to get a job. Going to the T14 schools in the states is the best way to go. But I want to remind you that the OP's main question is "Is it possible and/or feasible to practice law in the US after getting a law degree in Canada?" Not "should I go to UofT" or "should I go do a law degree in the states". So I don't know what you are trying to prove by emphasizing on how "queens and western and other canadian schools" are not recognized or well known or whatever. This is so silly. You were not even answering the question directly. The OP clearly stated that he/she got into Queen's so telling him/her to drop out and go to the states is .... umm...... not that thoughtful. In my opinion, you as a practicing lawyer should offer some advice to the OP about how to transfer to UofT after 1L. Or another way you can add on to this conversation is to offer some insight on people who actually got jobs in the states and how they got there. Would be even better if you have stories about friends/family members who went to Queen's and got a job in the states. I offered my experience with people I know who got jobs in NYC. You can disagree with me (and these people I know who are actually working there) all you want but tbh this is just what their experiences are (and I clearly stated that in my comments that this is MY experience, im not writing some bible here please chill). Attacking and denying one's experience is silly. My friends and family members' experiences as lawyers in NYC might not be the norm (idk) but you can't just say that they were straight up lying about their firms and started to put up announcements (!!?) on the forum to accuse me as a liar because I shared their experiences which you happen to dislike. For reference: You also see people on this thread saying that "hey my peers don't know a thing about canada" or "ppl don't care about canadian schools" and that is their experience and their insight and that is fine. None of these users denied my experience and left announcements with the intention to attack me and how "poor of an advice" my friends and families experiences can be. That was ruuuuuude man. No one can know what is going on in every single firm in the states. We can only get a better understanding of how the job market is holistically by obtaining more samples. And since the OP was asking for the possibility and/or feasibility, the simple answer is YES it is possible and it could be feasible and there ARE cases of people coming from smaller Canadian law schools working in the states. Side note: Very humorous. Dude, why are you repeating what I said in my original post. 😂 didn't you said I was wrong all the way and put up posts calling me a liar?
  6. I thought you are out here lol. You are funny. I never “advice”anyone to go to queens or western if they want to go to the states. I only said they have a chance which you cannot deny that Again, please stop putting things in my mouth. Chill man.
  7. Thanks for the reply. Yea, in general I don't think Canadian schools are well known in the US for sure and I have no problem with what the reality is. I was referring to (if anyone bothered asking me earlier instead of straight up attacking me) the students who graduated from either Western IVY + law and the ones who graduated from Queen's commerce + law. The law programs are not well known in the US in general but the business programs are at least recognized (so basically can be identified if encountered before based on the English dictionary). I am, by no means, claiming that the law degrees alone is widely known. I am aware that it is possible that a lot of people who did those business programs ended up going to these law schools and they got hired in NYC because of the combination of BOTH. I hope I explained that well😅. Several people I know working in NYC who graduated from Western and Queens completed these business programs then law schools and they told me that ppl in their firms do know about the strength of these schools, perhaps not corporate law alone but with the business programs. Again, this is just MY experience from my friends in very specific firms. I agree that the best way is to just go to an US law school. I did search up representatives, but I really focused on firms who have a record hiring Canadians such as those that have headquarters in both Toronto and NYC and i think it kind of makes sense if they heard about Canadian schools since there are Canadians working in these firms (sigh....if anyone bothered asking me more about the type of law and which firms instead of straight up attacking.....). So I am aware that I was already selecting for firms (cherry picking) that do hire in Canada and have lawyers straight out of Canadian schools and ones who made lateral transfer from Canada to the US after working for a few years. I think the standards might be different for different schools tho, for example, ppl from Queens and Western might have to be at the top of their classes to have a chance vs ppl from UofT. And I acknowledge the fact that not all firms are the same! I know right, it's interesting that Queen's and Elon Musk are put together 😂 I also found out about this recently. I don't think Elon ever completed his PhD tho. This guy is so famous that people try to connect his name with everything. Holly, I did not know that Stanford, MIT, and Duke are not ivy league schools! Wow thanks for letting me know. That's cool. I think Canada is awesome, I am just curious about the opportunities down there. But based on what I am seeing on the US news recently......I am so happy that I am a Canadian.
  8. That is actually really funny 🤣. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica which is very important to know as oppose to Kingston, a city in Ontario. Like London in England and London, Ontario. Perhaps Canada should start to come up with more creative names. Let's hope that the recognition of Queen's is better nowadays in the US than many years ago. 🤣
  9. Good catch, I was still editing my post for all the stupid autocorrections lol I am sure we can all relate to this. I love how you jumped on it like your last drop of water in the desert just to prove that you are right 😅(that is just so childish......... aren't you supposed to be a law grad from several years ago?). You think law students are too stupid to differentiate between what is true and and what is false to a point that you just have to leave a comment to educate them. Just so you know, they can read, don't feel too amazed about that. You should go back to my posts and read it word by word. I already explained what I claimed and what I didn't and the rest is probably in your own head. If you cannot differentiate between an attorney vs summer associate or cannot differentiate between several NYC firms vs all US firms I'm not sure what is going on? and this doesn't seem like an autocorrection issue but understanding issue for you. Chill bro, I had a pretty good day, not gonna lie, the weather is great. I think you probably had a bad day to be attacking a person who agreed with your points 😑. I am not going to make any "not to trust the person" announcement like what you did to me, my day was goooooooood. I genuinely hope you feel happier about your job and your situation.
  10. Excuse me? I never said Queens and Western are "well known" schools in the US in general. I only said that they are recognized by their corporate law in NYC, a very specific geographical region with very specific firms. I also acknowledged that it was the several firms I emailed not every firm, I never claimed anything in other states. So I am not sure what incorrect, "inane" and completely "fictitious" information are you talking about? Not to mention that I never disagreed with the fact that UofT is sending more students to the states. In my previous comment, I pointed out the fact that school name matters but emphasized on having to "be the top students" in your law school is really important. Again, what "inane" and completely "fictitious" information are you talking about? Let's be honest, if they are the top students in Queens/Western, they have a shot at NYC firms (again, i don't know about the other states). Not sure why you are so in denial. And we are talking about Queens and Western here, not some bottom tier law schools. Funny thing is that I never disagreed with any of your points or argued about any facts with you. I only shared what the emails said and again, I only talked about a very specific niche of firms and never made any generic claims, you didn't even ask me what type of laws these firms do before making the judgement that that I have inane and completely fictitious information and have no idea what i'm talking about and assumed that they gave me generic answers. Yep, you didn't bother. I really don't like how when you disagree with someone you began to say that they have inane and completely fictitious information, saying that they have no idea what they are talking about, saying that people would be disappointed, and starting to have an sarcastic attitude. We are all adults here and we really don't need to talk like that. Mind you that I never said anything you accused me for. If you are having a bad day or having issues working in the states I really wish you good luck.
  11. I don't see why you are so amazed about how a person can do a quick search/connect with others within 32 min -> obtain new information -> add a comment with new information.... ........not sure whether you are offended by the fact that I didn't take what you said as 100% true but instead thought about it and conducted some extra research on it (and apparently very fast too in an era with internet and phones......32 min!). But if that is the case I just want to say that from my understanding, the main goal here is to provide the OP information that he/she can use to better his/her career and I don't think it should be an issue if I want to add on to what you said(not even disagreeing, just add on. Not arguing, but add on). I am more amazed by the fact that you can be on this forum and leaving comments so frequently throughout the day, arent you suppose to be at work? Just FYI, I asked the NYC firms for "attorney positions" for people who already passed the bar in the states NOT "summer associate positions" where the students are not qualified to be attorneys in the states yet. I don't know whether the likelihood to obtain an attorney position and the likelihood to obtain a summer associate position for Canadian students are the same so I was genuinely asking a question. We can agree that these are two different processes and again, I don't know why you are so amazed about this? @lawschoolhopeful6 Congratulations on your acceptance. Fun fact, Queens is actually a pretty well known and reputable school in Asia because of Elon Musk and other historical and impressional reasons more than a lot of other schools in Canada. So I would be very surprised that the Americans never heard of it when the other side of the world knows about it (which based on the other comments, it seems like some states actually never heard of it?). But again, the Americans never failed to surprise us with their knowledge and decisions, they might surprise us again this November 😂.
  12. Oh yea, I agree with you. Just to clarify I was only talking about NYC. I don't think Canadian schools are well recognized by other states (especially ones that are not city like) in general. They might of heard of UofT but it doesn't sound like a big deal to them compare to the ivy schools. I think it is better to just attend a US school if anyone wants to work in the states.
  13. I think queens and western are recognized for their corporate law in the states as well since I know several ppl who graduated from these schools working in NYC big law but that is based on my experience. But in general there is a lack of applications from schools other than UofT in general which makes sense since it would be a hassle for the students. I actually emailed a couple of well known firms in NYC earlier this year about this and they told me that while they only hold hiring events at UofT, they encourage students from other Canadian schools to apply and they review the files on a case by case basis. So I guess that basically means that while the school name matters, whether a student is performing at the top of their class matters A LOT if not more. FYI, this is for the few well known Canadian schools such as UofT, Osgoode, McGill, UBC, Western, Queens... I didn't ask them about the other ones (if you are interested you can email them) so I don't know what do they think about the other ones. And I think this is just for Canadian law schools, I'm sure it doesn't work the same for US law degrees since they have like >200 law schools so they have to consider the school names. Hope that helps
  14. Which law schools in canada are recognized in the US? Is it even possible to to become a summer associate in the US?
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