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  1. Just got the email - beyond excited! 87% GPA and 163 LSAT
  2. With drops - I'm a UBC undergrad so I just removed the drop credits from my transcript and calculated the average.
  3. FWIW, I emailed today asking about the status of my application. They said I should hear back within a "couple of weeks." I applied late November with an 87% GPA and 163 LSAT
  4. Got the email today at 4:00pm PST 3.74 cGPA 163 LSAT Wrote the optional essay
  5. I got an acceptance from Osgoode yesterday and I wrote the January LSAT! cGPA 3.74 and 163 LSAT
  6. Thanks! In queue on Dec. 3; however, I did write the October and January LSAT (score wasn't released until Feb. 6).
  7. Just got the email! My first school acceptance! 3.74 cGPA, 163 LSAT General student, did not fill out part B.
  8. UBC undergrad and self-calculated from there. Just removed the amount of credits from my transcript (I think it was 12 credits they said) and then calculated the average.
  9. I'm not sure, I was wondering this too; however, I believe that a 3.75 is about 85% so maybe UBC's credit drop system is a bit more beneficial for my scenario?
  10. Wow, very similar boat haha! That's what I was thinking for UofT. Good to hear about Osgoode though. Thanks! Hmm interesting. Hopefully I can raise my LSAT score a few points and hit the threshold. Thanks for the reply!
  11. Hey all, was wondering what you thought my chances would be for U of T, Osgoode, and UBC? As mentioned above, LSAT 160 OLSAS GPA 3.75 UBC GPA 87% cGPA 3.74 L2 3.68 B3 3.78 Don't think I have much of a shot at U of T, but I am re-writing the LSAT in January. What kind of LSAT score do you think I would need to be competitive for U of T? My extra curriculars and personal statements are about average I would say, nothing too special or too weak.
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