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  1. 152 3.6 Medium connection, I can see myself getting in next year, retook my LSAT and got a 157!
  2. My auntie lives in Vernon which is about a 90 minute drive so I’ll surely bring a car should I get in... plus I’ll frequent Blazers games as well.
  3. Rejected yesterday. 152, 3.6 I was expecting it, so not much disappointment here
  4. I wonder how many people in this forum represent on the waitlist as a whole..
  5. 3.6 GPA 152 LSAT its the first communication I’ve ever received from a law school so I’m actually super excited about it.
  6. Leanne did tell me end of April, but that was mid March and things may have changed.. time will tell. There are few days in April left
  7. Ditto, this is what I was told as well
  8. Ecstatic for everyone who got in today. My timeline is about ten days after yours so maybe by the end of April I’ll know
  9. How was the social life?? Is the class as a whole pretty close? Or is their some social divisions?
  10. Same. I emailed them to check in and they didn’t even up responding.
  11. I wrote the January LSAT, still says "Not received" on my application.
  12. Potentially based on when they wrote their LSAT? Not sure.
  13. I also missed today’s wave, but a friend of mine did get in, and he was a regular applicant who applied in January. 4.0, 156 were his stats as he told me he’s too lazy to make an account here.. hah.
  14. Were all accepted today early admission candidates?
  15. Glad to see some progress is being made on everyone’s profiles
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