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  1. I wrote the January LSAT, still says "Not received" on my application.
  2. Potentially based on when they wrote their LSAT? Not sure.
  3. I also missed today’s wave, but a friend of mine did get in, and he was a regular applicant who applied in January. 4.0, 156 were his stats as he told me he’s too lazy to make an account here.. hah.
  4. Were all accepted today early admission candidates?
  5. Glad to see some progress is being made on everyone’s profiles
  6. When was your file complete out of curiosity?
  7. I spoke to Leanne and she said my decision should be end of April at the latest (Applied regular category in January).
  8. Sorry to hear but those are really solid stats and no doubt you'll get in elsewhere!
  9. Hey all! My file for U of C is complete, and they are currently reviewing it. Is that "green circle" or does that come when they're done reviewing my file? Sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm just unsure.
  10. Another update: Application moved to “Pending decision” this afternoon!
  11. I guess kind of an update: My file was completed at some point today!
  12. Mine still says not received as well as one of my transcripts.
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