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  1. Just wondering how many of the incoming 1Ls are planning to move to Kingston for the fall term since we have the option for complete remote learning as I'm deciding if I should move or not. Any thoughts would be very appreciated Thanks!
  2. Did anyone hear any new updates regarding fall semester? Is it for sure going to be in person? Thanks!
  3. Yes but I meant to send a separate email. Wasnt sure if it’s worthy to do that to show eagerness. Thanks!
  4. Is it a good idea to send an email to show them interest of attending and perhaps appealing to get off of waitlist?
  5. just so the waitlist process seems mysterious... once we are waitpooled, do we need to do anything such as accepting the waitlist position..? or do we just wait until we hear back? Are there rankings in the waitlist? Thank you!
  6. so if SOLUS says 500 unapplied credit that means they received our deposit right? Thanks!
  7. Are there people like me who are still in queue, not waitlisted nor rejected?
  8. Hey guys, Ive been in queue since Dec 6 and wasnt sure if this is normal... would it be a good idea to email them and ask if my file is still being reviewed or should I just wait? Thanks!
  9. Should I be worried...? I was queued on Dec 6... Wasnt sure if I should call admissions.
  10. I heard that at U of T you can apply for JD/MBA while being in 1L. Does it work like that for Queens as well or do you need to apply for MBA before starting law school? Thank you!
  11. Just wondering how admissions at schools would be affected now that all schools are closed due to the virus... Any thoughts?
  12. Is welcome day worth it? Not sure of going as coming from far and was wondering if anyone who went in previous years could tell me how it was. Thanks!
  13. Is everyone invited to the welcome day? If so when is it do you know? I didnt get email about that. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, for those of you who got accepted, did you receive any digital or mail acceptance package? I didn't get anything other than my acceptance email that only outline deadline to accept and payment.
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