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  1. I've been calling the locals "Saskatchewanese" since I moved here, no one has ever corrected me...
  2. Yeah, well, you know? That's just like, uh, your opinion man.
  3. No worries. I love the prairies. Was born in Calgary, moved all over and came back to Saskatoon when I met my wife. Its hard for people to get the prairies and I think people who have never been here assume the worst about the weather and culture. When I lived in BC they talked about living in Saskatchewan the way people in Saskatchewan think about living on the moon.
  4. I have lived in Saskatoon for about 6 years now and have lived in other Canadian cities as well. You will get snow here but it's not bad in terms of volume. Snow is not the issue. Almost every winter there is between 7 and 14 days of sub -30C weather and between 3-7 sub -40C days. After you get through that it's about -10 to -20 for much of the winter. The winter is typically mid January to mid March. So really I would say Saskatoon is colder than most Canadian cities for about 3 weeks a year.
  5. I handed mine to them in person on the 17th of January. It was updated on my profile February 4th.
  6. I attended a dinner with the dean very recently. Those invited asked extensive questions about admissions throughout the night and I thought I would share for the benefit of those here as we were not told that this information was confidential. There have been 29 offers made as of January 16th. Of the 29 only 9 accepted (so far, as of Jan 31st). The next round will be early March and they send out way more offers during March than any other round. They do not appear to assign a numerical weighting to the three criteria (but Dr. Phillipson said he may be misinformed), my best guest is they look at only GPA and LSAT and then the Sask Connection only matters when they compare two different candidates side by side. The earlier you got in your application the smaller the pool of applicants you were compared with (food for thought for people who apply in future years). Of the accepted students at the dinner with me more than half had applied to USask only. However this is not necessarily revealing as they were also the applicants available to meet for dinner in Saskatoon with a very short notice period. He also said that a 50/50 gender balance is one of their highest admission goals, so of the 125 they will accept in total you can assume that there are going to be at least 60 men, and 60 women with the remaining 5 in flux. So you are competing against your gender for admission spots more than the applicant pool (if law school is like business school then more than 70% of applicants are female). Hope this helps answer someones questions. But it does appear that almost all the Law School spots are still open in case you are waiting to hear from them.
  7. You have a good shot at getting in, you have an above last year's average GPA and LSAT. If you wait till Saturday you have 0% chance though, since applications must be in before Feb 1st.
  8. I looked at the prices of the residences and I can tell you with some certainty that you can find accommodation that is both NICER and CHEAPER within Varsity View or Nutana. Within a 10 to 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride. Even the University Dr. area which is full of really posh houses is almost all mixed residences with basement apartments with separate entrance/exits. I would say that about a quarter to a third of the houses in Nutana are a house on top of a rental.
  9. Just checked mine. I did have two copies to them so those all say completed, but my final grades from USask now say "waived" instead of completed, and they are still waiting on my deposit despite having gone in and given it to them in person yesterday.... soooooo... who knows what's going on over there... No matter how much or little it makes sense if you want to go to USask you'll have to jump through their hoops.
  10. I am guessing its the same reason that my employer asks for resumes in PDF format. If someone sends their resume in a .doc then they have failed the first and simplest barrier to entry. This is just an assumption on my part though. Maybe they really don't like to share pieces of paper on the application committee.
  11. For clarity, my brother tells me it would not have an effect on whether or not you are accepted, it MAY alter how early in the process you would find out only. Again this is mostly a US school thing, since they are much more profit driven and concerned with who can pay the full ticket. This will never make or break an application. I also think it's better to be honest, as they are probably just trying to get a deal for who their direct competition is.
  12. Accepted as of 9:30 PM tonight. No email in inbox on any account, or in spam/trash. My application status changed to "decision made" and I was able to access the letter of offer from the admissions site. My GPA was 3.88. No idea what my B2 was as I was a transfer student in undergrad who never took a full course load because I moved cities(and universities) midway through my degree so I started with so many credits and scattered in such a way that a full semester was never available to me. LSAT was 159 Very strong Sask connection, I am a known entity both to the university and within the community. I will be accepting as I am anchored to Saskatoon and applied to no other schools.
  13. I am fairly familiar with university administration (not necessarily USask). Some schools give preferential treatment to applicants who they know for sure will accept if enrollment was proffered and who do not need financial assistance. If you answered, for example, that you were only interested in USask then they would know with greater certainty that you would accept if offered. Some schools make arbitrary decisions such as "well if we reject this applicant they will just get in elsewhere" and move on. This can be true of especially high achievers who they assume will pick a 'better' school. This is more a factor in US school decision making than Canadian schools though. (My brother is an admissions officer in the states, so this all comes from him).
  14. Y'all didn't say, but will you be accepting or declining?
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