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  1. I never heard back about my bursary application... do they send an email?
  2. dw! I'm not giving legal advice until I actually become a lawyer 😂 it's more my law school journey and tips that helped me get into law school. I hope that clears it up for you ☺️
  3. Never used and in nearly perfect condition. Please message privately for more details.
  4. Includes: The Logical Reasoning Bible, The Reading Comprehension Bible, The Logic Games Bible, the logical reasoning workbook, the logic games workbook, the reading comprehension workbook, the question type training, the logic games type training and the reading comprehension passage type training In good condition; no writing or highlights, minor scuffing and wear on edges Please message privately for more details/pictures.
  5. rejected! tbh not mad at it. After being a UofT student for undergrad, I'm glad to go elsewhere for law school! cGPA: 3.63 Lsat: 159
  6. accepted yesterday! CGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 159 B2: 3.75
  7. Thank you for your feedback! I liked the course offerings at both schools especially the ones offered through Western's Labour, Employment and Social Justice Stream and Ottawa's Social Justice option. I'm visiting Ottawa next week for welcome day but I can't make it to Western's welcome day so I need to figure out another time to visit. I know people who went to Ottawa so I've spoken to them, but I don't have any insight from someone who went to Western - which is partly, why I am struggling to choose.
  8. Thank you for your response!!! If possible, can you go into more detail as to why Western over Ottawa? I just want to get as much information as possible before making a decision.
  9. I just got into Western today (was not expecting it at all)! I want to eventually work in Toronto (possibly employment law) and I need help deciding between Ottawa and Western. Both are great schools and I would greatly appreciate any insight into why I should choose one school over the other. If you have gone to one of these schools, I would love to hear about your experience as well! Also, some factors to consider: - I really care about access to justice - My family and friends are in Toronto and I would like to visit as much as I can - The idea of a smaller class size, diverse cohort, and collegial environment appeals to me - I love that both schools have many opportunities to get involved
  10. I thought welcome day's were only for people that got accepted but I received a meet and greet invitation email today. Was it a mistake or can I still attend even though I have not been admitted yet?
  11. thank you! I was general and I wrote my lsat in September 2018.
  12. Admitted on Uozone! LSAT: 159 CGPA: 3.63
  13. How do I access the email provided by western university? It says any correspondence is sent to that account.
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