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  1. Mind me asking what your stats were in that cycle?
  2. Just got moved into queue as well, 3.74 OLSAS cGPA, 3.8 B2, 159 LSAT. I do not think that they are queuing top stat people because of my relatively average stats.
  3. I'm in a similar boat as you with 3.74 OLSAS cGPA and 159. UofT is probably out of the picture without a LSAT of 165+ and as you are you have a good chance for Osgoode. I'm not familiar with UBC.
  4. I've applied to UofT, Osgoode, Western, Queens, and Ottawa. I don't have much hope for UofT (unless I did amazing on the Nov LSAT) but I was wondering what you all thought my chances are elsewhere. My ECs/LORs/PS are probably average, though I tried really hard to make an appealing PS for Osgoode.
  5. My LSAT is definitely a bit low. I rewrote in November and felt like I did better, but I cannot be certain. Regardless, what are my chances currently?
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