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  1. Just received a majority of my grades today - mostly B-'s with a B and B+. Is it worth applying for 1L formal recruits (toronto) with those grades and good law ec's?
  2. Hi guys - not even finished midterms and I'm already antsy about my 1L summer plans. I know that I'd like to pursue a corporate law job at the end of the day, and was wondering if anyone has heard of useful programs that would fill my 4 month summer (if I don't receive a 1L job) and would assist me in gaining some business education, as I currently only have a BA. I've researched some summer courses at LSE (2 week single course), and the Queens Graduate Diploma in Business, but I'm not sure if this is even worth pursuing. Would my time be better spent interning at a business in some capacity? Thanks so much for the advice!
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