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  1. Just found out as of yesterday I will be on the deans term honor list for keeping an an avg of 4-4.5 gpa for the term. And another annotation for having a gpa between 3.5 to 4.5. Reasonably pleased.
  2. I've got chronic pain too, lots of reasons my dreams end up crushed but until they do I'll keep on pushing. As far we all know it's a single life, so, why choose something I would only be content with if I am lucky enough to have the chance to have it? A loss to me will be when willpower fails to my lack of talent and other abilities some are born with. Willpower seems to be enough so far, so hopefully that holds true for law too.
  3. Never thought you meant that. You were actually quite polite about it. I see barriers, but until they become unmanageable I've wanted this for over a decade and will push on. But your right and I will have to figure out some unique accommodations. Thankfully I live in Canada with one some of the strongest human rights protections on Earth for people with learning disorders. But your points are valid, and I've thought about them for a while but I see some possible solutions.
  4. I'm a guy but thank you. This is my thoughts. I am doing a lot better then before. I hired a tutor that specializes in NLD and it's doing wonders. Went 22/23 on LG. Not the -10 or so I always use to go. Things have gone so well I might be able to tutor in the LSAT and have a buisness on the side. And, if not for chronic pain, part time would have been possible.
  5. And now I PT at a 160+ Having learning disorders makes it all so challenging but with the right tutoring even someone like myself can do this. And your right, this is like the oil to my water, but I have so far defied all other expectations, and so the dream lives on. Managed straight As in my last academic year and have 3 excellent references. So, I will take my chances. Things changed since that last post.
  6. I want to specialize in provincial human rights and employment law. Does this school offer me that? I know it has a human rights clinic but it seems to be primarily about international law, not domestic. Thanks
  7. I should clarify, I got this after watching a 2019 video about how online would be integrated. I will delay until I can go in person - my learning disorders will make this hard enough, online is usually much harder. How would class structure look like once in person classes start up again? Thus how were they before?
  8. I'm retaking the LSAT this Nov - expecting a 160 or so. And I qualify for access category 3 different ways.
  9. So it's not just online? or mostly? Please specify this might change my mind.
  10. I am trying to limit my schools down to 6 and was consider eliminating this school but, kept on reading that it's 'different' then other law schools in Canada without any specific examples as to how. Saying your different does not make you different, that is not how the word 'different' works in the English language, so what about this school is different? I've got learning disorders and considered that this school might be good but without any specifics, I am leaning on not choosing this school. Anyone know?
  11. Hi - I'm applying to a variety of Canadian law schools, about 10 of them and no American ones. I have potentially 4 reference letters. One is going to be from a department chair, a liberal politician, an old instructor (who is a well respected lawyer), and the university for some ongoing advocacy work I am doing with them. Which of the 4 is most important? Least? Why?
  12. Hi, I have taken the LSAT 3 times now, I had a 158 during my recent test. I have spent 1000s of hours studying. I was born with Non-verbal learning disorder and disgraphia. These are having a direct impact on my ability to do the LSAT. In addition, my working memory is in the 4th percentile. I am looking for a tutor that understands disability theory, preferably has had experience teaching people with learning disorders Thanks!
  13. Hey, does anyone have any thoughts? Any with learning disabilities, or know anyone with learning disabilities?
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