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  1. I was planning on traveling to Australia from May to June before Law School starts, but the pandemic happened. So, that's not happening. Please god, no. Anything but that.
  2. My bad, I misinterpreted the tone of his post. I didn't get the neutral tone on first read. For some reason I thought he was championing the position that all law schools are equal in difficulty. Your post adds more clarity to shawniebear's post.
  3. Your conclusion is essentially contradicted by your story. All I got from that story was it is easier to get an A at Osgoode than UNB.
  4. I am with CIBC for about 7 years now, and my father was with them for close to 15 years. So, I thought I'd see what they offered for student loans. My credit score is above average. So, it isn't terrible. Last month, I went to talk to CIBC about securing a PSLOC. The loan officer wasn't rude per se, but how should I put it? They were the opposite of obsequious. They were very stern, and it felt like they could care less if they got my business or not. They offered prime plus 1%, I tried negotiating on the rate but they wouldn't budge. They required a cosigner. They wanted copies of mine and my father's tax returns and pay stubs before they give any more details about the LOC. Details like how much I'd get approved for. Perhaps the person I talked to wasn't experienced with PSLOCs or it was just a bad apple, but I just walked out when they wouldn't give me more info. I spoke with RBC the week after, and they offered prime plus 0.5% with no payment required on the principal until 2 years after graduation. I believe they said they could approve up to 85k. Also, that we can do an application without cosigner, and if it comes back negative then we do one with cosigner. They were very cordial and accommodating. I spoke with Scotia after that and they offered everything RBC did but better. They offered prime plus 0%. The same no principal payments until 2 years after graduation. They could approve up to 135k. The same deal with the cosigner that RBC said. They sweetened the deal further by offering a 10k credit card on top I wanted to speak with TD after that, but Scotia won me over, so I didn't even bother meeting with TD. Also, keep in mind, I haven't submitted the application yet. I am just in the initial phase of doing research and collecting info. These are just my experiences with interacting with these 3 banks regarding a PSLOC. I am still waiting on one more university to decide where I want to go before I file an application.
  5. This method also assumes that Manitoba made less than or equal to 106 early admission offers. Take this example, suppose Manitoba sent out 132 early admission offers (of the 232 total offers) in Jan/Feb before the Waitlist is finalized, that means only a 100 offers are made towards the Waitlist, not 126. So, we have to calculate how many early offers were made last year based on the index cut off score using the chart they give us. I averaged the grade boundaries for the AGPA and the LSAT to get an approximate number for the index score calculation. I highlighted the index scores using the cut off for this year (76.285), I can't imagine it being much different than that last year. So, adding it all up, there were approximately 153 early offers made last year. So, ~79 (232 - 153) of the offers went to those Waitlisted. Also, keep in mind that some people withdrew their application before an offer is made to them. That's how you see people in the 90's being accepted from the Waitlist. Those people that withdrew technically were never made an offer. As you hinted in your post, but the whole creating a separate Manitoba Waitlist in July throws a huge wrench into all this. I made another calculation using the minimum grade boundaries to see how many of the 153 early offers were within the index cut off for sure. That came to being 71 for sure. 232 - 71 = 161 Offers for the Waitlist. So, the number of offers made towards the Waitlist last year should be anywhere between 79 to 161. It should be leaning closer towards the 79 figure. Since, the 79 reflects the average numbers used, which would be more accurate than the minimum numbers.
  6. Waitlisted at: 4 LSAT/AGPA: 164/3.53 Index: 75.93
  7. I wouldn't defer, but I'd much prefer it be in person tyvm.
  8. If Robson doesn't release the scholarship info by the deadline to accept, you could still accept both Queens and Robson and sit on it. Of course you would loose your 300$ deposit to one of the schools when you cancel on one of them. If you end up saving more than 300$ if you got the scholarship at Robson vs Queens, then it might be worth it.
  9. Isn't that a bit late? The deadline for Tuition payment is usually within the first month of classes.
  10. Thanks for the update m8. I've been constantly refreshing the portal at my end, because I thought they'd release the waitlist this week. Guess I can take a break for 2 weeks before I check again.
  11. I guess I am a little bit late. Might as well chime in now. I am 24, will be 25 this September when Law School starts.
  12. I wrote the November 2019 test and a couple before that. The website said it was received a week after I submitted my application. Check the LSAC website. It will tell you exactly when and if U of Sask requested and received your grades or not. When you log into your JD account, click on 'Law School Reports' at the very top. It should be to the left of 'Forums'. Then scroll down to the bottom, under 'Report Status'. There it should say when U Sask requested LSAC for your report. If there are no schools listed here, then LSAC didn't get any requests from any school to view your score yet. If this is the case, then contact the Uni and make an inquiry if they got the scores or not. Perhaps you typed your LSAC ID incorrectly or they made an error accessing your reports. If U Sask is listed here, and it states that LSAC got their request and sent out the results, then nothing to worry about. They are probably just taking their time updating it on the college website.
  13. Nice. Where else did you get accepted?I think you should be in off the wait list.
  14. I got accepted this morning. They gave me deadline till March 25th to accept. I will be accepting. B2: 3.2 (on a 4.0 Scale) LSAT: 164 I have zero Saskatchewan connection. I am an Ontario resident. Only connection is I included that I was applying to U of Manitoba as well. I am still waiting on Manitoba.
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