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  1. If USASK is online, then Robson (Manitoba) will probably follow suit.
  2. Manitoba is online now for Fall and leaning towards in-person for Winter, but no official decisions yet. At this point, I'd prefer it be online. I'd rather not have to move in January just to move back in May.
  3. @lawgyal96 Ye, Fall 2021 applications are still not out yet probably because of Covid-19 it is causing some delays on there end. But ye, contact undergraduate admissions if you want an exact date or you are super worried. @castlepie Application link. Click on ready to apply button and on the pop-up, fill out everything and make sure to select 'Advanced Entry' for applicant type. At the end after filling everything it will give you option to select starting term, and right now it only gives you 'Fall 2020'. Anyway, that's the application portal they used last year, most likely they will use the same for this year too and give once it is up it will give you the option for Fall 2021 soon.
  4. When it was in-person, exams on laptop were conducted using examsoft at my uni and probably most law schools. It locks down everything except for the exam window on your laptop. So, e-books won't really do. Not sure how if they are still going to use examsoft this semester with it being online for me.
  5. Congrats. I didn't think they'd be sending out offers this late with only ~2 weeks to start.
  6. I got my first SLOC a couple of weeks ago for Law School. I am wondering if drawing money out of it affects my credit score. Did anyone notice any changes to their score based on their SLOC usage? Say I draw 100% of the amount available to me for first year, then does that increase my credit utilization ratio accordingly and reduce my score while in school? Also, would the utilization ratio be calculated based on the whole amount approved for 3 years or just the total amount available to me in that instance for first year (i.e. 33% vs 100%). Or because it has an interest only status, it gets treated differently than a regular credit card or line of credit?
  7. Wait a minute. Is this Slaw article wrong then?
  8. These are the stats from last year for admissions. It is a PDF. https://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/web-stats-201990-1.pdf If your GPA is on a 4.5 scale. Then looking at the matrix, you can see that your chances applying that year would have been 31/33. I think stats for this year will be released sometime in September or later, not 100% sure when, so you can use that as a more accurate measure. New stats will be posted here https://robsonhall-dev.cc.umanitoba.ca/student-resources/admissions/statistics/ by the university under the 'LSAT/AGPA stats table'. If your GPA is not on a 4.5 then you need to convert it using this PDF. https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/graduate_studies/media/Canadian_GPA_Equivalencies.pdf Good Luck.
  9. One of the reasons I am going to Manitoba over Ontario is because the Tuition in Ontario is unconscionable. Toronto's Tuition is 3x Manitoba's for more or less the same degree. On top of that Ontario is opening another law school this year pushing the market closer to saturation.
  10. This is the phone I am thinking of getting for Law School and after. It is going to be super discrete in front of a Judge. XD
  11. If pulling out a smartphone in a situation is rude, then looking down at your wrist would also be rude in that situation. You wouldn't be talking to your client or delivering an argument and looking at your watch mid sentence. You can discretely check your phone for time. Retrieve phone from your pocket, look at time, and put it away. I can understand if smartphones are banned, then maybe. But, they'd have wall clocks if phones are banned. I don't know, just starting Law School, I am not seeing the benefits of a wristwatch. Perhaps I will change my mind when I break into the legal market.
  12. Just use your smartphone grandpa.
  13. I think you meant "you should use your savings". Common LSAT mistake XD
  14. Oh, that's what CANs are. 😁
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