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  1. In the e-mail we got on May 25th from Marie, it said that a FB group will be set up shortly. I just looked at Class of 2022's group, and their's was created July 10th 2019. I suppose we will get ours around then too or a bit later now.
  2. That's cool. I was browsing through Aurora, and found the course offerings a couple of days ago. This more or less matches up with a few differences: 1. Crim is listed as being from 9 to 11:50 on Aurora, but in the draft it is listed as 10 to 11:50. 2. Property is scheduled for Wednesday, as well as Legal Systems for the same time on Aurora. I guess I will go with the draft on this one and say that the Draft is correct in this case compared to Aurora, and they will update Aurora soon.
  3. There is nothing wrong with splurging on food for 4-5k a year, especially when you hit 6 figures. Like carpe diem, because YOLO. I guess to each their own values.
  4. On a related note. My father was approved for a mortgage with Scotia, ready to close last week. However, 2 days before closing, they withdrew approval, and wouldn't give us any recourse. There was no change to his income, credit or anything like that. Given the circumstances changing their mind 2 days before closing is completely egregious. With your post now, and everything in perspective, it tells me that Scotia is just tightening down their lending practices. I was gonna go with Scotia for my PSLOC as well, but after the trouble they caused my father, I don't think I can trust Scotia to lend me money anymore. RBC was my second choice when I was doing my research. So, I think I will go with them instead. P.S. My dad isn't buying a house wantonly in the pandemic, the agreement of purchase was settled a week before the pandemic.
  5. Here is the email. Might have ended up in your spam folder. Dear Robson Hall Student, a member of the Class of 2023: I write to you today to provide an update to the FAQ email for incoming law students that was sent to you on April 24, 2020. Since that time, an announcement was made regarding Fall Term 2020 classes. Please visit: https://news.umanitoba.ca/a-message-from-dr-janice-ristock-provost-on-fall-term-2020/ to read the memo, and take note of the dates presented. As a result, Winter Term 2021 will be a delayed start. At this time, we anticipate a return to campus for Winter Term 2021. Faculty of Law specific information will be sent to you in the coming weeks. The Class 2023 Facebook group will be set-up shortly. Many thanks for your patience as we endure these unprecedented times. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to me. All best, Marie Jivan
  6. I've driven to Montréal before during winter break. The cold was brutal but the drive itself was completely do-able. Of course, the drive to Winnipeg would be 2-3 times as long. So, there are additional challenges there. Anyway, I think the fastest route for me is through Chicago and Minneapolis. So, the weather should be milder down south than driving to Montréal. It is definitely worth looking into driving through the US to avoid the Canadian winter.
  7. I am only moving when in-person instruction is offered.All the social activities would be cancelled too. So, I don't really see a point of moving otherwise. By not moving, I'll end up saving about 7k/semester in food and rent, (I intend to stay on campus). Also, they probably won't open up campus residences if they choose to offer instruction online.
  8. No lol. I will be in Winnipeg for the entire school term, 24 hr commutes are too much to make daily lol. I thought u were referring to Summers only in my previous reply.
  9. If I find a summer job, then I'll stay. I don't want to be paying dead rent.
  10. One reason I can think of why you'd want to hide your family wealth is because you don't want friends to be your friends for your family's money. Or you don't want to be treated differently/negatively because you are rich. Or you are afraid of getting jumped. But ye. the learning OSAP to pretend you are on assistance is dumb. Just say you took out a LOC to hide your wealth and that's that.
  11. But for realz, what is an LSC?
  12. Start dates ≠ enrollment date. When you look up the definition for "enroll", it says to officially register as a member of an institution or a student on a course. So, you would be enrolled now for Fall 2020, if you register now. Nowhere in the bill nor in the supplements they released so far does it qualify what enroll refers to in this context. Since they originally announced that gap year students will be eligible for this program as well, therefore they should clarify if they decided to exclude us now to clear any confusion.
  13. If Sask goes online, that means Manitoba will probably follow suit. That sucks. I was hoping that these two and Dalhousie would be the ones to operate in person considering that these provinces have such a low rate already.
  14. Don't stress too much. The LSAT is a very learnable test. If your goal is 165, then you can only afford to make ~20 mistakes on a standard LSAT. So, it won't be that easy, but it isn't impossible. Since, logic is heavily tested on this test and you are still in school, it might be worth taking an intro to logic course if you can spare an elective. While you learn the test, don't worry that you are running out of time. You need to understand the questions first. Each LSAT more or less tests you on the same skills, and there are only so many ways the LSAC can construct those questions to test the skill. Once you familiarize yourself with the types of questions and how to solve them, speed should come along with that. Also, keep a wrong answer journal for the difficult questions. Write out why the correct answer is correct and why you got it wrong. Same goes with the games section. Games section is all about inferences and logic. You just need practice on how to solve them. 7sage used to have free solutions to all the games on YouTube, but LSAC forced them to take them all down last year. Those explanations were a god send for me. Now they are behind 7sage's paywall. Their online program is definitely worth considering. Also, LSAT Prep Plus gives you access to 60 tests on a subscription basis. That is probably the most affordable way to access a bunch of tests. Just practice a bunch and try to put in a good effort to understand the questions and your desired score should follow. Good Luck.
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