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  1. I personally know of a few people in the group who have declined their offers from Toronto and are going to US schools. It's odd to me that they haven't been removed from the group (especially considering @MalcolmX's comment). So, that probably accounts for part of the larger size of the group.
  2. About 5 people have joined the Facebook group in the last week. That being said, I'm not sure if they were in off the waitlist or just joined the group late.
  3. I'm far from an LSAT expert, but I agree with @lawfacade123. The only thing I would add is that I would make sure to write a LOT of practice tests under close to real conditions. Be smart about how you use them (as there are a limited number), but I would recommend using a good chunk of the later ones before your main write.
  4. Yes - this is a student ambassador calling. I answered but wasn't able to chat b/c working.
  5. I'm far from an expert, but I would say that you have a decent chance. Your B3 is excellent, but your LSAT is below the median. I was in a somewhat similar position and got an offer. Likely it will come down to your PS + EC's.
  6. sorry, that's out of a 4.0 scale
  7. Got the call yesterday afternoon! CGPA 3.84/4.33 (no drops) 163 Applied Mid December.
  8. Hi, If anyone in Vancouver is looking for LSAT prep materials please PM me! I've got nearly every practice test from 1-87 (missing some in the 30s), reading comp and LG 'bibles', and Ellen Cassidy's loophole to LR. Reach out to me and we can workout a price depending on what you want.
  9. Accepted this morning. UoZone, no email. 3.84 163 will be declining
  10. Withdrew from LSAT ! Was admitted a couple days ago. Thanks for the response, anyway.
  11. notified by email, but it is also in Oasis now
  12. Accepted this morning. 163, cGPA 3.84. Did not fill out optional.
  13. Received an offer today. So excited! CGPA: 3.84 B3 (only 3, did a full year exchange) 3.84 Marks weren’t great on exchange, but nothing alarming. 163 decent ECs. Nothing spectacular, but I was involved. I feel like a had a well written, unique statement. Probably what helped me out. good luck everyone!
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