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  1. No, my cGPA is 3.66. Where do you get 3.5? I had an exchange semester GPA which is lower, but even taking that into consideration, my cGPA is still 3.6. I've asked Osgoode before whether they look at exchange GPAs at all, they said they would take a look at it but it doesn't count towards the cGPA.
  2. Thank you but I'm just really baffled by all these. I'm not saying that given my stats, I deserve an offer during first round or anything. But just that I see people with similar stats getting offers at Osgoode, people with stats lower than mine getting in queue at Osgoode and getting offers at Western. Meanwhile, nothing AT ALL is happening on my end... It makes my mind wonder...
  3. Yes, I am aware there's an In Queue thread already but please don't close or merge this one with that thread. As an anxious applicant, seeing people posting about them being in queue while nothing happens to my file is very stressful. It CAN FEEL like everyone's in queue already but I'm not. My very few remaining rational brain cells tell me that I mustn't be the only one not yet in queue. So those of us still waiting to be in queue, please share your stats and help each other stay (somewhat) sane. cGPA 3.66 / LSAT 170, last update 11 Nov - Thank you for applying ... I'm wondering if it's because I'm an International applicant and my GPA actually doesn't show up on OLSAS. So if they were to sort the applications by GPA, mine would actually be empty, or they are considering international students last or something.
  4. Thanks! I called them before in October and November, but couldn't get through. Left a voicemail in November but never heard back from them... Email turnaround time is about 3~4 days for me, but they weren't able to confirm my GPA over email and it's still being processed. I'm sure they are swamped but I'm just freaking out.
  5. Do you email them? When did you email them and how long did it take them to confirm? Do you call them instead? How? I haven't been able to get through to them via phone at all...
  6. I won't hold my breath for Queen's, they did say January in their email.
  7. Even paralegal these days require certifications...
  8. I think so... I feel u... I did LSAT back in July but my procrastination caused me to finish the writing in early Nov, and just checked LSAC, they sent the report to OLSAS on 16 Nov. I'm so hating myself right now.
  9. Hahaha I thought the same! They are definitely lurking on this site and thought some communication was needed!
  10. This thread has given me so much joy in these days of gloom! I love how we are all just making post-acceptance plans and brainstorming t-shirt ideas like that 😆
  11. I like what you are thinking but I don't think they'd leave obvious hints like that...
  12. Hmm... Neither Michigan State nor American University is considered to be a good school tho... If you consider T-14 to be Tier 1, then these would would be Tier 3, if you have a more inclusive definition of Tier 1, then these two would be Tier 2. Either way, it's really not that attractive. Would've been a different story if it were Vanderbuilt, Emory, Fordham, etc. I agree with what you are saying, the program feels more like a marketing gimmick than anything else. Unless you really want to practice in a state with a restrictive bar, which neither California nor New York is, they have negligible value.
  13. But they processed my writing sample before my score was released to OLSAS which is mid-Nov. And fwiw, UBC also requested that even tho I applied in late Nov.
  14. Even if you intend to practice in the states, going to a school that admits students with your stats is not a good idea. IMHO, going to a non-T14 in the states is just a bad idea. The cost is way too high and only makes sense when you can reasonably expect a 190K BigLaw job upon graduation, which is very unlikely to happen if you don't go to a T-14. You are much more likely to graduate having spent a fortune or raked up a huge debt and unemployed or with a job that pays scraps. Honestly, your cGPA is just really low and even your L2 aren't that impressive. The only way you can salvage this is a killer LSAT score (170+) and then probably still with some sort of explanation for why your GPA is so low. Then again, I'm just an ignorant 0L.
  15. Also don't think it has to do with when you wrote the LSAT, wrote mine in July (no attempts to rewrite) and got a request from UofT last week too.
  16. Given that technically you can practice in the US (depending on the states) without having to go to law school there, another concern would be how receptive the employers there would be towards your Canadian law degree. I feel like with these things, the program of a specific school matters much less than the overall school reputation. With a Harvard JD, employers would look at you favorably all over the world, because even though employers in other countries might know necessarily know that Harvard is T3, they trust the Harvard brand. Same for an Oxbridge law degree. And in the case of Canada, I feel like the only law schools that would get people's attention would be UofT, McGill, and maybe UBC and Osgoode. No offense but uOttawa might get you a uWhat? response. It just doesn't have that strong of an International brand. You can definitely practice in the US with the dual JD degree (depending on the states), but how likely are you gonna find a job is a whole other question. Just an 0L's $0.02, take a with a handful of salt.
  17. Nah, I wrote my LSAT in July and did not intend to write any more LSATs, they still requested my LSAT scores, tho mine was already on file.
  18. It's under the Law School Reports tab, on the right, you'd see a "My Status" box, in it you'd have a summary of no. of requests received and sent, scroll down and you'd see which school specifically has requested and whether the report is sent (if it's generated, it's sent).
  19. Enjoy the silence while it lasts, we'll freak out A LOT more once some people starts getting offers but the rest still waiting.
  20. But do you have friends who were never in queue but get offers during the first round tho?
  21. Apparently this report from LSAC also confirms that more ppl applied this year: https://report.lsac.org/VolumeSummaryOriginalFormat.aspx Overall, 21.4% increase in applicants but strangely 1% decrease in applications?? And more people did score higher it seems, 103% increase for 175-180 and 69% increase for 170-174. Last year ~3% of applicants scored 170+ and this year 5.5% of applicants scored 170+.
  22. Mine all (UofT, Osgoode, Western, Queen's) requested on 4 Dec. Not yet in queue for Osgoode (last update remains 11 Nov and it's killing me).
  23. For those who are in queue, could you also log into your LSAC account and check whether and when Osgoode has requested your reports from LSAC? Apparently, the schools would all make request to LSAC directly (tho I thought they would have it from OLSAS already). Mine application(3.66/170) is still frustratingly 11/11/2020 - Thank you blah blah blah and Osgoode requested LSAC on 4 Dec tho. Yes I know the queue doesn't mean anything and seeing someone with 3.92 & 178 not yet in queue gave me a lot of reassurance too. But let's face it, we are all freaking neurotics over this queue thing and prone to overthink everything.
  24. Applied to UofT, Osgoode, Western, Queen's, & UBC. All 5 schools and OLSAS have made request to LSAC. OLSAS requested on 4 Nov. UBC requested on 26 Nov, the day after I submitted my application. All 4 Ontario schools requested on 4 Dec.
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