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  1. 0L answering but I just can’t imagine how “oopsie daise, that one homework under that one class didn’t get a good enough grade cuz I remembered the deadline incorrectly. Otherwise, I would have totally aced it!” would do anyone any good.
  2. Mine only listed school and that they have been reviewed. I wonder if it's because they haven't updated the actual GPA or if it's because my transcripts are WES evaluation reports.
  3. Yes, utterly pointless yet absolutely obsessed.
  4. This is rather strange. I received my email notification right away, as in seconds after I submitted. Also applied on 25 Nov.
  5. My status remains 11 November, Thank you for applying.... So anxious and inpatient. My stats are cgpa 3.66, LSAT 170.
  6. One thing for sure, anxious 0Ls like to overanalyze every last bit of information. We can bake cakes out of breadcrumbs.
  7. As a 0L from another country, I can't quite comment on the realistic earning potential as a lawyer, but it does seem that while you won't be raking in millions a year, you would be making enough to be a comfortable middle class. Personally, factors other than earning potential also contributed to my decision to apply to law school in Canada. Job nature. As someone fresh out of college and working an entry level job, the work you get to do can be quite boring and mechanical. And being the youngest, most junior person on the team, everyone would just hand over to you all sorts of meticulous administrative tasks that they don't want to do themselves. While I understand that as an articling student or junior lawyer, you would similar legal tasks, at least you are getting paid nicely to do that and at the end of the day, it'll still be tasks that only a lawyer can do. Colleagues. One of the things that draws me to the legal profession is the amount of people that have said their classmates, their colleagues are some of the smartest people they know and they learn so much from them. I want to be surrounded by people like that, in an environment where I would constantly feel like I must improve myself to keep up. I've been in companies where I felt like I was surrounded by uninspiring people. They are competent in their jobs but very uninspiring nonetheless. That can feel rather suffocating. What your strengths are. Someone in this forum has said that if what you have to offer in the job market is your better than average intelligence, law would be a decent career. Most jobs that I came cross require people to be somewhat creative, and I am just not that. Other jobs I came across require a certain level of sales skills, and I just hate all sales roles. Great exit options. From what I've heard, even if you don't like being a lawyer, it is still an excellent springboard to other prestigious, high paying jobs. I'm not too bothered by the long hours. Coming from the most overworked city where even those making 30-40K are doing NY biglaw hours, I'm just glad that at least as a lawyer, you get compensated nicely while working that much. And to get ahead in your career, there's no avoiding long hours anyways.
  8. Stressed. I know my stats should be decent, but still. Compulsively checking this forum as well as the applications status daily (despite being explicitly told that offers would only start being handed out in December). But this forum has been tremendously helpful. Knowing there are other people out there freaking out about the same things I do tells me that I'm not that crazy. And getting told that we are all crazy for worrying about those things also lets me know that I can chill out a bit. Rationally speaking, a spike of 600 applications isn't too bad in the grand scheme of things? I mean with so many law schools, it'd spread out?
  9. The thing is, if there are people who sing up and yolo, they are likely gonna fluff up the scores of those who really studied for it. Say you've been PTing at 75%, but on actual exam day, there are way more test takers than usual, thus bumping you up to 80%. So people who wouldn't normally get a competitive score now receive a competitive score, and thus the bar for admission would likely be raised.
  10. Osgoode sent out admission acknowledgement email yesterday. Can begin to log into OASIS today.
  11. It's being discussed in this thread, seems A LOT MORE competitive than previous cycles.
  12. The over 2700 figure is from the Western's application acknowledgement email they sent out today. So it should be legit.
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