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  1. Considering that the January LSAT deadline just passed, your best shot would be writing in February to get into Western law (since they're the only school in Ontario that takes Feb. LSAT if I'm not mistaken, but I totally feel you with the burn out. I applied to UofT (lol), Osgoode, Western, Queens, and Uottawa and got rejected by all of them.
  2. Hey I had similar stats last year: 3.7 cGPA and 154 LSAT and I was waitlisted, but unfortunately was rejected. So I'd say you still have a shot, but wanna echo jatthopefullawyer's suggestion.
  3. Hi, So on my uozone, it says I'm under evaluation for a regular JD and the JD/JD USA, even though I definitely didn't apply for the dual American JD program... is there a mistake? Is anyone else on the same boat?
  4. Mine went into under evaluation today, fingers crossed!
  5. Hey, I asked them about this and their response: "To answer your question, it can take up to a month until the portal completely updates itself, therefore I would simply give it a little more time. Everyone submitted their application on November 1st, therefore if you have completed everything on your side and OLSAS confirmed everything has been received, it will reach our office."
  6. Hi I had the same problem and your user ID is actually different from your ID number (that they email you upon receiving your application). Try the first letter of your first name and last name because that worked for me. For example, if your name is Fred Vanvleet, try fvanvleet.
  7. What do I do? There are no test centres left for January in Toronto, or in CANADA.
  8. Feeling so anxious as I wait for my November LSAT score to be released but wondering what my chances are as is.. cGPA 3.66 B3 3.7 LSAT 157 Would love your guys' input
  9. So I'm just logging on to all the student services for the schools and it says that my file is missing my LSAT score. I took the LSAT last year and have those scores, but I took it again in November. Is it possible that they're holding all my scores until the November one is released? Do I call OUAC?
  10. Not sure what this means as everything as been submitted on my end, but my file on my UWin account says that my application is incomplete but there doesn't appear to be anything in the to-do list. Anyone else know what this means?
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