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  1. Anyone know when exactly provisional acceptance turns firm? On OUAC, it still says provisionally accepted.
  2. Would someone be able to help me with where I can find the outstanding balance of $500 that is due on June 1 on my account? Also, where can I find my 8 digit student number?
  3. waitlisted april 30th but i just saw the update now since oasis has been down last few days. cgpa 3.67 lsat 160
  4. Accepted today via email! cGPA 3.67 L2 3.7 LSAT 160 (best)
  5. Got an email saying that a decision has been made and was admitted. 3.63 OLSAS GPA 160 LSAT (best)
  6. I went to welcome day and was pleasantly surprised. I loved how all the classes are in the law building. Very collegial atmosphere. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. The building did seem a little outdated, but still nice. That being said, I did find the law clinics to be a little dungeony ex. no windows and sort of dark. Overall, I would be thrilled to be attending Western though.
  7. Got in today. 160 LSAT (best) 3.63 OLSAS cGPA
  8. I know there are textbooks, but are there many online articles or resources that are assigned?
  9. i can't believe im posting this but i just saw it on my student center. cGPA 3.63 B2 3.7 LSAT (best) 160
  10. Mine is still not showing... gonna have to call them. Thank you!
  11. wondering same thing... It's stressing me out that only my subpar old scores are showing
  12. I wrote multiple LSATs, my most recent one being November, but my November score is missing from my received documents section, while my previous scores are on there. Nov. scores came out today so it could be that but I just find it odd that I had no LSAT scores showing at all until today, yet my Nov. score is missing. Anyone know how long it takes for OLSAS to update?
  13. I actually have IDENTICAL stats, fingers crossed and congrats!
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