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  1. Don’t disagree, as well as an asset to sell later. But if your repayment is $1000 a month on a 50K salary it is hard but absolutely doable. That’s what I’m getting at.
  2. I don't think that's true. People regularly get mortgages with higher interest rates for $200,000 and a much lower income than $200,000. I won't disagree that it is a lot of debt and probably too much for law school. However, even on a $50K a year job for a few years (assuming you earn more as your work experience accrues), if you have no other financial commitments (mortgages or loans) you can certainly pay down $100,000 PSLOC turned loan at a reasonable pace. Of course, doing so will delay you saving for property, retirement or kids, that's definitely a tradeoff to be aware of.
  3. Yes, their FAQ and email to 1Ls made it seem as though much of the ECs will be in-person, and as many classes as possible too. I guess we'll find out more in the coming months!
  4. For sure, the science is indicating that’s likely to be the case
  5. Who knows, but considering how many universities are opening it seems quite likely, especially coupled with opened public schools and a more businesses operating (I assume) I'm sure all the universities are building contingency plans for just this eventuality.
  6. I'm definitely moving, my school is planning to do many of the extra-curricular components in-person. I wouldn't want my resume to be barren if I went online compared to classmates that are attending in-person.
  7. I'm planning to move based on their announcement. Highly looking forward to the much anticipated second peak resurgence in September where they cancel classes again, after I've signed a lease and am stuck in Toronto. *sarcasm*
  8. I was told I needed a credit score over 720 without a co-signer, but it was a larger amount than the usual PSLOC.
  9. No worries, it should be the school’s website! It should be in your admission letter, but if you can’t find it, call their admissions office and they’ll let you know!
  10. Provisional acceptances become firm on July 3rd on OLSAS, after this date you won’t be considered by any schools you are waitlisted at if you have provisionally accepted (or firm accepted) an offer at another school. I’m not sure why you have a June 1st date, as the July 3rd seems to be universal? The June 1st date might be a deposit deadline at the school you’ve been accepted at? In which case you hold your spot at that school by provisionally accepting and paying the deposit. If you do this, you can still withdraw and firm accept elsewhere before July 3rd should you get accepted at your preferred school. Be aware that you won’t get the deposit refunded if you do this.
  11. Wow, this is most non-update update I’ve seen. Completely unhelpful.
  12. U of T evaluates applicants based on B3, as long as you had a full course load, which I think is 4-5 course, in each fall/winter semester. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/admissions/jd-admissions/admissions-policies:""The admission GPA is calculated on undergraduate courses only, using the best three academic years (traditionally using both the fall and winter sessions per year) of full-time study from all years of undergraduate study." Your B3 of 4.0 and 170 LSAT are well above the medians for each class. It sounds like you'd have a great shot, and you might be able to write quite a compelling personal statement based on your academic trajectory, but I'm just a 0L so I speak with zero authority here! You would probably want to think long and hard about how you are going to explain to them the two suspensions. Specifically what you learned from them, and why you are confident that you will not repeat the circumstances in law school.
  13. It’s not going online fully, they intend to deliver as much face-to-face as they can in small seminars.
  14. Eesh partial in-person, I honestly didn’t think any of the schools would go ahead with that since it’s logistically harder on students. Especially didn’t think an institution like UBC without international students would choose that. I guess BC has more of a grip on COVID than the rest of Canada though...
  15. Exactly, the prospect of moving a 5 hour plane ride away and paying $12000 extra in rent let alone other cost of living increases, for a few hours of in-person learning per week is making me quite anxious. I imagine schools must be considering this though. U of T has plenty of Americans who are slated to attend in the fall, and the border is still closed.
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