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  1. FWIW I did U of T for undergrad, and while I found it academically rigorous, it was also intellectually stimulating. I'm sure this is true at many other universities too though. I think I would've had a much poorer GPA and probably burnt out if I hadn't found the material stimulating, and being pushed to perform made me engage with the material more than I would have done otherwise. Ultimately, my experience in my undergrad at U of T was very positive, and its what led me to choose it for law school. I will say that U of T did not offer coop placements for Art students and I was often jealous of schools where those were made available. Anyways, feel free to pm me if you have questions.
  2. It will also depend on your course load for the 3.3. Was it one year with 8 courses or 10 courses? How many courses do you intend to take next year? Are you on a 4.0 or a 4.3 scale? Google GPA calculator and figure it out based on your transcript and school's GPA scale.
  3. That really depends on how many years of school you've done because it'll affect the weight of your 3.3. If you've only done one year, it's entirely possible to raise your cGPA from a 3.3 to a 3.7. If you've done three years, it may not be possible. I would advise you to use your school's GPA calculator to figure this out for yourself.
  4. Ugh the ABS was the bane of my existence as an applicant. Some activities just don’t have verifiers... if this was the case I just put N/A as the verifier which didn’t cause any problem with my apps. Not to mention it’s awkward emailing people asking if they can be a verifier for an activity you did several years ago....
  5. As people have commented, both have their merits. I grew up in Calgary though, and I wouldn't say I find it very "corporate," although certainly moreso than Edmonton. Edmonton has a very lively arts/music scene, but Calgary does offer many of these things too. Calgary folkfest is much adored and we certainly have plenty of music festivals. And then of course there's stampede if you're into that sort of thing. It really depends on what you like. I grew up in Calgary so I am biased towards it, but I find Calgary's transit system, walkability and weather superior to Edmonton's. The two central reasons why I adore Calgary are the following: a 1 hour drive to the Rocky Mountains (hundreds and hundreds of hikes and campsites at your doorstep), stunning views, and the craft brewing scene is *amazing* if you're into that. Calgary is a very clean, green, youthful, beautiful city imo, but Edmonton certainly has its charms too.
  6. Right, but then you're asking whether admissions offices also agree with your experience. You're asking whether or not your experience is generalizable enough that admissions considers it. Learn to not be rude when people give you advice.
  7. Offers are *sometimes* conditional upon completing your Master's - mine was at least.
  8. Do you not need any fourth year courses to graduate? Even if you don’t, I would highly recommend taking one or two. The fourth year courses I took at U of T were the most enriching part of my entire undergraduate experience. Not to mention, I got excellent references from the profs of those courses because they were tiny classes (5-8 people). As for 4 courses per semester, I imagine that won’t be an issue. I did my entire undergrad at U of T like that and it didn’t give me any issues for admissions.
  9. Ugh, I would love this. The admin page is absolutely lifeless.
  10. Your stats and ECs are nearly identical to mine: 3.68 OLSAS, 166 LSAT, varsity sports, part time work etc. I didn’t apply to Queens or Western, but did apply to Osgoode, U of T, Ottawa and Calgary and was accepted at all 4. Also there is no value in applying early to Ontario schools, as I understand they don’t begin reviewing apps until after the November 1 deadline. I applied on the last day possible and got in first round at U of T and Osgoode. No idea about the MBA. I know some programs will have an almost auto-admit policy above a certain LSAT score.
  11. I'm doing the opposite of defending graduate study grade inflation, perhaps that was unclear? I'm saying you cannot compare graduate degree programs for admission into law because some are competitive and some are not, on top of there also being grade inflation. They're not a good means of measuring a candidate for admission IMO.
  12. To a certain extent for sure, but there are plenty of relatively uncompetitive Master’s programs out there. I think that alone makes it hard to compare them with one another.
  13. They have a larger proportion of students with Master’s than other schools, so they clearly favourably view Master’s degrees. It’s a strong soft. But as I understand it, they are likely looking at undergrad grades to compare candidates against one another.
  14. I signed about 20 forms, but I was just emailed them by the rep in Toronto, and then we went over them on the phone to make sure I’d signed everything necessary and understood all the terms. The only thing I did at my home branch was drop off the application for interdepartmental mail!
  15. I did mine from out of province too with a rep in Toronto. I only had to drop the application off at my local branch, I did not need to do anything to “finalize” it there.
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