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  1. If it’s for a really good reason you could try and defer instead? I might call the admissions office and ask
  2. Not really interested in the internet forum’s advice about whether or not I have the mental capacity to go to law school. I am aware law school is intense. I am confident I am able to handle it. Thank you for your concern. Sorry if this seems curt, it’s just not something I am interested in this forum dissecting. Thank you for the comment about profs, it’s definitely good to know that caliber will be equalish regardless of my choice! Thank you this is great to know! I am now more confident that law block weeks will be different, based on all the comments! Several people in my Master’s cohort left the program after the block weeks. They were not low-stress haha. It’s good to know the law faculty is different !
  3. 3 months of block weeks in a total of 24 months of school is a lot to me. Maybe it is not to you. Fair enough. I found 5 weeks of block weeks to be a lot, and so I struggle with the thought of doing many many more than that. You may not call that infinite, fair enough, it was a hyperbole. It feels infinite to me. That is the core of what I am saying. I agree the material is likely the same, I am not disputing that. But you leave block weeks behind at U of T after your first two weeks in school. They come back each year at U of C. Again, not something worth considering for many people, but something that I am considering based on my own experiences. I would rather learn material piece-meal over a semester than in three-weeks from 9-5. This is my personal preference. Other people will have different preferences. Some may not care at all. That is fine. Also adding “right” in quotation marks has an insinuation. I’m sure you knew that when you typed it originally.
  4. Master's not undergrad. But yes. It may be a different experience than the faculty of law, you are right. I am sure people who enjoy a block week structure exist, I am not one of them. This is all that I am saying. Also, having paid them for my degree and attended the school, I am absolutely allowed to talk about my experience at the school, not sure why you would think otherwise, nor do I care to know. I think you have made your point. JUST SO ANYBODY READING THIS KNOWS THERE ARE FOUR BLOCK WEEK COURSES. FOR PETE'S SAKE. No need to emphasize it any further. But also know, each course is 3 weeks long.
  5. True enough! Thank you! It's just very easy to get caught up in the exhaustion and frustration of block weeks, but you're absolutely right. They are pass/fail, and all shall pass (for the most part haha).
  6. .I am not making misconceptions about UCalgary's program. We just happen to have a different working definition of what a block week is. Yes. There are four block courses. Yes there are 12 weeks of them. Both are true. Let the record show this for anyone reading this thread who might be misled. I have not said anything negative about UCalgary that isn't speaking from my personal experience with the school, which I have every right to do. I have merely said that I prefer U of T's semester approach to U of C's block week approach. Perhaps the program's content is very similar, but their semester structure is not. This is something I am considering Thanks for throwing shade. Glad to know you find me unlikeable based on 5 comments you've read on the internet. Don't know why you're commenting if you don't want a response, just to yell into the void of the internet?
  7. You are completely derailing this conversation with your obsession over semantics. You want to be the one who is right? Fine, you're right. Now please stop.
  8. I mean, I've done 5 of them in my Master's and they were honestly an absolute travesty. They truly, truly wrecked the stamina and mental well-being of my class (such that many professors and remarked on it) for the upcoming semesters of school. I am not speaking flippantly, I have experience with U of C's "innovative" block-weeks. I also know people in the program and they are not "fluffy" at all.
  9. I don't think it's at all disingenuous given that there are literally 12 blocked weeks, I don't know how I can be any clearer. Frankly I couldn't care less whether it's 12 different courses over 12 weeks or 4 over 12 weeks, it's still 12 weeks of 9-5 class. Anyways, I'd like to close the book on this portion of the discussion, as you're clearly more interested in debating semantics than the actual substance of what I am saying.
  10. https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/important-dates_students_2019-20.pdf You do 3 at the start of 1st year, it is only one course but is 3 weeks of 9-5. And then the Foundations, Negotations and Advocacy Ones are also 3 weeks each. Making 12 weeks of block-week courses. Call it dramatic, but in my experience at U of C, block week courses come at a huge cost to student mental health and is definitely something I am factoring into my decision.
  11. U of C does not do 4 block weeks, it does 12 block weeks over the course of the degree.
  12. I can tell you all about it if you message me! Don't want to put too many identifying details about myself out there on the forum board.
  13. Ah yes, didn't apply there 😕Totally agree, although I really don't like Vancouver so it's not a great place for me to lock myself into anyways. Do you think? I'm not so sure. I've chatted with the Dean at UCalgary Law and even if the curriculum isn't very different they have certainly done strange things to the flow of a school semester. Infinite block week courses, just infinite. I'd much rather learn the material piecemeal week-by-week than altogether in 2 weeks 9-5, it just seems like a lot of material to digest in such a small time. I also know UCalgary generally as a university makes a big push for students to find employment in the energy sector, which I couldn't be less interested in.
  14. As far as I can tell it's based on some data analysis done on biglaw hiring statistics in 2011 (scrolling through the forum) which has a dead link. It's also on UCalgary's website, although I imagine that is a bit of a marketing ploy. I too would be genuinely curious if someone has a source for this, the phrase "second biggest legal market" seems like a bit of a platitude at this point
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