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  1. I finished my app up mid-january last year when my references uploaded the necessary letters. Heard back a week later!
  2. Actually quite a few students do live close to campus! Specifically, in the Brentwood, Varsity, University Heights and Charleswood area! These are all within a 20-30 minute walk of campus. Of course, if you live near a train in another area, you can get to campus very easily. All these areas also have several grocery stores, pharmacies, etc., so you're never a long walk from what you need. I won't lie, Calgary is better with a car, but in my experience, so is Edmonton. It is liveable without a car though, which is all that matters. The craft brewing scene in Calgary is amazing if you're into that sort of thing. Calgary folk fest is a big event every year, and of course, there's stampede. I think generally Edmonton has more festivals if that's something that's important to you. I'm partial to Calgary because it is warmer, it is much closer to the mountains (even without a car there are buses, and I'm sure friends that would take you), has several neat neighbourhoods to explore (Inglewood, Kensington) and has quite a youthful culture. Hope that helps! Feel free to DM me if you want to know more about the city, just know I'm entirely biased towards Calgary 😛
  3. This needed to be said. Every law school has students with interesting and diverse life experiences, UofT being no exception. Of course, there may be a student or two who rubs people the wrong way and lacks social skills, but I refuse to believe that those students don't exist equally at schools such as Ryerson and Windsor (for example) The idea that stats and social skills have an inverse relationship is absolute nonsense but is oft repeated on this forum. I found my classmates at UofT to be some of the kindest, most helpful people I've ever encountered. I'm sure the same is true of many students at each law school across Canada.
  4. I know two people who ran Varsity during law school. They were fine athletes, but not the top of their game. No idea how they performed in law school.
  5. Your cGPA is fantastic! The LSAT score you should aim for will depend largely on the schools you want to apply to. Which schools are you interested in? With a high-150s LSAT score, you're extremely likely to get into law school somewhere. But, if you want UofT or UBC, just for example, you might want a score more like 164 or higher.
  6. I think that this is a question worth emailing to the admissions offices at the law schools you're interested in. If you're going to spend another 1-2 years in school in pursuit of admission to law school, I would do so on the advice of an admissions office, and not on the advice of this forum. The above poster is right about an LSAT score though. It is valid for 5 years.
  7. Yes, different schools will have different yield rates. In 2019 for example, U of T's yield was 63%. So 333 offers for 212 spots (see https://governingcouncil.utoronto.ca/sites/default/files/agenda-items/20200505_EX_3_0.pdf) Can't speak for other schools, but it ~may~ be googleable?
  8. There are no health or safety issues on the U of T campus that I'm aware of and I did my undergrad there too so I've got a decent snapshot of it. I can't speak to the number of black students (COVID means I haven't met many of my classmates), but I have met a lot of fellow queer students in my year and upper years, and I feel very much represented in that respect at U of T law. The class profile indicates that in previous years, 1% of admitted students were black, but in 2020, that number jumped to 4% (https://www.law.utoronto.ca/about/jd-first-year-class-profile). I anticipate that the advent of the BSAP will have a positive effect on this (small) upward trend of black students at the school. I'll note that I am not black, so I cannot speak to the experience of black students at U of T law. I'll just add that U of T law and Osgoode Law have Out in Law clubs (for fellow queers), and Black Law Students' Associations too. It might be worth trying to get in touch with members of these student groups to see if a current student could chat with you! Anyways, I can't speak to Osgoode, so I'll make space for someone else to answer that!
  9. As a follow-up, I had four or five Bs on my transcript (some B+s, some Bs), but only two passes which I used for courses that I knew I would get Cs in. I am now a student at U of T law. One B+ is not going to tank your chances.
  10. This is your answer. A B+ is not sufficiently poor of a grade to merit using the P/F option. If you have a bunch of better grades (which it sounds as though you do), they will balance this one slightly lower B+. This is a better option than taking a P as schools may infer that you received a lower grade in that course than a mere B+. P/Fs should really be reserved for grades that are a B- or lower, imo, as those can sometimes tank a cGPA.
  11. You are underestimating the LSAT. Most who are taking it put in in a lot of prep, and it often isn’t enough to put yourself that far ahead of the pack.
  12. Looks good for you. Depends on when you wrote the LSAT, maybe B3 and strength of personal statement, but you've got good chances.
  13. The other social component that is largely missing from zoom 1L (aside from pubs and school events and friends, etc. obviously) as @chaboywb pointed at is the academic social side; We can't really study with friends, discuss concepts together, brainstorm, visit office hours, do academic extracurriculars etc without adding significant hours of zoom to our schedules. Even if we do, it just isn't really the same as gathering together to study. I definitely feel as though my academics are suffering as a result - I have no one to bounce ideas off of really. I just sit in my room and try to digest readings and make outlines. It's well known that many people, myself included, learn best by being forced to explain their knowledge to others, but there aren't any opportunities to do this. As an addition, I wouldn't question people's motivations for attending, they may be very different from yours and that's ok, it's not worth focusing in on.
  14. There aren't really any significant entrance scholarships, only financial aid which you have till June to apply for I believe.
  15. I would advise people not share their initials on the website, it makes you less anonymous amongst your classmates if you intend to accept, and you can't delete them later. This is just a suggestion of course, but I would point out that it is nice to be able to anonymously seek advice on here as a student, so just bear that in mind
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