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  1. Provisionally accepted Osgoode so there’s a 99.9% chance my spot will be open this week
  2. I got in January with 3.69 cGPA and 161 lsat. You should be in as well
  3. Hi guys. I will be meeting with a few reps in the next couple weeks. As someone who is completely blind to the entire process I am looking to you guys for some help. What are considered favorable PSLOC terms? Anything that I should look out for in particular? Anything that I should try negotiating for? Thank you in advance for your insight.
  4. Thank you for your responses. I currently have a full time job that pays me $3000 and a business that makes me $2000 on the low end and $4000 on the high end per month. All figures are in net. When I start law school in September I will be quitting my full time job which will bring my monthly income down too 2000-4000 per month. (Yes I can continue the business while in school, I have trusted employees and I’ve gotten used to studying and working throughout my undergrad.) One of the major reasons why I’ve even decided to go to law school in the first place is because I come from a family that highly values education over money. Having only a undergraduate degree is highly looked down upon, hence I have a very high motivation to pursue higher education. i understand there is a high monetary opportunity cost to pursuing law school, but I believe the non monetary utility from becoming a lawyer will make up for it somewhat. My realistic goal is to bring my base employment income up from 3000 now to Atleast 4500 after becoming a lawyer. That way with my business combined, all else equal I can bring my income to 6500-8500 post graduation (within a couple years). Thank you guys for recommending personal injury law. That is not an area of law I have given thought too, but I will definitely look more into it now.
  5. I’ve been lurking this forum for a while and there is a wide consensus that if you want to make money you will pursue Bay St. As someone who knows nothing about the law or about compensation in different areas of law, I would like to ask those more experienced than me for insight. is Bay st the only way to make good money? How difficult is it secure well paying employment out of law school? ive been reading on this forum that some articling students make only $2000 net in areas like criminal law. That scares me because I currently net $5000-7000 a month which will go down to about $3000 net during law school. I’m obviously choosing to go to law school to be in a better position in the future than I am in now. What areas of law do you guys recommend for the highest return on investment?
  6. I agree. Hopefully there are a few more tomorrow.
  7. Congrats!!! Do you mind sharing your stats and also will you be accepting?
  8. Thank you for giving us some more hope. All the best to you!
  9. Just a thought, can they really discriminate based on our answer to number 5? It just seems wrong if they were to deny someone a spot because they applied for government assistance
  10. Does anyone know what OASIS says once they have recieved the deposit? I mailed mine about a week ago and havent recieved any confirmation.
  11. Received the email as well. Is this something that everyone receives? I haven't seen any mention of it in past cycles.
  12. For those who are already in law school what supporting documents is required for bursary applications?
  13. Would an iPad work? Or should one just stick to a laptop
  14. For those accepted, is there any deposit deadline for Uoft?
  15. Did you have to apply somewhere or was it awarded automatically?
  16. Looking for some insight from people who have gone through the process. My stats are 161 LSAT and 3.69 cGPA. im aware my stats aren’t high enough for the large scholarships. But should I be hopeful for receiving a scholarship in general? If so, any idea of the ballpark for Osgoode scholarships?
  17. can anyone in the group take on the task of counting any admin or upper years in the facebook group? willing to offer you my first born
  18. In the hypothetical case of being denied by multiple banks for PSLOC, would the university provide more favourable bursary’s if there is a clear financial need?
  19. It cost me about $5500. Roughly $3000 for LSAT materials and registration, about $500 for application fees and $2000 to get help with my personal statements/application.
  20. were you accepted off of the waitlist?
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