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  1. I think if you can get 160+ on LSAT then you will be opening many doors next cycle with yout stats.
  2. I am a Calgary resident, as for your question, I guess if budget is not a problem then on-campus could be a better choice considered convenience and safety(pandemic). You dont want to take public transportation everyday given current situation.
  3. Thanks. With a slightly higher undergraduate GPA or maybe a different recruitment angle I got into U of C couple days ago.
  4. Got the email today. 3.08 Master 155/164 two writes many years of strong professional experience Kind of expected but still a little dissappointed that the holistic round didnt work.
  5. was waitlisted on March 9th but forgot to post. I have been offered a spot this afternoon. I have already accepted and paid the deposit since UC is my first choice. Good luck to all.
  6. seems like we wont get a straight offer if still not hearing anything back from school. I am a little pessimistic now.
  7. Why are today's offers holistic? I see they have pretty decent index( above 240).
  8. your stats seems very solid so it is suprising that you didn't get accepted. But I am confident you will get in some other schools.
  9. If we know the stats of last year applicants admitted holistically then we might have an idea about holistic review. However the school doesnot reveal these numbers based on what I have read from this forum so far.
  10. I guess this is because UA send out holistic offers before waitlist because they give holistic offers based on how many regular offers are turned down?
  11. Thanks. That sounds quite a few given the class size of around 170 students.
  12. Do you know how many holistic offers were given last year?
  13. I have the same question but it seems hard to get an answer.
  14. I know this question might have appeared before but cant help to ask, anyone has any idea that what percentage of people on waitlist will be offered a spot and what percentage will be rejected? Does this have amything to do with the "yield rate?" I have heard some schools' waitlist moves pretty fast quite a few waitlisters get in eventually and for some other schools waitlist is almost a rejection.
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