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  1. Hi GM, I saw you got couple acceptances already, you shouldnt have to be worried too much coz the you will have somewhere to go even in worst case scenario.
  2. What you said makes perfect sense to me. It does depend on how the committee see/think the applicant.
  3. it is hard to be sure for holistic review for it is totally subjective.
  4. you should be fine. I m crossing my finger for holistic review too.
  5. no It's for anyone who is not competitive under regular category.
  6. Did you check the beartrack or you have received the email at the same time?
  7. I read this from their web too, that's why I created this thread. If they dont calculate GPA for international transcripts, how do they handle international applicants exactly? merely LSAT maybe?
  8. how is your January score? Have you confirmed your GPA with the school yet?
  9. Only official scores make sense. Almost every applicant would get an actual score lower than PTs, mostly around 5 points or even more. So official score being lower than average PTing is not an acceptable explanation for holistic review if I understand correctly.
  10. I have read from somewhere that many law schools view LSAT155 as a basic indicator of the possibility of success in law school. In other words, you might find it very difficult for you to catch up in the classroom if 150 is already the best score you could possibly have achieved. However if it is not the best you could do, then the school might question your determination and dedication. Neither way will be in your favor. This logic makes sense to me. So why don't you rewrite and get at least 155 or even close or above 160? 150 seems too much even for a holistic consideration.
  11. Can't believe you are not accepted with this stats
  12. waitlisted so early? I thought the school would send out waitlist much later
  13. Thanks for your opinion. Are you applying U of C for fall 2020 or did you apply before? Were you accepted? I am interested in hearing your storys and stats.
  14. yes what you said makes perfect sense as being a lawyer.
  15. But as per what UCAlgary law states on there website, they do not calculate GPA for international undergraduate degrees(except USA) nor would they confirm GPA for applicants with international undergraduate transcripts. They didn't mention anything about WES so this is why I posted this question Say, if the school doesn't require WES, and two students with similar international grades and LSAT scores, one choose WES and get boosted on the GPA(like the British student you mentioned), the other one(with a similar percentage from British college) choose to send transcripts directly to UCalgary law and get caculated like 70%, would this create an unfair result that one get accepted the other one rejected? I thought the admission process should be fair and standardized so that's why I have been wondering how UCalgary law deal with international transcripts.
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