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  1. Just got waitlisted (finally something) CGPA 3.71 (3.74 home institution) LSAT: 150, 152 General Great EC's and achievements, statement geared toward Ottawa. How do you calculate B2? Is your guys' unnumbered waitlist too?
  2. Just another day of waiting … LOL
  3. Spring ends tomorrow... Thanks for asking.
  4. Same situation. My other school is asking me to register for courses. uOttawa's delays are unacceptable.
  5. With this tone, you remind people of the wanna-be dictator Trump more than NYC Mayor 😂
  6. Sorry I don't understand that^ Also, did you mean that you applied in November and wrote the January LSAT?
  7. I sincerely agree with you. English is my third language but I have done an English BA with 4.0 GPA at UBC and taught effective speaking (in English to people) and went through speaking competitions. At uni, I never received below an A for any research paper but I still doubt if my English is nearly good enough for going through law school or being a good lawyer. Oral and written communication (grammar, syntax, choice of words, etc.) are the cornerstones of any law practitioner. I also hope that Zoye proves us wrong and gets in but I would lose all confidence in uOttawa law based on the criteria they use for admitting folks. I can understand a spectacular candidate with a low 150 LSAT, but not a 130. The LSAT is a test of tenacity. Everyone who has taken the test knows that very well. If you are applying with a 130 I doubt you have tried as hard as you could have to earn a good score. People spend years trying to make a competitive application for law; I hope you would understand why some people are dazzled here that you even decided to apply with a 130 LSAT. Anyway, good luck!
  8. I am considering sending them a sassy email asking why there is no reply yet. I even got a schedule for my MA program and they want me to register so I don't know what to do. This is unacceptable. EDIT: would be funny if my status changes to "rejected" the day after.
  9. I agree with you 100%. I don't think they are going to hand out any results until at least July. I am sorry for both of us because my life is literally hanging on this; I have no certainty about what I am going to do in September because of this selection process.
  10. OMG. I can't wait any longer... the admissions email said that they are trying to get us results by mid June. I hope that's true...
  11. Still waiting.... I wish I never applied at this point LOL
  12. Hey, congrats. Did your status change today? Or did you just find out today?
  13. It is so nerve-wracking seeing people doing deposits while you are still under evaluation. So glad for you guys!! Hope the course selection goes well
  14. Hey, Im still under eval. Did u get that through email or uzone? Is it a numbered or unnumbered list? I think you definitely have a chance.
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