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  1. I was waitlisted with a 3.22 cGPA (B3 was around 3.7) and a 166. So yes, I think you should definitely apply!
  2. Rejected on the 26th cGPA: 3.22 L3: ~3.7 B2/L2: ~3.8 LSAT: 166 To be honest.. I know I didn't do particularly well on the "interview", and submitted it late because their e-mail was sent to my spam folder. Wouldn't have accepted regardless, but still a bit surprised.
  3. I was able to apply for osap to Dal under Juris Doctor, but JD didn't come up. I'd call your individual schools to see what's up.
  4. Are you searching for "JD" or "Juris Doctor"?
  5. What happens if someone gets in off the waitlist in July, but has some deferral-worthy emergency come up? Would that person not deserve equal consideration, relative to someone admitted in December? Your proposal would be unfair in that regard. I don't personally understand the mindset of someone who would "gamble" on admissions in the way you are suggesting, given how few people seem to get in off the waitlist at a school like Osgoode. The odds of you winning that bet must be incredibly slim, no? If the odds are truly that bad, you would be right far more often than not to just assume that you won't get in and so you should accept elsewhere. I understand where you're coming from, but it really only makes sense to remain on the waitlist beyond the July deadline if you have nothing to lose (see no other offers). I don't think this would do anything other than to let people on the waitlist know sooner. Eventually these people would still be facing the decision of whether to firmly accept elsewhere or take their chances on the waitlist.
  6. Not sure if you've been following along on the facebook group, but the majority who've been vocal in the group seem to be moving (myself included). I would bet that people are going to end up getting together in person, even if official school events are mostly done in a virtual environment. Whether that's enough for you to justify moving, only you can say.
  7. Maybe this will give you a better idea of what's offered, and what you might qualify for.https://cdn.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/pdf/law/Current_Students/Bursary and Scholarship Information Booklet 2019-20_September24.pdf Schulich's tuition is on par with schools in Ontario. From what little I've heard, it seems Dalhousie's tuition in general (regardless of program) is on the higher end. I don't know why that would be.
  8. Waitlisted today after being in queue since November 28th. CGPA: 3.22, L3: 3.7x LSAT 166
  9. Who can say..? The optimist in me thinks maybe they're going to offer small bursaries to those who have indicated some degree of financial need. The much louder pessimist in me thinks that those who don't need financial assistance (definitely not me) are the safer bet for them to give an offer of admission. All I know is that I'm still interested, and responded honestly to their questions.
  10. I believe mistakes can be corrected by uploading a paper copy of the application with the corrected section filled out, as well as a letter explaining what needs to be corrected. Go to your application, click 'view documents & print/upload' under next steps, then click 'go to optional uploads'. Problem is that when you try to download the paper application, it says it's not available and to check back late June. I have to correct mine too, but we may just have to wait at this point.
  11. Congrats, friend! I was also notified this morning about a fairly substantial entrance scholarship, but the Negative Nancy in me is saying it could've been a typo. I emailed to confirm.
  12. Do you mind me asking which one, and the amount?
  13. Residence on campus? No. I worked in residence all through undergrad and am done with that environment. I'm going to be looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment whether it's for September or January.
  14. That is not exactly what the announcement said. It said that full in-person instruction would not resume, except for programs like medicine and dentistry which require a much greater degree of experiential learning. There is a chance that certain courses/components of courses could be in person. I personally think that chance is pretty slim, especially in light of the Dean's most recent e-mail saying our physical presence would not be required in the fall. I suppose Schulich could decide to go back on that if things improve substantially in the coming months, but I'm not as optimistic as some. As far as how people are feeling? Everyone is pretty bummed about the prospect of online courses, but I think that goes for all law schools. I can tell you that a lot of people I am acquainted with, who have accepted their offers, are going to be moving to Halifax regardless of any further developments. Others, myself included, are waiting for more details before we decide to drop $5,000+ on living expenses for the fall -- though we do seem to be the minority. I'm not aware of anyone who has declined their offer solely because of online classes, though this announcement was only just made today so it may be too early to know for sure.
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