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  1. And if you're not looking to work in a firm? I assume a lot of that still holds true, but would it be to the same extent?
  2. Maybe there's something that I'm not considering, but what exactly are the benefits of the law coop program as opposed to simply finding summer positions on my own? I realize that coop would probably make the job search a fair bit easier. Thanks folks.
  3. I got in first round with slughtly lower cGPA, slightly higher L2, 166 LSAT and middle of the road references/ECs. I'd say you stand a decent chance to get in.
  4. The offer letter on student center said details would be in a welcome package. Not sure when that's actually coming.
  5. Also in today. 3.22 OLSAS CGPA, 3.7/8 L2 (self-calculated) and 166 LSAT
  6. It explicitly states how many courses you can expect to be dropped somewhere on their website, depending on total number of credits. I believe they will drop your 6 worst courses if you have a full 4 years worth of credits. I'm not sure what my cGPA was when they dropped my courses, but I have an 80.11% after drops according to Allard's admissions office and they drop fewer courses. I assume my final GPA at uVic was in the low to mid 80s and I got an offer in the first round with a 166 LSAT. My question to you is why you care to know an exact LSAT score? Just familiarize yourself with the material as best you can and aim for the highest score possible. Or if you really need to have a number in mind, assume those GPAs are without drops and aim for the score you would need in that scenario -- you'll either be right on the money if your assumption was right or in a better spot if you were wrong.
  7. Sucks for me then.. still haven't called to reset my login info from when I applied to undergrad at Queen's. 😢
  8. Does it explicitly say that on their website?
  9. I've just been wondering how schools determine which references they consider when making admissions decisions. Do they only look at reference 1 and 2, or do they look at all 3 if you have them?
  10. I know it's impossible to say for sure since this will be Ryerson inaugural law class, but what do people think? Would submitting the interview after the 2 week deadline impact admission chances? Signed up for the candidate referral service through LSAC (regretfully) and their e-mail got buried in my inbox.
  11. CleanHands, as someone who was strongly considering UBC, can you explain what you mean?
  12. Yeah, I wasn't sure if maybe you could self-identify as a member of any minority groups in the actual application. I did not apply to TRU.
  13. As far as I know, they haven't released any admissions stats. That said, my good friend started at TRU in September and I have a fair idea of his stats for comparison: 3.8/4.0 cGPA from UBC, 164/5 LSAT, one pretty good EC and middle of the road references. He is also Afghani, but I'm not sure to what extent that would have played a role in the admissions decision. If you look through the accepted thread, a number of people have gotten in with similar stats to yours, and one in particular who had a 4.05 L2 and 153 LSAT -- both of which are marginally lower than yours. I'd think you have a good shot, but it may be worth rewriting the LSAT to try to score higher.
  14. I check my e-mail at least once an hour, school sites a few times a day, and olsas once a day.. I even check the school sites where I've already been accepted to see if they were f***ing with me.
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any additional insight about Dal grads' ability to find work in Vancouver/Toronto Big Law. Big Law isn't my end goal, necessarily, but I wouldn't want to completely eliminate the possibility. Obviously I've heard that you should go to school in the province you want to practice, and I'm from Toronto, but frankly none of the Ontario schools really interest me. Thanks friends.
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