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  1. I emailed and got a very generic email back with no individual answer but instead just information from their website on how they calculate things.
  2. My cGPA is 2.96, L2 I'm not sure, 155 LSAT. I'm not rewriting in Jan because I am unable too. I applied to Queens, Osgoode, Ottawa, Lakehead, UBC, UVic, and TRU!
  3. I got it as well, I assumed it was because I am still in courses and they want to see how my fall grades are.
  4. Tough bounce.. LSAC is saying that every test centre in Ontario is full for January. Bye bye law school
  5. I will look in it.. I am so reluctant to because studying sucks! Thank you!
  6. If I put on my application that I was not going to retake the LSAT, could I still? I wasn't going to as I felt like I had an ok chance with 155 (in discretionary/special circumstance/access categories) and didn't want to spend the money.. after finding out about this website and reading threads I am not so sure anymore, lol.
  7. I am not sure, can you tell me how to calculate that?
  8. I am definitely not delusional and understand my stats aren't great. I had about an 80% avg in my second year, but in third I had some circumstances which made me drop down to a low 70, and I am hoping this year with my marks being low to mid 80s I get myself some sort of chance. Proven in reference letters, work, volunteer, competitive sports, and other EC's activities I have been a leader and advocate within many areas of my life for 5+ years and have the ability to be a successful lawyer. I am hoping for some sort of miracle with my admission, but a year off to travel and work might be in my future. Thank you for confirming that it probably wouldn't be a deciding factor (although I am sure I can use all the help I can get)
  9. I emailed and got an answer within an hour. No offer of admission though, but I applied under access so I assume mine might take longer than general applicants.
  10. Hello everyone! I forgot to add my (irrelevant) work experience on my applications. I have been working since I was 15 in restaurants and just forgot to add them because they're very irrelevant to law school. Therefore my application shows that I only started working in 2018. I am so nervous this will impact my chances as I believe I am on the fence already. I have a 75% avg. and 155 LSAT score with outstanding EC's (sports, volunteer, clubs) and amazing reference letters. I applied under access for many schools because of my third year marks being affected by mental health issues (confirmed by doctor). Can someone tell me if forgetting to show that I have had multiple jobs at the same time over the past few years and working since I was 15 is going to impact my chances as much as I am worried that it is? (Schools I applied to: Lakehead, TRU, UBC, UVic, Ottawa, Queens, Osgoode) Thank you!
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