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  1. I really thought this week would be our week to hear from TRU with some offers but day by day I lose hope:(
  2. I received my waitlist email at 3:47 EST (12:47 PST)!! So there is hope for the next half hour lol. It seems like at least a few more offers will almost certainly go out, we just will have to wait until next week? Idk if you agree. I know not everyone is on this forum but the waitlist numbers are SO small. There’s like 14 of us?
  3. You don’t think offers can still go out today? Btw I shit myself every time I refresh this forum terrified offers have gone out & I didn’t get one
  4. Is writing letters of continued interest beneficial? I didn't know this was a thing.
  5. There's only 83 people in that facebook group and the class size is 115 I believe... so there is definitely hope for what I would say is a good chunk of acceptances.
  6. Very expected rejection (yesterday) - 75.66% cGPA (according to their calculation)/155 Applied discretionary
  7. Yes and I started saying "omg omg omg" because I thought it was an acceptance. lol
  8. Hello! I know about OLSAS conversation table, what I am curious about is how people get more exact calculations like 3.53 or 3.67 etc etc? My B2 is 78.8%, cGPA 75%, and L2 75%. Disclaimer: I applied access/discretionary for schools to explain a low 3rd year which brought down my marks, as my 4th year grades I had an 80% avg - I know my marks aren't extremely competitive.
  9. Received waitlist email! Honestly so excited and hopeful! cgpa (OLSAS): 2.99 LSAT/ 155 applied discretionary
  10. I have no idea my friend, this is my first year applying. I can tell you exactly what the email said though: "We are still in the process of evaluating applications and sending out seat offers. You should expect an update by the end of this month."
  11. I dont know if this is true as myself and many others have been told everything will be out (waitlist/rejections) by the end of April..
  12. No worries! I was expecting to see others - too bad it seems like I was the first and only LOL. pending decision!
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