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  1. Such a late rejection. I am sorry to hear but glad you finally got an answer!
  2. on the other hand, it is September 8th lol
  3. I got declined so it still saying waitlist I would think is a good sign!
  4. This wait is actually going to kill me. I wonder how many will be accepted off the waitlist.
  5. Oh I see, that makes sense. I wonder if they anticipate sending out a few more offers.. .it kind of seems like it.
  6. Ouch. Do you know how this process goes? So between this week and September 10th we will hear back from them either way, or by the end of this week we will hear back wifi we are for sure declined?
  7. I also did not get an email, I feel like they were just sent as a response?
  8. I emailed and this was the response "We haven’t made any new offers in quite some time, but there could be some movement to the waitlist later in the month."
  9. So much for movement off the waitlist early July I guess.
  10. I really thought this week would be our week to hear from TRU with some offers but day by day I lose hope:(
  11. I received my waitlist email at 3:47 EST (12:47 PST)!! So there is hope for the next half hour lol. It seems like at least a few more offers will almost certainly go out, we just will have to wait until next week? Idk if you agree. I know not everyone is on this forum but the waitlist numbers are SO small. There’s like 14 of us?
  12. You don’t think offers can still go out today? Btw I shit myself every time I refresh this forum terrified offers have gone out & I didn’t get one
  13. Is writing letters of continued interest beneficial? I didn't know this was a thing.
  14. There's only 83 people in that facebook group and the class size is 115 I believe... so there is definitely hope for what I would say is a good chunk of acceptances.
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