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  1. For those who are accepted, did everyone get an email about updating information on MyTRU and getting more info in May via MyTRU email accounts? Does anyone know how to access those email accounts?
  2. I was not waitlisted. EC's: VP of a club at my school, teaching assistant, participated in a global case competition, worked two jobs throughout full course loads (at one time I had three LOL). -Also had some interesting work experiences, was given unique opportunities to move away and work with corporate team. PS was around social justice- explained personal circumstances that led me to be passionate about this- the global case competition I participated in was also in relation to this topic. Hope this helps!
  3. In today. Got the letter via email. L2: 3.84 on AB scale.. not sure on Ontario. cGPA: 3.51 LSAT: 150, 155 Will be declining as I already accepted another offer.
  4. GPA went up a bit as I finished my undergrad (L2: 3.84 on AB scale) and LSAT went from 150 to 155 (I hate the LSAT lol). I dont have much hope Feel like its gonna be a rejection
  5. I was rejected last year in March and have heard nothing yet this year. Not sure if this is a good sign or 🤐
  6. Hey guys. I’m a little ahead of myself here but moving to BC has me thinking about a few things. I know I am gonna end up in a decent amount of debt - I have undergrad debt as well. But I’m curious as to summer internships and ways to pay down/minimize that debt while in school. Do most people work summer internships? What is the pay like? Are the BC/AB markets fairly open to students? While we are on this topic, are job opportunities based on grades? I don’t know where I want to end up as of yet (I’m from Edmonton and always thought I would come back or go to Calgary, but now I’m opening up to the idea of maybe Vancouver). -Does TRU provide decent opportunities to work in these three cities? Thanks for the help! :)
  7. Hi guys! I've been seeing posts about Deans Welcome on other schools. Im wondering if TRU does anything of this sort? Thanks!
  8. L2: 3.81 155 LSAT so 240.7 LOL def not holding out any hope- if anything were to come of it I’d assume it’ll be in the holistic round. I got into TRU so hopefully my personal statement/EC’s help me out a bit. either way, u of a, u of c and TRU were my top choices. Happy I got into atleast one of them
  9. Rejected! b20: 4.0 on the 4.33 scale CGPA: 3.51 according to OLSAS but could be slightly higher on 4.33 scale. LSAT: 150, 155 Ironic because this is the only school I felt I had a decent chance at, but not torn up as I ended up getting into one of my top choices.
  10. Also waiting. cGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 155 (not the best I know ) General applicant.
  11. They take a holistic approach from what I know so it's hard to say. You can PM me if you want!
  12. Hey. Yes I took the Jan LSAT. It says it was requested Feb 5th. I got a 155.
  13. woops my bad, glanced over and didnt read it correctly. Dont have an answer then, sorry!
  14. I've copied the relevant parts below for your reference, but the Winter term credits will count towards the 60 credit requirement but not grades (so you average will be calculated out of 45 credits within that 60 credit period). ----- Calculation of Admission GPA - University of Alberta Students A University of Alberta grade of CR from Winter 2020 will contribute to the credit requirements for admission and will be accepted as satisfying program prerequisites. A grade of NC will not contribute to credit requirements for admission and will not satisfy program prerequisites. This is the process that will be followed for applications that are in progress, and any future University of Alberta applications that include the revised Winter 2020 grading scheme. Calculation of Admission GPA - External Post-Secondary Students For external post-secondary students applying to an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Alberta, grades for courses taken in Winter 2020 will not be included in the calculation of admission GPAs. Passing grades from Winter 2020 will contribute to the credit requirements for individual admissions, provided the grades meet the threshold required for transfer credit as outlined in the University Calendar, and will be accepted as satisfying program prerequisites. Non-passing grades from Winter 2020 will not contribute to the credit requirements for individual admissions and will not be accepted as satisfying program prerequisites. The above is the response I received from admissions when I inquired about Winter 2020 grades.
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