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  1. No they don't! I'm in the same situation where I got accepted to UNB back in November and firmly accepted/paid the deposit to be safe in January. I got accepted to both Dal and Ottawa this week and will be declining UNB
  2. Mine still said "under evaluation" but the date changed to February 19th so the status of my account didn't change, just the date. I was accepted a few hours later so it could've been that they updated my profile on their side and didn't release my acceptance until a few hours later? I'm really not sure. I already had an LSAT on file so I'm not sure if this is helpful at all, just sharing what I experienced
  3. Mine said "under evaluation" from the time I set my account up until last night and had said it was updated sometime mid November. Yesterday I checked it around lunch time and it said the same thing but it said updated February 19 (I wrote the January LSAT so I just assumed they were updating my score). I checked a few hours later and it was changed to "admitted" Best of luck!
  4. Accepted yesterday! OLSAS cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 157, 155 (Jan, Sept)
  5. Accepted today CGPA: 3.71 L2: 3.98 LSAT: 157 I've lived in NS my whole life so I'm beyond happy
  6. I've lived in Halifax my whole life so hopefully I can offer some help. I've rented from Killam and CCPM and have had excellent experiences with both and have had friends with similar experiences. They've been clean and safe buildings with good property management. I haven't personally experienced these companies but I would avoid Templeton and Capreit. I've had friends and family members live in both and have had issues with superintendents entering their units without request and making them uncomfortable, as well as overall cleanliness not being up to par. I would strongly suggest checking the bedbug registry before committing to a place because Halifax properties have been known to have a bedbug problem. I would suggest looking at the buildings on South St, Oxford or South Park area of the South End. Most of these buildings are heavily populated with students and young professionals plus they are extremely close to the Dalhousie campus. The apartments in this area also tend to be quite new/newly renovated If you have any questions please feel free to PM, I'm happy to help!
  7. In queue December 5th 155 LSAT 3.63 OLSAS cGPA, 3.85 L2
  8. My situation may have been a little bit of luck, but I submitted my application November 20th and everything was updated as received on November 21st. My LSAC account says my LSAT was released on the 25th and I received my acceptance on the 26th so they had my documents almost instantly. Both my transcripts and reference letters were submitted about a month before I officially applied. I wouldn't worry about it, it has only been a little over a week. Best of luck to you!
  9. I just received my acceptance! GPA: 3.97 with drops LSAT: 155 (rewriting in January) NS resident So happy to have an acceptance this early
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