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  1. Yes, lots of people apply in their fourth year while still undergoing completing their final 30 credits to reach 120 credits by graduation in April. Many also are accepted before completion of their fall term (if you look at acceptances for the 2020 term, acceptances went out to current fourth year students in November/December). If you don't have the stats to get in during that 'first round' by January, then you will send an updated unofficial copy of your transcript to show your fall marks from your fall 2020 semester which UVic will evaluate as well. Hope that makes sense!
  2. Does anyone know approx how many people get accepted off waitlist typically?
  3. Congratulations you all! Can I ask what the deadline you have to accept the offer?
  4. Has anyone been accepted off waitlist yet?
  5. Oh wow. Online law school, hmm. Does this change anyone’s decision about attending for 2020?
  6. I think wait until at least end of May as that is when they told us they would be out by. Waiting sucks but they explicitly stated that waitlist rankings will become available by end of may. Give them some time!
  7. It’s not even mid-May yet and they said end of May. I think we just need to hold out until the end of May!
  8. Received an emailed from Dailene this afternoon saying I was offered a spot on the waitlist. cgpa with drops 3.91, lsat 161
  9. are you both just emailing admissions at their contact email and asking what the status of your application is?
  10. Wow! Those are good stats, I’m surprised by this. Again, really sorry to hear that! Best of luck going forward whether it’s with another school or reapplying for 2021
  11. I’m really sorry to hear that! Did you call and they explicitly said you’ll be getting a rejection in the upcoming weeks?
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