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  1. I will just add that in previous years it has been shown that the entrance scholarships are not sent out at the same time - so, you may still be a recipient. They may still be sending more this week, or even further down the line it seems.
  2. I agree that it is a little frustrating about the lack of communication - especially when they send things like acceptances out later than typical. I have an 81.72 index, so I am a little hopeful for some sort of scholarship, but I really am unsure of how to gauge my chances. Some stats which got scholarships from previous years would be nice, but just have to remain patient I guess. I definitely suspect an 84 index would be enough for a scholarship.
  3. I'm 4th year and sent in my grades from last term and was accepted.
  4. Accepting the offer. GPA: 4.2ish w drops LSAT 162 Index: 81.72 if I did it correctly a while ago. See y'all who accept there next year.
  5. I figure they are waiting for the fall class unofficial grades deadline on February 1st. I’m from UWinnipeg and we’ve yet to receive final grades so we can’t send them in yet, should this week though.
  6. Looking at last years accepted thread, I saw that somebody was accepting August 13, 2019 with an index score of 71.63. That is right near the end of the cycle, so I would safely assume that your chances of getting in off the waitlist with an index of 69 is very low. As well, those stats do not bode well according to the acceptance statistics tables they UM releases. That LSAT score is really hurting you as I am sure you know, so taking a gap year and really dedicating time to studying and improving that score would likely get you in. If you could even bump it up to a 160 or slightly higher, I imagine you'd have a great chance by looking at previous years acceptance statistics. Wish all the best for you. https://law.robsonhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/web-stats-201990-1.pdf
  7. I’ll add that I was also called and accepted, the same day as the others here. GPA: 3.975 (with drops) LSAT: 162, 85th percentile Congrats to everyone - I might not be accepting, a decision I have yet to make since I am afraid of taking on lots of debt (I’m from Winnipeg). Good luck to all others!
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