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  1. I believe that @thename is referring to the 1L recruit for which applications are due pretty soon. I am applying with two C+'s and no A this term...so you are looking pretty good to me aha. Probably a very poor chance that I get any responses whatsoever, but I already wrote the cover letters!
  2. Osgoode has been repeatedly telling 1Ls that the winter term will be "primarily online" as well. Sometimes they are a little bit more vague about the details which makes me wonder if they are leaving open the possibility of following U of T's lead (offering the choice to students). Or so I hope.. Does anyone have any insider info on this (or even just a rumour) to allow me to hold on to hope of a somewhat in person winter term? Right now I am kicking myself for paying Toronto rent for no good reason and growing increasingly annoyed with York's choice to remain 100% closed while essentially every business in the city is back to normal and endless numbers of contractors stream in and out of my building sans-mask. To add insult to injury, many student's & professors seem very content with the laid back, quasi anonymous format of zoom and I can't shake the thought that they prefer the less intensive learning experience (some profs are really trying their best). The whole thing is really making me bitter and the year has hardly started! TL;DR - Osgoode is starting to feel like a bait and switch and I need a positive, but realistic take on the matter to provide a light at the end of the tunnel during 1L.
  3. You might know this already and @artsydork already pointed it out, but I I know many people from my time in the Italian high school system that went on to pursue very elite post-secondary educations and about half of that group have moved to North America for better job prospects. Since so many 20-somethings are desperate for work experience, it's also very common to work for far lower wages than Canadians would consider 'comfortable'. So, it'd be pretty impressive if you were able service Canadian law school debt with Italian student wages. https://qz.com/145217/its-harder-to-get-a-job-in-italy-with-a-college-degree-than-without-one/ Another issue to consider is the bizzaro writing style used in Italian academia/courts which IMO is almost impossible to become accustomed to as a non-native speaker (much more difficult than becoming fluent in standard Italian).
  4. As someone thinking about a career as an immigration lawyer, is this change something I should be worried about in terms of future job prospects? https://www.canadianlawyermag.com/practice-areas/immigration/queens-launching-new-program-to-train-immigration-and-citizenship-consultants/331234 “By continuing to facilitate immigration consultants to be engaged in the practice of immigration law, it does it does actual Queen’s law JD students a disservice" "This program is a terrible idea. Graduates will claim that they have ‘gone to law school.’ The public will be even further confused. Most think that they are hiring lawyers when they hire immigration consultants,” In this article the CBA chair seems concerned about consultants increasingly pushing immigration lawyers out of the market - is that truly the case? @msk2012 raises another possibility I hadn't thought about: Help me make some sense of this.
  5. Got this in an email from York today on the topic of the fall term. Seems like they are following the voluntary and partial in-person approach as well. Not sure how this will translate at Osgoode. *** Ensuring our students have access to a high-quality experienceTo the extent possible and with physical distancing measures in place, we are planning to offer selected in-person smaller classes and tutorials, experiential activities such as studio and labs, and re-establish access to our research facilities.Being sufficiently flexible to provide equitable access for studentsWe understand that not everyone will be able to make it to campus in the fall. Course delivery is being planned with enough flexibility to provide access for all students, considering your different geographic locations and time zones, as well as considerations for health, family status and accommodations for students with disabilities.Whether you join us on or off campus, we will connect you with peers, mentors and your Faculty advising team to enhance your experience.
  6. Something interesting I noticed is that the Scotiabank PSLOC rep listed for Osgoode on the banks' website is not the same person as the Scotia rep recommended by Osgoode Financial Services (see the list of contacts buried in here: https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/my/jd/first-year-registration/financial/ ). The guy that Osgoode FS recommends officially works with small businesses mostly, but he was very responsive and knows all the details of the law school package inside out. Very pleasant to work with actually - I usually find banks to be condescending. The whole process only took a week to complete.
  7. "Renting isn't always a bad financial decision" explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQbEU5Vqsk4
  8. I don't think sticking up for students collective interests is comparable to complaining about a bad steak dinner... The whole point is that Uni cannot be reduced to a fancy commodity. In any case, most students who've been accepted don't realistically have the luxury to sit out a year in a nonexistent labour market.
  9. Not sure how this would translate to Os, but I know that York profs are being told to begin making preparations to begin online and transition to in-person later in the year. Seems like this is their base case. Of course, admin has not ruled out starting in-person in September or staying online much longer. Source: every York soc sci prof I am in contact with.
  10. Just got the email as well! cGPA: 3.54 L2: 3.87 LSAT: 173 MA
  11. Update - I talked to financial services. The PSLOC amount isn't a factor (i.e. it will not reduce your resource/expense shortfall), but the ~$3000 estimate still seems accurate. I asked about the "average incoming student" I described in my original post and this was the most interesting bit of the response: "...Because it is a relative assessment, 1Ls typically receive lower amounts ($1500 - $5000 – although there are exceptions), with the amounts increasing as they progress to 2L and 3L. We also have a winter funding program which is targeted to upper year students (primarily 3Ls) which is meant to help with debt reduction." This seems to imply that although the support available in first year is quite low, the total amount received form all forms of aid could be much higher than 1L*3. So it is still impossible to predict anything accurately beyond 1L... Any grads on here with input on the debt reduction/winter funding program?
  12. Got the offer Jan 22! Seems it just went up on OASIS - no email yet. cGPA: 3.54 (I think this is the lowest so far in this thread?) LSAT: 173 MA in progress and relevant research work. I hope others are celebrating today as well!
  13. Yikes... It feels so wrong. The most frustrating part is not being able to accurately compare schools and weigh the costs/benefits. Currently expecting anywhere from 9k - 45k in support. It makes Osgoode feel like more of a gamble relative to schools with lower tuition and smaller bursaries, but I guess we have to accept that. I've emailed financial services to see if I can squeeze out any more details.
  14. I have noticed that there isn't much available info which would provide a ballpark estimate of Osgoode bursaries for the average incoming student (no parental support, no substantial savings, and about 25-30k in OSAP debt). I realize that the actual amounts will fluctuate depending upon the relative need of each year's cohort, but it is impossible to guess the costs of going to school based on the $1000-15000 range provided by their website's bursary page. So I have skimmed different threads for any details about Osgoode's bursary program beyond what is available on the website, and found limited answers. The best explanation I have found is written in this student handbook, but it's left me very worried about how generous the bursaries really are https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-Student-Handbook-FINAL_Aug.14.pdf In the handbook it says that financial need is evaluated according to the average expected needs less one's available resources. They expect 8 months of rent+living ($22 000), as well as tuition and fees ($26000), totaling ($48000). However, in terms of available resources, "It is expected that students will explore and exhaust all available resources and assets, including, but not limited to, family/spousal contributions, government funding, student lines of credit, external awards or scholarships and personal savings." Considering the average incoming student with no other assets will get up to $14000 in OSAP and probably qualify for a $100 000 PSLOC (we'll say $33000 per year), they would be considered to have access to ~$47000 in available financial resources. This results in an annual shortfall of only $1000 - which I am sure Osgoode would view as a very low level of need and therefore only deserving of the smallest bursaries available ("level one" is $1500, and "level two" is $3000). If I am reading this right, the average student would be expected to take on well over $130 000 in debt and only receive about $3000 - $9000 over the course of their entire 3 years! This also raises another question for me: couldn't you simply ask the bank for a smaller PSLOC, or shop around for the smallest PSLOC (say $60000) and in that way reduce your eventual debt burden by lowering your "available resources" in any given year? I apologize if this sounds too cynical or exaggerated. My main concern is establishing a reasonable estimation of how much Osgoode might cost and this is largely dependent upon the question of the PSLOC and it's impact upon bursaries.
  15. My stats are very similar to yours (3.54 cGPA due to a bad first year and 173) and I have not heard from Osgoode, Ottawa, or Queens either. Just based on the few acceptances that people have posted on the Osgoode thread so far it seems that they were looking for roughly anyone 160+ and 3.7 and higher in the first round. Hopefully the next round of offers starts soon!
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