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  1. I'm okay with that idea! I remember reading in the accepted thread from last year or the year before that someone got accepted in June (I think) and was told by the adcomm that their admission was largely due to the PS they wrote. I think that even if you're not an auto-admit on the basis of your stats, doesn't mean you're not equally as desirable because of other factors. Let's also remember that McGill is pretty holistic and denies a lot of students with amazing stats. I don't think it's a question of being picked last in gym class- more like being picked in a late round of the NHL draft.
  2. Ok here's the plan: We all get accepted this week. Who's with me?
  3. Does anyone have an idea of when the first deadline for deposits is? Assuming it would be reasonable to expect a wave of offers after that deadline passes.
  4. Bit of a tangent but I've been curious about this for a while. I often read about strong/spectacular ECs on this forum. I'm interested to know what people would consider strong ECs! Barring the occasional (obviously sarcastic) mention of curing cancer or winning a Nobel prize, I haven't read much about what would be considered strong ECs. There's a lot to unpack here, I'm sure. It could be hard to compare K-JDs to people with legal experience to people who have work experience in other milieus. In any case, I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on what they would consider to be a strong EC!
  5. I want to echo what LawSchoolJock and others have said. The most concerning thing to me about your post is that you say the only stable thing in your life is being good at school. I think one of the things you should be working on while in undergrad is also your sense of worth, and finding happiness and stability outside of school. If you can afford therapy, that could be a good place to start.
  6. Got it. Thank you for having a look!
  7. I can’t speak to RAMSS specifically, but in the past I’ve had trouble accessing a different Ryerson website because of cookies on Chrome. Have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser?
  8. Thank you for the advice! Will definitely check in with them
  9. I've been out of school for 7 years.
  10. My Admit Type on Minerva is showing as "Ontario University/College". I vaguely remember seeing "Mature" in that field previously. I'm thinking of giving the office a call tomorrow to find out why that is. But I was wondering if any fellow mature applicant is seeing the same thing? Maybe I imagined seeing "Mature" there before.
  11. I think GreyDude is him/herself a geezer. I took it as a lighthearted comment! Edit: Confirmed above! According to McGill's website, " There is no predetermined number of mature candidates admitted in a given year." I was thinking the same thing.
  12. It's that time of year when we all start getting nervous about admissions and asking for chances! These discussions have me wondering which schools have the most holistic admissions and which rely heavily on numbers. I know a lot of schools mention a holistic admissions process, but it seems holistic admissions are not all created equal. In your experience, where do schools land on a numbers-to-softs scale?
  13. Good morning! Does anyone know whether McGill begins admitting Mature students as soon as the first round (late December)? I remember reading that UBC makes decisions about their Discretionary category in May. I know that Discretionary and Mature are not equivalents. Just wondering whether I should definitely not expect an answer until the spring.
  14. I agree with the commenters above. I applied last cycle and chose not to accept offers to instead focus on addressing my mental health. The last couple of months have been so pivotal for me and I can't imagine what I would have been like if I ended up starting school in September. I'm so glad I decided to wait!
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