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  1. All the resources I know for seeing where people with particular stats get in are US based. And predictive calculators (of which I've seen a couple for Canadian law schools) always have a disclaimer saying they are really inconsistent for 'extreme' splitters. I feel like I must just be failing in my research, but I'm not seeing any big body of results to fall back on for an idea of where splitters occasionally get in and the relative likelihood of it (as well as the hard cut offs). I'll definitely apply either way, but better history of data would maybe let me make a smarter decision about whether my outcomes will change if I manage to drag up my GPA a little bit. Yeah I was surprised by how early the cycle in Canada cuts off. Either way I was planning on applying in next years admissions. Now I'm just in the process of determining if taking another semester in the summer to up GPA a bit makes sense. If it doesn't change what schools I have a shot at and those schools are already likely to take me than I'm not sure quitting my FT work to up my GPA makes sense. I could keep FT job too but then acing a full time course load sounds unlikely. I'm well beyond 5yr at this point. I thought I could improve my GPA if I took my school slower... didn't really work out. Or maybe it did, but if it did it still wasn't worth the lost years for what's still a bad GPA I've come to terms with it. I sincerely was not smart enough to ever have more than a B+ average in my program and getting that would have killed me. Maybe if I wasn't working but certainly not while working +25 hour weeks. I don't even have shame in it anymore. I studied every single hour I wasn't working in the last two years and the result was lower than my cgpa. I just wish I knew to stay in a community college and get an A range average just showing up to class like I did for first year. Speaking of which my best year was probs high 3.7X? But it was a long long time ago at a different school than I'm graduating from. I guess it might help me in some best 3 systems idk? Sorry to rant. Long story short my cgpa is basically my gpa in any year. No upwards trend to speak of, possibly downwards. Last two isn't saving me unless I take a full year in a different program or school... which I suppose is a possibility. I assume I have to close off my undergrad to apply? If not I could do a Summer and Fall term that would finish before all their decisions had been completed. If I just went into debt to do like 6-7 courses a term (not working) and averaged like 3.5 or whatever than L2 schools might be totally doable for me. But I'm guessing degree has to be completed for me to submit my application to schools before Nov 1st next year which would only let me do a summer term. That actually is kinda encouraging, although I'm not sure law schools would look favorably on me doing two terms of school at a different school than where I graduate with the obvious purpose of boosting GPA.
  2. Just wanted to confirm the schools mentioned are the only ones that might accept me right? So I'm likely able to make it to UBC or UoM and a maybe on UVIC or UoA. Is there any other ones that are possible with a GPA that low? Additionally do my options open up anymore if I can raise my GPA to 3.1-3.2? If tiered system doesn't matter than specialty or location will be more interesting that's why I'm just trying to gauge what are my possibilities. Are there any 'hail mary' law schools beyond the four listed given my current stats that I might as well apply for? Been chasing down LoRs and now looking to submit stuff.
  3. My GPA isn't fully closed off, but it's very difficult to improve after taking 4 years of credits. Realistically might be able to get it to 3.1 or 3.15 if I ace a term. Only way I'm acing a term is if I take it elsewhere though which I'm not sure if it's a problem (is it?). Trying my absolute hardest I'll get B+/A- average in a term in my current school realistically. GPA is bad all throughout my degree except the first year where I was at a reasonable grading school (I think it was ~3.7 that first year?). So no upward trend or best 3 to save me. Worth trying to take some more classes before I go through my convocation? Only reason I haven't closed the degree is I know my gpa is set in stone the moment I do. Would getting to a 3.1 or 3.2 substantially change my prospects or is it same crap either way? Lsat is 176. I'm guessing a 179 or 180 wouldn't help my prospects (I've heard retaking high enough is more of a detriment regardless of what your second score is). Wondering what I can realistically get into. ECs aren't very interesting and work experience is dead end basic white collar. My whole profile sucks outside my LSAT basically. I know that's a more salvageable situation in the US (which I wouldn't mind working in actually), but I wonder what kind of schools I have a reasonable shot of in Canada. Anything established/reputable or am I stuck to new schools?
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