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  1. I take less time to fail than other people.... I don't want to follow it though
  2. Do you think this is an innate trait that cannot be improved by learning? Because without the complete information, I am very scared to make any kind of inference or conclusion whatsoever.
  3. Unfortunately, U of A do not have an admissions category for special students. They have a holistic round, which (to my knowledge) looks over your overall GPA and perhaps emphasizes more on your ECs. I think it may be easier to get a higher LSAT score than trying to upgrade you CGPA? Although U of A looks at your last 60 credits, bumping that LSAT score to 165 - 6 with a 3.5 GPA would give you a much higher chance of admissions. If you look at the accepted thread for this year, there are some who got in with 3.5 L60 and 165-6. Keep in mind that this year is considered to be more difficult to get in than previous cycles, so just by bumping up your lsat score by 2 points may be easier than taking more courses.
  4. No worries; I have found this pattern of rounding up the letter grade over many posts on this thread, not just yours. It is good for me to note this because im standing at around 3.5-3.6... it would probably count as an A- when I apply next cycle, and not B+.
  5. so...it seems that if an applicant is even 0.01 over the letter grade GPA, the applicant's assigned letter grade is rounded up? Interesting admission policy TRU.
  6. i can only assume that they are veteran lawyers who have established themselves there long before i was even born. mad respect to them. i don’t mind being the newbie lawyer who picks up the crumbs should they want to retire/reduce their workload. i am not intending to step on anyone’s toes. that’s good to hear; i thought i was being kind of crazy for even thinking about this approach.
  7. Yes I had looked over the bc legal aid tariffs for criminal defense lawyers, and although much of it didn't make sense to me, I figured it wasn't a boatload of cash. I am contemplating the moment I get called to the bar and get my vendor number, I will walk around Hastings street for an hour or two with a hundred business cards and meet some of the residents there personally. If there is nothing that would prevent me from doing that (no infraction from the law society, etc), that is what I will do even if it is unorthodox or unconventional practice.
  8. This is very interesting. So like the crown prosecutors, you are paid by the government to only take on legal aid cases? Are you able to work on cases that are not legal aid? I was considering the Maritimes in my law school admissions, but I was told that the legal profession is so saturated there that many work in other provinces shortly after graduation.
  9. As someone who is also from B.C., I was told by my peers that Edmonton is a desolate tundra compared to some of its comparable cities in B.C. As someone who loves cold winters and snow (as long as it doesnt melt into a puddle for a few days), how true is this rumor?
  10. That is disappointing. I thought that the BC provincial government just gave its legal aid some extra funding recently, but I guess that is just a drop in the bucket. True. But me lowering my fees is not necessarily to compete with other lawyers, but mostly to bring in more clients. Not so that other lawyers will be left to dry, but more so to provide my legal services to a wider range of clients. Yeah you are probably right. Very well, I'll sit tight for a few years with my crazy thoughts xD
  11. I see... thank you for your input. As a sole practitioner, would there be any trouble if I would charge my fees far below the market price in an attempt to attract more clients/build my reputation, even after I gain enough experience in the field to charge more? For example, if a criminal lawyer a few blocks away charges 2k for a DUI, and if I charge 500, would lawyers in the region i practice not appreciate it? In other words, would there be any repercussions in any way if the above scenario happened? As stated above, I really don't care much about money as long as I earn enough to live without much trouble (50kish). I have some personal convictions for entering into the field of criminal defense, and the fact that many who come in contact with the criminal justice system are financially unable to afford counsel is one of them. I know it sounds cheesy and cringey, but that is why I am asking these questions. Again, I'm sorry if my questions seem downright ridiculous or makes no sense; i haven't even gotten into law school yet.
  12. nobody? Is this too much of a foolish question? I really don't mind if criminal defense lawyers give me a reality check about this. Please let me know
  13. Hello everyone. I'm currently a 0L finishing up my undergraduate and about to apply in a year or two for law school. I am really focused on becoming a criminal defense lawyer, or maybe immigration. Having said that, keep in mind this is coming from someone who have zero knowledge of the legal field. I was wondering if it is possible for a criminal defense lawyer to make up the bulk of his/her income through legal aid? Maybe this is laughable, but I don't really see myself asking for five - figure payments from my clients. I would like to apply to legal aid bc for a vendor number as soon as i get called to the bar and start working. Although earning alot of money would be nice, I would be satisfied with the average Canadian yearly income ($50k or so). However, I am wondering if that number is possible just by taking legal aid cases? How many cases from legal aid would a criminal defense lawyer receive on average per year? I'm sure for a newbie lawyer fresh out of articling who hasn't made a name for him/herself, the number would be significantly lower than a veteran criminal lawyer. Then later on as you make a name for yourself, perhaps the clients who are eligible for legal aid would be asking for you? Thank you for reading.
  14. Thank you for the info. It was dumb of me to think that I would have access to 100k right off the bat haha I'll dig up for more info about the bursaries
  15. Interesting..So the PSLOC is not based on a "withdraw when needed" basis? There is actually a limit on how much one can spend in an academic year? I keep trying to find more information about it from the scotiabank website, but there's not much info about the loan sadly As for the bursaries, do you mean bursaries offered by the government loan services, or from law schools? Because pre - covid I would receive a 1,500 grant every semester from studentaid bc. If I purchase the car on my way into law school, I would assume that grant would be gone + reduced borrowing amount?
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