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  1. Thanks so much! I was a little concerned because its a bit untraditional so it thought it would be safe to get some objective opinions.
  2. Hi all! I graduated in June 2019 and have been self-employed ever since, I'm a little concerned that this may look untraditional to ad com's (and hence impact me negatively) so I thought it could be helpful to gain some perspective from others. I have lots of experience working in agency environments in areas including public relations, marketing, advertising and editorial publishing from when I was in school, however after working with their clients and seeing my work manifest I felt compelled to take on the challenge of accepting my own clients while looking for a full time job. This side hustle turned into a full-time hustle pretty quickly as my client services grew within the year, this new venture had it's own challenges along the way (ie: accountability, persistence, self-discipline, initiative, etc.) but served me fortunately during the pandemic as I was able to work from home and my client work actually picked up. I have amazing reference letters from my professors and one of my clients said they will write me one on behalf of their business, however I just wanted to gain perspective from others on how this may impact me against other applicants? Is this something anyone else has dealt with before? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm really sorry to hear, I hope you got into other schools though because your stats are great! Do you mind me asking what your EC's were?
  4. This is the advice I needed THANK YOU and good luck in 1L I’m really excited for you! ❤️
  5. Thanks so much, this is so true! I really appreciate your story
  6. This is the advice I needed THANK YOU and good luck in 1L I’m really excited for you! ❤️
  7. Thanks for this! I really appreciate your advice. Believe it or not I think I was the 'driven to instability' group.. you'd think my score should have improved significantly more for the amount of hours I spent. I definitely learned a lot about how to approach studying for the test, I think I drove myself crazy with pressure and anxiety that my score wouldn't improve so it never did.
  8. Thanks I appreciated your words! I will definitely consult him. Congratulations and best of luck this year! What school will you be attending?
  9. Yes. I started studying in September first pt'd at 142, at the time I took the exam in January I was pting 154 and ultimately scored lower at 151. I have confidence that I can even improve from a 154, it unfortunately just seems to take me more time than others.
  10. I applied with similar stats this cycle! Did you improve your LSAT score?
  11. Hi all, Just wanted to hear from the community to see if it is semi-normal to not get in on your first try? I took a year off after finishing school to study for the LSAT and apply and have just received 3/5 rejections. Although I'm ultimately devastated, I know my stats were not where they were needed to be (3.3 GPA and a 151 LSAT). Did anyone else apply and have to reapply? I don't know why I feel embarrassed to have to tell friends and family. Also as a Ryerson grad, does anyone know if I can upgrade my GPA after graduating? Info would be helpful on this. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know what the deadline is to accept/reject offers? I am just trying to get an idea for timelines on when they will send out more offers! Thanks!
  13. Sorry I should preface this with it wouldn't be my first take! Not sure if that makes a difference..but since they are rolling admissions and I already took in November, if I was going to retake in Feb. do we know if they would consider those scores?
  14. Does anyone know if Osgoode takes the Feb. LSAT? I know they have in past years but I wasn't sure if that still applies. I called them 5 times and no answer, emailed and no response.
  15. Thanks this was really helpful! Which ones would you recommend for sure getting to before Monday if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks again 😊
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