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  1. Sorry I should preface this with it wouldn't be my first take! Not sure if that makes a difference..but since they are rolling admissions and I already took in November, if I was going to retake in Feb. do we know if they would consider those scores?
  2. Does anyone know if Osgoode takes the Feb. LSAT? I know they have in past years but I wasn't sure if that still applies. I called them 5 times and no answer, emailed and no response.
  3. Thanks this was really helpful! Which ones would you recommend for sure getting to before Monday if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks again 😊
  4. Thanks for this! Yeah that section sucks lol I'm in the midst of drilling it.
  5. Hey guys, With the January 13th test round the corner I'm in the midst of fine tuning my LG skills. Was wondering if anyone recommends particular games to build a good range/foundation of skills to tackle anything LSAC throws at us aka the weird games. Thought this post might be helpful for other people too. Thanks in advance and happy stuDYING.
  6. Hi guys! I wrote the LSAT in November and didn't perform my best...long story short I am scheduled to take it in January and in February. November & January were always indicated on my application but I just recently registered for February last week. I realize Western is the only Ontario school that explicitly states they accept the February exam but I guess I'm looking for the 'protocol' on retaking the LSAT if the retake wasn't on my original application - only Ontario schools! 1) How do I indicate to the schools that I will be rewriting 2) Will they actually come back and review my application with this new score? 3) I have not yet completed the writing sample and was planning to do so after my January exam, since scores don't get released until the WS is completed for the first time. If I were to strategically not complete the writing sample until February, would my scores not be released until that exam? Is this strategic or will it work against me, I really don't see an issue other than late chances but please let me know if there is something I'm overlooking? I guess I'm worried (like most) that I'll be rejected based my first score and I am hopeful that they will actually come back to me in February. I'm scoring mediocre right now but my application I feel is competitive. Thanks for all the advice and best of luck to those writing in January, please no useless negativity just constructive criticism is appreciated with the stress of this topic!
  7. emlaw

    3.1 GPA?

    This comment actually made me feel a lot better, I was feeling pretty stupid for even trying after seeing how high everyone's GPAs are. I've already graduated so I don't know if they consider courses post-graduation (information I saw on the OLSAS website). I'll try my best for this year and worst case reapply next. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you too.
  8. Thanks I appreciate it! I wasn't sure if each law school has their own specific code or if they would take the time to look into the institution.
  9. Hey guys, Wondering what N/R indicates to Canadian law school's on a transcript. I retook a course with my university and they are required to list the original attempt which says N/R and then later on my final grade. I didn't fail the course the first time around but worried that's what it looks like? Should they have just not listed anything? ...Not sure if anyone has come into head with a situation like this before. Thanks in advance!
  10. emlaw

    3.1 GPA?

    Probably to retake a semester and the LSAT and reapply.
  11. Hi guys, Just got my GPA and I'm horrified to see it is a 3.1 - what is everyone's take on this situation? Is it completely out of the ordinary or is it possible to get accepted somewhere in Ontario with a lower GPA? I thrive in my EC's and community involvement, my PS and LOR's were very strong (in my opinion). Currently working towards a higher LSAT score for Jan as I'm only scoring 154 at the moment. My GPA does have improvement it was a 2.7 in first year, 3.0 in second, 3.1 in third and 3.7 in fourth, I just wish I had a higher third year but nothing I can do about it. Thanks in advance and good luck!
  12. That's nice to hear!! I think I can cancel it 6 days after so I have until 11:59 tonight, but I would like to see how I do so maybe leaving it is a good call. Will let me see what areas need most improvement!
  13. Hey guys! So when I first began studying for the LSAT all of my practice tests were in the 142 range (no judgment please!) I was working really hard and eventually saw improvement scoring 152-154. I made the mistake of taking a full PT two days before the November LSATs where I scored a 145...my instructor assured me that this was a harder one... but it definitely got to my head a little. I am retaking the LSATs in January but have been considering cancelling my score from the November exam. I just wanted to get an objective take on this? On one hand I would love to know how I performed under the pressure but on the other I realize these scores are not acceptable for Ontario Law Schools - maybe its more worth it to cancel and apply with one (hopefully strong score) in Jan? I know they are only supposed to see you as your high score but at the end of the day it would kill me if I got a below 150 knowing they would still see it. Any constructive advice would be appreciated! Hope all your scores are seeing improvement.
  14. Would love advice for this topic as well!! Thanks for posting!
  15. Hey guys I'm having the same anxiety. I'm debating on cancelling my score but I also would like to see how I do. I heard that law schools "view you as your highest score" ... not sure what everyone's take is on that? Another quick question: now that scores aren't released to schools until we complete the writing sample, if my score is not good and I am rewriting in January would it make a difference if I waited until my January exam to do the writing sample - that way they would get both scores together, rather than seeing the bad one first? Thanks so much and hope all of you feel good about your write!
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