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  1. I do not think it will change things one way or another. I would leave it. You still have a month, I know it is stressful waiting but just be patient.
  2. Having a science background does not matter at all for regular category admissions. It might matter at the holistic level if you made the case that it is a relevant factor in your personal statement.
  3. I would say borderline to get accepted and 100% to get on the waitlist.
  4. Last year all regular category applicants that were accepted with a LSAT of 154 or less had a minimum gpa of 3.9. For regular applicant acceptance I would say you will not receive an offer. You may still receive an offer through the holistic admissions process.
  5. I was accepted and I have not completed the LSAT writing section. It does not matter, especially this year since they have had so many technical difficulties with the transition to the digital format. I would say you are very likely to get accepted with those stats.
  6. Offer received this afternoon. L2: 3.8~ (self-calculated) LSAT: 163 Likely will be accepting. Congrats to everyone.
  7. It totally depends on your stats. Winter semester grades will help your GPA if they do not make a decision on your application until the summer. Most offers are sent out before the end of April so in most cases winter semester grades will not be considered.
  8. Yes I think this is correct. They are evaluating over a thousand applications, they will pick the simplest method.
  9. I am 99% sure they will just convert letter grades. So an A/A+ converts to a 4.0 A- converts to a 3.7, etc.
  10. Did the university you did graduate studies at also provide letter grades? It is quite easy to convert letters grades at the UofA.
  11. Yes, UofA counts all graduate coursework in their GPA calculation.
  12. I think a 170 LSAT, regardless of GPA, would likely be an auto-admit at the U of A. I would be shocked if they were reading personal statements already. They say on the website that regular applicants are considered exclusively based on stats (LSAT + GPA)
  13. The auto admit number will always be an approximation because the U of A (traditionally) gives more weight to the LSAT than to GPA. As far as I understand the auto-admit number, it does not account for the greater LSAT weight (because the exact weighting is unknown). So the applicant who was accepted with a low GPA was accepted because their LSAT was extremely high. The auto-admit number will only ever be an approximation because the exact weightings are unknown.
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