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  1. I think a 170 LSAT, regardless of GPA, would likely be an auto-admit at the U of A. I would be shocked if they were reading personal statements already. They say on the website that regular applicants are considered exclusively based on stats (LSAT + GPA)
  2. The auto admit number will always be an approximation because the U of A (traditionally) gives more weight to the LSAT than to GPA. As far as I understand the auto-admit number, it does not account for the greater LSAT weight (because the exact weighting is unknown). So the applicant who was accepted with a low GPA was accepted because their LSAT was extremely high. The auto-admit number will only ever be an approximation because the exact weightings are unknown.
  3. This is the busiest time of year for the admissions office, they receive over 1000 applicants a year. It will likely take longer than you expect for your beartracks to update. Do not fret.
  4. 100% in based on the last two years of applicant profiles. U of A does not care about cgpa at all.
  5. I think so. I know U of C has slightly lower admission averages than U of A. UNB and Saskatchewan are possibilities. If you have extensive EC's I would look at schools that are less numbers orientated than the U of A. Still, it is possible that you get in to the U of A this year.
  6. I think you are likely in waitlist territory again. Looking at the applicant profiles from last cycle 23 people were accepted with LSAT scores 154 or lower and they all had GPA's of 3.9 or higher.
  7. OP: the literal embodiment of every negative stereotype of lawyers ever. I say go to law school just as the oracle foretold!
  8. This is all true. Uvic is a great school. Plus, the city of Victoria > Edmonton.
  9. Cool, thanks! Also, just curious what your stats were and what the value of the entrance scholarship was? (If you do not feel like sharing I understand) I have a L2 of 3.8/3.9 and 163 on the lsat, curious if that is good enough to get some sort of entrance scholarship.
  10. I think you are likely to get in. Unless you are really confident you could improve your LSAT score I would not bother.
  11. Hello All, Just curious, does the U of A review incomplete applications? Is it possible to get accepted without completing a personal statement or completing the lsat writing sample?
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