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  1. The way the email update from the dean is worded says we have an extra 2 weeks to accept the offer and then an additional extension until May 31st to pay the $500 deposit. Outside of emailing admissions confirming my commitment I’m not sure how to communicate that I intend on accepting the offer.
  2. May be a dumb question, but if we don't intend on paying the $500 deposit right away do we just email admissions and inform them of our decision to accept the offer?
  3. Accepted. LSAT 159 L2 3.7. I applied as a regular applicant.
  4. First off, congratulations. Second, when were you waitlisted?
  5. Waitlisted this morning. LSAT 159 L2 3.7.
  6. I assume the answer is no, but as someone who graduated last year "With Distinction" aka graduating GPA in >80th percentile of graduating class, should I be listing this designation as an academic award on my applications?
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