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  1. Is anything happening with Usask lmao or what?
  2. Does anybody have any idea as to what's happening with Usask? Been a while, and I dont think they've accepted many people.
  3. Yeah, I understand that. But to me, it doesn't make sense to make decisions as you go without assessing everyone first. Just my opinion tho, thanks @gingerandtonic although I prefer gin with my tonic
  4. Write October flex and been referred since feb as well. Not sure how they’re accepting people without having reviewed everyone
  5. To me it doesn't make sense they can accept so many people without even review a chunk of files. Everyone should be reviewed before any decisions go out imo... I'm with you tho @Husns I think I'll get rejected from everywhere too
  6. It's a really competitive cycle apparently 😕
  7. Damn, is it looking good or bad for us? 😕
  8. Waitlisted at 1/7 schools I applied for, heard back from 0/6 of the others. Is it safe to say it'll be a waitlist or rejection? Thanks in advance! LSAT 159, cGPA per OLSAS 3.42, L2 3.53
  9. Does anybody know how big that last wave of admissions was off the waitlist?
  10. Mine just became "Completed", this morning. No email just was doing my daily rounds of checking for updates lol Anybody else?
  11. I would presume they'd go in order
  12. After the waitlist release, what can we expect? are there already open spots that they'll fill with another wave off the waitlist or what? Thanks!
  13. Just got waitlisted too Index: 75.81, aGPA 3.9, LSAT: 159. Position 49th 😕 crazy cycle
  14. @pmtfuturelawyer did you just get accepted?
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