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  1. Mine just says complete lol, so I presume you're further ahead in the process? I'm 159 Lsat, 3.42 cGPA 3.5 B2
  2. Does Robson Hall allow for exchange semesters? I can't find anything on their website, if anyone could send me a link that'd be great!
  3. Interesting, I never caught that before @pleaseadmitme97, however mine is the same as yours, and it only says complete. Not sure what to infer from this though.
  4. Does anybody know how they're moving? my last name is an E, first name M, LSAT 159, cGPA 3.42.
  5. Mine says complete and everything initiated. Is pending review ahead of complete in the admission process ?
  6. I've heard that school ranking matters in Canada, and also that it doesn't. So I was wondering, would it be better to graduate from a school that is perceived lower, like Usask with a JD/MBA, or go to Ottawa or uofm?
  7. Doing research on the benefit of JD/MBA programs, and I know Usask does it both in three years - I'm pretty sure being the shortest in Canada. So would that alleviate this concern ? Secondly, would a Usask joint JD/MBA still be good? or would doing just a JD from a better school like Ottawa be better? What do you guys think?
  8. Mine was changed to received! I qualify for early admission, not sure if they all changed
  9. Anyone who knows info about the joint program, or is in it, please DM me!
  10. I wrote OCT 2020, but still not received. Is yours?
  11. Anybody have their LSAT Status as "received" yet?
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