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  1. Does OLSAS calculate your summer grades into you gpa? I know most say they donโ€™t but some users are saying their OLSAS calculated GPA was a bit higher because of their summer courses.
  2. I took : 1x 2ND year course 1x 1ST year course 5x 3RD year courses 1x 4TH year course in my third year of undergrad, is this a disadvantage?
  3. hey guys so I had a 3.5-3.51 gpa but by the end of this semester it's up to 3.59. just got my final grades updated on my transcript. will this significantly benefit my chances? *esp at osgoode* and yes these numbers are OLSAS calculated
  4. I'm about to finish this course with a B+ so I'm not sure if should withdraw or take the L?
  5. really?! I didn't think i'd stand a chance at uoft tbh not even osgoode, have you seen others with these stats get in those schools? and yea its olsas,
  6. thank you for the reassurance
  7. i wanted to stay in toronto that's also a fact and I didn't apply to Windsor nor Lakehead
  8. hey guys, i've applied to law schools this year and there's a lot of pressure from my family to not take a year off. my sister has also applied and her stats are way better than mine so i'm just scared i'll disappoint my family if i take a year off if i dont get in. but currently my gpa is around a 3.55 and i scored 170 on the LSAT. what ontario schools do you think i have a chance at? L2 is 3.6 ๐Ÿ˜“ best 3 is also 3.55 since i'm in 4th year. also how do some of you guys deal with this kind of situatuion, where if my sister gets in and I don't, how do i not look like the failure of the family. yes i know my lsat is good but that gpa isn't the best. my third year i had a 3.85 gpa, it's just first and second year that are really bringing me down.
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