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  1. Random question but does anyone know if we can pay prior to June 1st, or does it have to be on June 1st. The email seemed very specific but I'd love to pay ASAP
  2. Hey! I go to York, but graduated from the Professional Writing & English program. I have a ton of friends who did all of those majors, and Law & Society definitely will have the biggest relation to law. Many of the courses offer you the chance to do mock trials, critique major SCC decisions, and discuss jurisprudence in general. If you're genuinely interested in the law it would be a great segway. Not sure which would be the 'easiest' though; I think that largely depends on what you genuinely enjoy learning about. Here are some insider tips about the programs from a York student: York's psych program is absolutely massive, so make sure you are okay sitting in 500-700 people lectures and having large tutorial classes. Lots of people talk. It's kind of a grind. The BA is easier than the Bsc I've heard. I don't know much about our crim program, so can't comment on that. Poli Sci at York is great. Also very large, but not as big as psych. Some of the courses will also let you research legal topics, but it will also allow you to explore political science in general, giving you a nice combination of info related and unrelated to your future legal studies. Hope this helps If you have any questions about York please feel free to ask! Did my BA there and am also finishing my MA there.
  3. Accepted this morning! CGPA: 3.54 LSAT: 158 Strong softs, will be declining, good luck to everyone still waiting
  4. Accepted via email and student center! CGPA: 3.54 B2/L2: 3.64ish LSAT: 158 (2nd take) Strong PS, ECs, References, and am an MA student
  5. Got the email today! CGPA: 3.54 B2: 3.64ish (if I remember properly) LSAT: 158 Strong ECs, PS, and references
  6. I was referred on Feb 5, and also cancelled my dual JD app at that time
  7. Accepted today! 3.54 cgpa, 158 LSAT MA student, in my opinion strong ECs, Personal Statement, and Recommendations
  8. I interviewed the head of CUPE at York last year for an assignment during my BA. He told me that unless York decided to change its negotiating tactics, there will 100% be a strike in 2021. Unfortunately, this tactic has always been the case. York will not change its tactics. There will be a strike.
  9. S, also not sure if it matters but I submitted applications on October 30th
  10. Received an email today that my application has been reviewed, is complete, and is now referred to admissions committee. Changed in the portal also. Not waiting on an LSAT score though
  11. I'm down for this! I'll be going to the welcome day that they recently emailed about as well if anyone wants to connect then
  12. Ah I just posted about this as well. Thanks for the responses!
  13. Just logged on to check my application, and it's completely gone. No messages about accepted or rejected. It's not on any of the pages. Has this happened to anyone else? Hopefully not a way of telling me I've already been rejected lol
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