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  1. Thank you! Just for clarification, you can not compete in a moot competition and participate in the Lakehead Law Clinic?
  2. I actually emailed them about this. As long as you have messages in your communications tab in RAMMS about the program you should be fine. They said the only thing I need to monitor is the comms tab.
  3. My statement for each application was different. For some I talked about a single life event, and how it related to wanting to study law. Then I would tie that in with my academic and extracurricular activities. For other applications I discussed multiple events that have contributed to personal and academic success, etc. If you want some specifics feel free to PM me. Basically, your PS will change depending on the school. You are given different character limits and different topics to explore, and your statement has to reflect the values held by individual schools. I'm also happy to discuss my ECs and volunteer experiences through PM. I've gotten into Lakehead so far, which is largely holistic, so I guess my PS and ECs must have made at least some type of impact, because my academics are slightly below competitive.
  4. Does anybody know anything about moot competition opportunities as a 1L and beyond? I've been heavily involved in undergrad and grad moot competitions and would love to continue at Lakehead. Thanks!
  5. 158 LSAT 3.55 GPA 3.6 L2, MA English Lit student, very strong and related ECs
  6. Got the call a couple hours ago! I feel like this is super early for an acceptance, but has anyone else heard anything?
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